Rick and Morty Recap: S02E09 “Look Who’s Purging Now”

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After a pretty intense, mixed bag of a year, Rick and Morty are back to the basics, just cruising around Rick-and-Morty style, when a space bug hits the windshield.

Realizing he’s out of wiper fluid, Rick lands the spaceship on an alien planet filled with Amish cat-people. After inquiring about wiper fluid, Rick learns of the festival, which is an annual purge that sustains world peace.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Rick Morty Spaceship
Morty is horrified, but Rick wants to check it out. He’s seen plenty of planets with this gimmick under all sorts of names, like the cleansing or the red time. One planet just calls it Murder Night.

Quotable Quote: Rick “Hey, muchacho, does your family have wiper fluid yet? Or are you gonna freak out and start worshipping us?”

Rick is excitedly asking the old-timer about the bad stuff he does during the purge as Morty refills the wiper fluid, worried about the sun setting.

When Rick asks how much he owes for the wiper fluid, the old-timer tells him its free and offers him a couple candy bars, explaining he’s a nice guy…for now…

The sun is setting, and Rick decides to lock Morty out the car, which freaks him out as Rick enjoys the sunset. Finally Rick opens the door, cleans the windshield, and they take off.

Rick suggests christening the squeaky clean windshield by watching some of the purge through it, and Morty protests and gets angry.

Rick reminds Morty it’s his spaceship and he wants to watch, telling him not to tell his mother what they’re up to. Morty asks how he can possibly be into this, and Rick asks if he’d watch a decapitation video online.

When Morty says he wouldn’t, Rick says he wouldn’t either, but it’s because he sees that kinda thing all the time. Morty, on the other hand, is afraid of his own primal instincts.

The sun is now down and the purge starts. Morty explains how bad an idea it is, which Rick dismisses as he flies low to watch the purge.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Purge Watching
Rick is initially excited as blood splatters all over the spaceship, but after less than a minute, he decides its gross and his appetite for purge-watching got filled pretty quick.

Cleaning the blood off the windshield, Rick realizes his eyes are bigger than his stomach, and rolls down the window to vomit.

Morty hears a girl scream and looks out to see a young cat girl surrounded by purgers. She’s screaming for help, and Rick is ready to leave, but Morty tells him to go down and save the poor girl.

Rick explains the non-interference policy, but Morty threatens to tell on him. Rick lands the spaceship on one purger and shoots another.

They introduce themselves to the girl as tourists, just as a mob approaches. Rick yells, “Not anymore!” and starts purging people, telling Morty how much fun it is.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Rick Purging

Morty offers to let the girl hide with them and asks Rick, learning her name is Arthrisha. They get in the spaceship and get back in the air where they’re safe.

Quotable Quote: Rick “Oh, Morty, how can I refuse after all you’ve done to blackmail me?”

In the spaceship, Arthrisha is amazed at the vehicle, asking if it’s from the gods, to which Morty says no while Rick says yes. Morty tries to make small talk by asking Arthrisha about the purge. He jokingly compares the purge to cell phones, and Rick asks if he’s working on his tight five for the comedy store (5-minute stand-up comedy routine).

Back home, Summer is laying on the couch watching TV and playing on her phone when Jerry walks in and tries to make small talk by asking if she’s watching TV and playing on the phone. Summer dismisses his question, and Jerry says he’s just making conversation.

Summer digs further, asking what part of that question gives her anything to work with. Her options are limited to saying nothing, being sarcastic, or barking yes like a trained animal.

She explains he’s holding her verbally hostage, so Jerry calls her assface and says he’s going to the kitchen. Summer asks if he’s going to the kitchen, and Jerry is irked.

In the spaceship, Morty is still asking about the purge, and Arthrisha says she doesn’t want to answer any more purge questions, which leaves Morty held verbally hostage.

Suddenly Arthrisha remembers her Nana and tells them they have to save her. Rick lands the ship and questions how she just now remembered her Nana exists.

When she explains she was traumatized, he questions her for having been through 15 purges already, some as a child, but agrees to go help her anyway, while Morty stays in the ship.

Morty sees two shots fired and freaks out. Soon Arthrisha emerges from the house with Rick’s gun and shipjacks Morty.

She then apologizes, for what it’s worth. Morty begs her not to leave, but she does anyway, driving like a woman off into the sky.

Morty goes into the house to see it on fire and Rick lying on the ground, bleeding. because the Amish bitch shot him.

Quotable Quote: Rick “You let your wiener do the walking, and now I’m dead.”

