Rick and Morty Season 1 Recap and Episode Guide

Rick & Morty is a Back to the Future parody that goes far and beyond anything the original movie series ever did. This brianchild of Justin Roiland and Community creator Dan Harmon started off as a joke and quickly became a fan favorite within Adult Swim’s lineup.

Watching Christopher Lloyd’s Q&A at Phoenix ComicCon, it’s clear the original Doc Brown likely has no clue about the show (he didn’t even remember his cameo in Chuck), but BTTF‘s popularity (along with Dr. Who, and a variety of sci-fi staples) fuels the comedy in this animated homage to everything we love about science and science fiction.

As we await the eagerly anticipated second season of Rick and Morty’s animated adventures through time, space, and parallel dimensions (tentatively scheduled to begin July 26, 2015), it’s time to look back on the brilliant first season (along with the hilarious original short that started it all)…

Episode S00E00 – The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti


Like The Simpsons (which featured a Rick and Morty cameo in the couch gag of S26E22, “Mathlete’s Feat”) and South Park before it, Rick and Morty had its start in a crudely drawn animated short.


Only available online, the original short of Rick and Morty is pretty much (as explained by Roiland) as blatant a ripoff of BTTF as they get. Rick is named Doc Smith, and Morty (named Mharti McDonalds) is clearly lampooning Marty McFly with his orange vest and whiny voice.

Within one minute, Mharti’s kite is stuck in a tree, and Doc explains they can travel through time to get it down, though first he must lick Doc’s balls, which (since it’s a webisode), they show in great detail (both the balls, and the licking of). After traveling back 30 years to when the tree was planted, Doc again explains that the only solution to their problems is for Mharti to lick his balls. Strangely, it works, and the BTTF music is cued.

This running gag essentially carries through the entire short and is funny enough to convince Cartoon Network to pick the show up for its Adult Swim lineup.

Episode S01E01 – Pilot

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 1

The pilot sets up the full Rick and Morty universe, showing the full Smith family (Rick’s daughter Beth, her husband Jerry, and their children Summer and Morty), along with Morty and Summer’s school. Rick is a crazy alcoholic and Jerry hates his influence on his son Morty (who ditches the McFly vest to become his own caracter, though Rick is still inexplicably Doc Brown). Both Summer and Beth (voiced by Scrubs star Sarah Chalke) are surprisingly normal characters in what is clearly a wacky family.

From the get-go, grandpa Rick wakes Morty up in the middle of the night to drag him along on a homemade spaceship carrying a neutrino bomb meant to destroy and restart the world.

Exhausted from his late-night adventures with Rick, Morty passes out during class, dreaming of his dream girl Jessica. She shows him her tits, which he appreciatively fondles, though in the real world, he’s actually grabbing the chest of math teacher Mr. Goldenfold.

Soon after, Rick freezes a bully in school hallways in order to sneak Morty out of school to help him on another adventure, this time through an interdimensional portal to smuggle mega seeds. Summer has a crush on the bully, but he falls and shatters right in front of her.

Meanwhile Beth is hard at work performing open-heart surgery on a horse, and Jerry (who doesn’t think veterinarians are real doctors) interrupts her to discuss putting Rick in a retirement home. During the argument, Principal Vagina calls to inform them Rick has been pulling Morty out of school so often, Morty has only attended a few hours of school the entire semester.

rick and morty season 1 episode 1 versability

On a distant alien planet, Rick convinces Morty that all the scary monsters are part of the adventure. Rick’s flippant attitude leads to Morty falling down a cliff and breaking his legs after not turning on his special grappling shoes. Rick then travels to a distant future to buy broken leg serum, though it drains the battery in his portal gun, so they have to travel through intergalactic customs. Rick convinces Morty to hide the seeds up his butt.

When Morty is selected for a random search through a machine that can detect contraband hidden up your butt, Rick tells him to run, and they lead a high speed chase through the building. Morty is reluctant to shoot back until Rick convinces him they’re only robots, which it turns out he means figuratively because they’re bureaucrats he doesn’t respect.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 1 Jessica

They return to our dimension in the middle of Morty’s school cafeteria on Jessica’s table. Before Morty can spit some game, they bump into his parents, who are upset at Rick for making Morty miss school. Jerry and Beth then start moving Rick’s stuff out the garage with the intent of moving him to a nursing home.

Rick proves to Morty’s parents he’s a genius who learns by doing and they agree to let him stay. Unfortunately the super-intelligence is only a side effect of holding the mega seeds in his butt, and it soon wears off, leaving Morty with a 72-hour loss of most mental and motor functions. As he’s convulsing on the ground, Rick explains all the adventures they’ll go on, including another seed smuggling trip.

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Best Quote: Beth “Dad! How could you make my son miss an entire semester of school? It’s not like he’s a hot girl – he can’t just bail on his life and set up shop in someone else’s.”

Episode S01E02 – Lawnmower Dog

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 2

Annoyed at the family dog, Snuffles, for being dumb, Jerry forces Rick to make the dog smarter, lest he ground Morty. Rick puts a helmet on Snuffles and shows Jerry, Summer, and Morty how smart he can be before bringing Morty to the garage to show him his Inception device to enter people’s dreams.

Rick and Morty use the device on Mr. Goldenfold to enter his dreams and convince him to give Morty an A in math. He turns out to be a very active dreamer and attacks, despite being a high school math teacher. Rick further explains the inception concept to Morty, but things soon go awry, forcing them to enter the dreams of Mr. Goldenfold’s dream girl, Mrs. Pancakes.

Meanwhile the rest of the family is enjoying the newly intelligent Snuffles, who’s now learning to speak. Summer is totally excited, and Snuffles learns to hack the helmet, amping up his brainpower.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 2 Snuffles

Within Mrs. Pancakes’s dreams, Rick and Morty find themselves in a sex club, where they learn Mr. Goldenfold has a pervy attraction to Morty’s underage sister, Summer. To escape, they enter the dreams of a centaur bouncer in the pleasure dome, where end up in a furnace with Scary Terry, a legally safe Freddy Kreuger knockoff with miniature swords instead of knives for hands, who loves saying bitch.

Snuffles, now able to talk, builds a scorpion-like robotic exoskeleton and begins explaining his need to be understood to the family.

Rick and Morty hit dream bedrock and realize Scary Terry can travel through dreams. They try running, but eventually decide to hide until he gives up. They then follow Scary Terry home to his Scary family and incept themselves into his dream to learn his worst fears involve failing at school.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 2 Scary Terry Family

After helping Scary Terry in his nightmare, he agrees to help Rick and Morty travel through the various levels of dreams, where he kills the bad guys and convinces Mr. Goldenfold to give Morty an A in math.

Returning home, Rick and Morty discover the mech-dogs are taking over the world, and Snowball wants Morty to serve as his treasured pet. Jerry claims ownership over the dogs’ weapons by peeing on them and soon has his face rubbed in his puddle of mistake. A year later, Morty is living in a mansion, being waited on hand and foot by beautiful, naked women, but Rick bursts in to explain it’s all a dream. In reality, Morty crapped his pants and passed out in his own feces.

Rick helps Morty shape Snowball’s dreams to convince him to move the dog army to another dimension to start over, which Rick suggests would make a great spin-off series.

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Best Quote: Rick “I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior, Jerry. If I were you, I wouldn’t pull that thread.”

Episode S01E03 – Anatomy Park

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 3 Christmas Gadgets

Jerry insists on having a human holiday for Christmas with no distractions from modern gadgets. Rick brings home a ragged looking Santa named Ruben, whom he claims to be an old friend, bringing him to the workshop so the family can have another day in Phil Collins’s proverbial paradise.

Jerry’s parents show up with a young black man named Jacob, introducing their new polyamorous exploration of their golden years. Rick then shrinks Morty and injects him (a la Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace) into Ruben, where he discovers Anatomy Park, a theme park and new business venture Rick has been cooking up on the side with Dr. Blume (John Oliver).