They’re like the rest of these assholes now and are going to be purged. Morty helps Rick up, and they leave the burning house as Rick explains his portal gun is in the car.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Rick Liver Shot

Rick explains he was shot in the hardest working liver in the galaxy. Morty was just trying to do right, but that’s not really the theme of tonight’s party. A crowd of rapists approaches and Rick tells Morty to purge them with a stick or something.

When Morty balks (raising his hands and saying they come in peace), Rick gets exasperated and throws a device at an approaching attacker, which electrifies his skeleton and disintegrates him.

He holds up another device and orders everyone to drop their shit. When they do, he tells Morty to hurry and grab their shit because he only had one of those things he threw and is holding a box of TicTacs right now.

Jerry again enters the living room where Summer is laying on the couch, offering her crackers. He asks if she’s ready to be nice to him, to which she responds, “in exchange for crackers?”

Summer tells her dad he needs to get a job and he’s trying to create drama because he’s bored. The spacephone Grandpa gave them goes off, and Summer pulls it from the couch cushion and answers it.

Rick is asking for a favor, but Summer can’t hear. Jerry asks if it’s Taddy Mason as Rick puts the phone on speakerphone so he can cauterize his gunshot wound. Summer puts her phone on speakerphone too, and Jerry asks for Taddy.

Rick responds that he is, indeed, Taddy – someone no one’s ever heard of before suddenly calling him on a spacephone. Jerry can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic. Suddenly the door is kicked in and an angry catperson enters to purge Rick and Morty with a pitchfork.

Rick kills him with a shotgun, along with two more that enter the doorway as Summer and Jerry listen on the other end. He throws the gun to Morty and tells him to reload fast.

Morty tells Summer to quit screwing around and take down a number. Jerry asks why Morty is with Taddy Mason.

Quotable Quote: Morty “Holy shit, dad! STFU!”

Jerry decides he’s the entire family’s toilet paper as Rick tells them to please write down the number 7719836421125 while emptying the shotgun on another crowd of catpeople.

When Rick throws the shotgun to Morty to reload, a large Amish catperson attacks with a knife and wrestles Rick to the ground. Not wanting to be the a-little-help guy, Rick asks Morty for a little help, and he’s thrown a spoon, which he uses to gouge out the catman’s eye.

Summer finally has a piece of paper, and Rick repeats the number before questioning Morty for tossing him a spoon when there’s a pile of silverware next to him.

Rick tells Summer to take the red box with a keypad on it from the shelf above his workbench in the garage outside and enter the number. Jerry asks if it’s just part of growing up to hate your dad, and Summer informs him she’s ignoring him.

Rick and Morty approach a lighthouse where Rick can set up a beacon for Summer to launch the package. Morty refuses to purge anyone, though Rick explains he needs to access his repressed rage if they’re going to survive.

At the lighthouse, an old catman answers the door and explains he doesn’t take part in the festival. They ask to get to the roof of the lighthouse, which he agrees to on the condition that they listen to his tale.

They agree and Rick goes to the roof to set things up as Morty listens to his tale. Sitting in the den, the catman starts reading a boring script, and Morty eats his candy bar while listening.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Summer Jerry Garage

In the garage, Jerry is pressing Summer, but she explains there are bigger priorities like Rick and Morty being in danger and Jerry being unemployed. She sets the box on the floor and inputs the number.

The box opens and launches through the roof as Jerry says he loves Summer. It shoots through the roof, and Summer remembers Rick told her to take it outside.

On the lighthouse, Rick finishes his job and now all we have to do is wait for Morty to finish listening to that tale.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Rick Lighthouse

The old catman finishes his tale and starts prodding Morty for thoughts or notes. Morty is initially hesitant, but when the old man informs him he doesn’t need to be mollycoddled and wants to improve his writing, Morty tells him he’s not a fan of the 3-weeks-earlier teaser.

The old catman tells him to get out because he’s sick of him taking a giant shit on his personal tale. Morty argues, but the catman tells him to get out.

They climb the stairs to the roof of the lighthouse, where the catman tells Rick to take down his beacon because his grandson is a shitty person.

Morty tries explaining to Rick that he sat through the screenplay, but it’s terrible. When the catman tries taking down the beacon, Morty pushes him down the stairs, purging him.

Quotable Quote: “You like that? You want me to cut to three weeks earlier when you were alive?”

Rick is impressed that Morty just purged, and the beacon signals that it’s time to go.