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 3 Anatomy Park

Morty travels to the Haunted Liver, where he meets up with Dr. Blume and his crew, which includes Poncho, Roger, and Annie, a girl Morty instantly has a crush on. Dr. Blume shows Morty around the park, where he learns the park’s security system has been disabled and all the diseases have gotten loose. Soon they’re attacked by Hepatitis C.

Jerry struggles to understand his parents’ relationship with Jacob, but they explain in great detail over Christmas dinner.

Morty and the Anatomy Park crew hide out in the respiratory system, where they’re soon attacked by tuberculosis. Against Dr. Blume’s warning, Poncho opens fire, puncturing the lungs, and causing Ruben to begin coughing, which launches a crew member so fast, his skin and muscle dissolves in middair before hitting Rick in the eye. They hide in the digestive system/food court as Ruben dies.

Now inside a corpse, they head for the colon to be re-enlarged and escape. Morty attempts to spit game at Annie, but is blown off as Rick listens on the intercom.

In the small intestine (which resembles A Small World), they encounter gonorrhea, which they defeat by igniting the gas quickly filling the corpse.

Stuck in the sphincter, the crew learns Poncho released the diseases in order to steal germs to sell to the highest bidder. After a tussle, Morty saves the day and the stolen tuberculosis attacks Poncho, killing him.

At the Smith house, Jacob resolves Summer’s relationship issues and she gets felt up in front of her dad, who’s also watching his mom make out with Jacob. Jerry blows up and heads to Rick’s workshop as Rick is listening to Morty and Annie make out.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 3 Naked Santa

Boarding the bone train, Annie and Morty are able to escape as Dr. Blume is attacked by E coli. As the train heads for the nipple, Rick enlarges the nude Ruben who’s now floating over the entire U.S., with his head in NYC, his feet in LA, and “one can only wonder what’s going down in the Rocky Mountains.

In the nipple hole, Hepatitis A attacks Annie and Morty, but they’re saved by Hepatitis C, who’s just a good guy.

As the giant, naked sky-Santa explodes, blood rains down on the country, and Jerry calms the family, returning the family’s electronics and trying to expound a lesson nobody learned.

After promising to rebuild Anatomy Park and including Pirates of the Pancreas, Rick shrinks Annie and puts her back into another man to restart the process, robbing Morty at a chance for love. Soon the park’s board rejects Rick’s favorite ride.

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Best Quote: Rick “This is bad, Morty. You’re trapped in a dead man. Listen, if the situation keeps darkening, do yourself a favor – hope by Pirates of the Pancreas. Obviously I’m biased, but I think it’s great, Morty. It’s a bunch of pirates running around a pancreas. We don’t whitewash it either – the pirates are really rapey.”

Episode S01E04 – M. Night Shaym-aliens!

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 4 Shower scene

Morty visits Rick in his workshop, but Rick seems annoyed for an unexplained reason, complaining about poor craftmanship and using air quotes and a sarcastic tone when calling him Morty. Confused, Morty goes to school, where he learns he’s the smartest kid in his math class for knowing 5 times 9 is at least 40. He’s invited to teach the class and pestered to teach the secrets of concentrated dark matter.

Rick pulls Morty into the school gym’s shower and forces him to get naked and take a shower. He then explains the first of many M. Night Shyamalayan plot twists – they’re inside a simulation chamber on an alien spaceship. The Zigerion scammers (based on real-life Nigerian scammers) are uncomfortable with nudity, so they’re only safe talking in the shower.

Meanwhile the Zigerions (the leader of which is voiced by David Cross) discover Jerry also ended up in the simulator due to a communication error between the abductions and simulations departments. Jerry is completely unaware of the simulation, despite the Zigerions turning down the computing power to focus on Rick.

Walking through town naked, Rick points out the sloppy details of the simulation, including a woman walking a cat on a leash and a Pop Tart living in and driving a toaster. He explains to Morty that they’re going to pay and he’s going to scam the scammers since they messed with his grandson.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 4 simulation

Jerry finally nails a pitch for apples reminiscent of Steve Buscemi’s celery skit on Portlandia and is on cloud nine, completely oblivious to how obviously fake and glitched the world is (and that his “Hungry for Apples?” slogan is basically a ripoff of “Got Milk?”).

Rick and Morty gather a huge crowd for a rap concert in order to overload the system, forcing it to freeze and reset, including Beth, who Jerry is now having the best sex of his life with, despite her being inanimate. Rick and Morty escape the edge, just as the Zigerions planned for their mindfuck.

As Rick and Morty steal the Zigerions’ processors, Jerry learns his ad campaign is nominated for an Appley Award for apple-based marketing campaigns.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 4 Zigerions

Rushing home to access his safe, Rick learns he’s still in a simulation and drops Morty’s pants to distract the Zigerions and escape while Jerry gives his Appley acceptance speech, announcing that he’s now complete just as the simulation dissolves. The three escape on a stolen spaceship with the Zigerions hot on their tail. To escape, Rick walks Morty through the recipe for concentrated dark matter. As soon as he gives him the recipe, the simulation dissolves, and Rick and Jerry discover they’re inside a simulation of a simulation inside another giant simulation.

The Zigerions release Rick and Jerry so they can test the recipe, which blows them up. Back in the real world, Jerry pitches his apple pitch at work and is subsequently fired. Rick shows up in Morty’s room drunk to wake him up and bond before putting a knife to his throat and asking if he’s a simulation and passing out.

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Best Quote: Rick “You simulated my grandson’s genitalia? You bunch of diabolical sons of bitches!”

Episode S01E05 – Meeseeks and Destroy

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 5 Mr Meeseeks

Traumatized by having to kill demonic spirits resembling his family, Morty complains about the chaotic adventures Rick takes him on. After a debate, Rick agrees to let Morty lead the next adventure. To keep the family at bay, Rick gives the rest of the family a Meeseeks box, which summons a Mr. Meeseeks to help them, warning to keep it simple, because they’re not gods.

Summer summons a Mr. Meeseeks to make her popular at school, Beth summons a Mr. Meeseeks to make her a more complete woman, and Jerry summons a Mr. Meeseeks to take two strokes off his golf game.

In a fantasy-type world, Morty announces to the town square they’re heroes in search of adventure, where they learn a giant in the clouds is terrorizing the village.

Summer soon becomes the most popular girl in school and her Mr. Meeseeks disappears. Beth, during lunch with Mr. Meeseeks, realizes she’s finally having “the conversation” about leaving Jerry, falling for Mr. Meeseeks right before he disappears. Jerry’s Mr. Meeseeks is having trouble getting Jerry’s swing on track and can’t go away, so he summons his own Mr. Meeseeks.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 5 Mr Meeseeks Golf

In the giant’s castle, Rick and Morty are hiding from the giant when he slips and cracks his head on the table, killing himself. The giant’s wife captures Rick and Morty and calls the police, where they end up in giant court.

Now a group of Mr. Meeseeks are attempting to help Jerry with his golf swing, to no avail.

A tiny person’s advocate gets Rick and Morty released, and they descend the courthouse steps. Jerry gives up on his golf game to take Beth to dinner, and the Mr. Meeseeks begin to get angry, looking for a way to improve Jerry’s game.

Rick and Morty stop by a staircase bar and meet crazy Tetris characters. After a fight, Morty leaves to go to the bathroom, where he’s sexually assaulted by Mr. Jellybean as Rick sings karaoke.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 5 Giant Land

The Meeseeks turn violent, attacking and killing each other. They finally storm the restaurant, forcing Beth and Jerry to hide in the walk-in freezer. After a stand-off with the Meeseeks, Beth forces Jerry to focus on his swing, telling him she loves him. Using a bar from the shelf and a tomato, Jerry proves his game is improved, putting an onion for good measure, forcing the Meeseeks to disappear.

Rick and Morty complete the adventure and escape through a portal as the villagers carry out their king, Mr. Jellybean to thank them. Knowing about the sexual assault, Rick reopens the portal to disintegrate King Jellybean with a laser gun.

After King Jellybean’s funeral, photos are discovered that show his perverse actions. The decision is made to destroy the photos so the people can continue idolizing the idea of him, rather than know the monster he truly was.