Summer finally gets exasperated and talks to Jerry, who just wants to spend some time with his daughter. She’s growing up so fast and used to be his little girl. They reminisce about her childhood, and Jerry quickly turns it into a ploy to ask her for money, which Summer refuses.

This is what rock bottom feels like.

Rick tells Morty it’s totally cool to purge and he needs to get used to it, because they have company. It’s a gang of purgers led by the catperson who gave them the wiper fluid and candy bars.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Cyber Rick Purge

The thing from the garage finally arrives and lands at their feet. Rick presses a button on it and is covered in armor. Morty does the same, and it’s time to purge.

Rick shoots a rocket and begins shooting everyone, as Morty starts off as a pacifist, allowing a gang to push him to the ground and continue hitting him until he finally snaps as Tony! Tone! Toni!’s “Feels Good” plays in the background.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Cyber Morty Purge

The mob is soon purged, and Rick is proud of Morty for finally releasing his repressed rage. They fly off to find the ship, and Morty is noticeably changed.

When they find the ship, Rick turns back to see Morty is still purging. Rick is somewhat uncomfortable at how Morty is really going for it now, purging catpeople who were just hiding and eventually just shooting corpses.

They find Arthrisha climbing out from beneath the spaceship, and she begs them not to kill her, explaining she never intended to harm them and is trying to end the festival.

She explains she wants to use the ship to destroy the evil rich fatcats who run the society, but Morty wants to kill her. Rick tells Morty to purge it down a little, and Morty threatens to purge Rick, so Rick disables Morty and apologizes to Arthrisha.

In a large mansion, a table full of rich catpeople are enjoying a celebratory dinner and toasting the successful purge of poor people. Soon “It Feels Good” starts blasting, and Arthrisha and Rick (with Morty tied to his back) enter the room.

Rick explains he’s not here to judge, but they subjected this girl to inhuman conditions because there’s no chance of it ever hurting them. It’s the sociopolitical equivalent of, say, a suit of power armor around you, but now things are evened out, soooo…

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Cyber Arthrisha Purge

Arthrisha decapitates one catman and jumps on a table to kill the rest. She invites Rick to join her, but he finds it gratuitous at this point. When she offers again, he can’t refuse and begins by burning the faces off two rich catpeople with his rocket boots.

Rick and Morty S02E09 Whose Purging Now Cyber Rick Rocketboot Purge

The two purge everyone in the room as the song continues playing (my favorite purge was Rick shooting the rocket up a guy’s ass to launch him into the wall).

Soon they’re dancing in the blood of the rich and having the time of their lives. Even Morty is dancing while unconscious.

The next morning Arthrisha thanks Rick and calls him a great guy, to which Rick responds, “yeah yeah yeah, fuck you for shooting my liver. I’ll see you around.”

Morty wakes up and asks what happened, and Rick informs him this is his last chance to get a piece, so he better hurry up. He approached Arthrisha, who immediately says she has a boyfriend, multiple times. Morty tells her to stop repeating stuff.

Rick explains how society should work to the people. They start working out how food and work should be worked out. It doesn’t take long until they become violent and start killing each other again.

One cat person explains there’s too much aggression, and they should designate a time to get all the hate and aggression out, restarting the purge.

Back in space, Morty can’t help but feel ashamed of his actions. Rick explains the candy bars have a chemical called purginol that amplify all that aggression, but not to worry – he’s still the same Morty.

Morty is relieved, and Rick throws the YumYum candy bar in the backseat, where we see it’s not purgenol free while “It Feels Good” starts up again.

After the credits, we finally see Beth for the first time this episode. She’s questioning their $700 phone bill and asking what Taddy Mason LLC is. Jerry tries turning the TV off as a commercial plays for a $1.99-a-minute phone-a-friend service by Taddy Mason.

He finally pulls the plug and Beth tells him to get a job.

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Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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  • February 12 at 1:02 pm

    He actually threw Morty a CROSSBOW to reload…wanna have your mind blown: put those number in Google, and you will find a random page that are for a crossbow missile. I personally found this out when I googled the number (taking Rick seriously when he said “Take this number down, it is important!” Since finding this out, I reached out to RickandMortyGuy, on YouTube, and he did a theory video about my concept…then the video AND his account, were deleted…….

    • February 12 at 2:37 pm

      Not in any way. He throws him a shotgun to reload. After saying the number, a purger comes in with a crossbow, Rick shoots him, and then takes the crossbow. You have the wrong sequence of events.


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