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Best Quote: Mr. Meeseeks “I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!”

Episode S01E06 – Rick Potion #9

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 Love Potion

When Principal Vagina announces a flu awareness school dance (not a flu celebration), Morty tries asking Jessica, but is cockblocked by a jock named Brad. Jerry fails to make him feel better as Rick outs their failing marriage and tells Morty to rise above and focus on science, shaking up both Smith men.

Morty decides since love is a chemical, Rick can make him a love potion. Tired of listening to him whine, Rick makes the potion by mixing Morty’s hair with Oxytocin, the chemical that makes a vole fall in love, explaining there are no side effects, unless Jessica has the flu (which Morty doesn’t hear).

Shaken up about his relationship, Jerry becomes clingy, annoying Beth with tedious questions about sort of loving him. In the middle of the conversation, Beth leaves for a late-night vet emergency with Davin, the cute man at work.

At the dance, Morty applies the love potion to Jessica who instantly falls in love. Jessica then sneezes on the bully from earlier, who also falls in love with Morty and sneezes the potion germ into the punch and air vent. Soon the entire dance is in love with Morty (including the adults), and the flu-hating rap becomes a Morty-loving rap.

Summer tries calming Jerry while Rick continues to egg him on until Jerry goes after Beth. Summer tells Rick she stayed home from the dance because it’s flu season.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 Praying Mantis Mutants

As a brawl ensues at the dance, Rick shows up to help him escape in his homemade spaceship, with the principal and students in hot pursuit. Rick mixes an antidote based on praying mantis DNA to neutralize the whole thing, and it ends up turning everyone into praying mantis mutants.

Jerry is surprisingly adept at defending himself from the mutants, driven by an insane need to see his wife with another man.

The whole world is soon affected, as Summer notices on TV before the mutants break into the house. Rick and Morty are now in the middle of the desert, and Morty is upset that now not only does everyone want to have sex with him, but they want to eat him afterwards. To remedy the situation, Rick has a new potion made of the DNA of koala, rattlesnake, chimpanzee, cactus, shark, golden retriever, and just a smidge of dinosaur.

At the vet’s office, Beth just finished surgery, and Davin makes a move on her before transforming into a praying mantis and obsessing over Morty. Jerry shows up with a crowbar and kills Davin, saving Beth.

Flying over the city, Rick tries to convince Morty to enjoy the atmosphere before they release it into the air, curing everyone…for about a minute.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 Cronenberg

As Rick gloats, everyone mutates even further into deformed Cronenbergs (a reference to Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg), prompting him to finally admit Morty is right. On the ground, Jerry and Beth turned the family car into a Mad Max-style vehicle, and are wreaking havoc through the mob back to the house, where they find Summer in the ruins and start making out in front of her.

Rick and Morty point fingers, with each blaming the other for the problem – Rick for making the serum, and Morty for wanting it in the first place. Rick then pulls out his emergency solution.

The scene cuts back to the garage, where Rick and Morty are celebrating fixing the genetic disaster. They explode, and a portal opens, where Rick and Morty appear. Morty freaks out over their dead bodies, and Rick explains there are thousands of realities, and he found one where the crisis was diverted, but they both died shortly after.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 Self Burial

Rick forces Morty to pick up his dead self and bury him so they could take their places in this new reality. Everything else in reality is the same as always, except now Morty is deeply traumatized.

Back in the old world, the Smith family enjoys life without Rick and Morty, with Summer reenacting a scene from The Beach. In another reality, Cronenberg Rick and Cronenberg Morty arrive in Cronenberg world, where they can fit in and make themselves at home.

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Best Quote: Rick “Alright, Morty, I’m just going to combine it with some of your DNA.”
Morty “Oh, well…ok…” (unzips pants)
Rick “A hair, Morty…I need one of your hairs. This isn’t Game of Thrones.”

Episode S01E07 – Raising Gazorpazorp

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 7 Sex Robot

While Rick is haggling at an intergalactic pawn shop, Morty sees a female robot he falls for, and Rick buys it for him. Bringing it home, the family hears nonstop bed squeaking while eating breakfast. Rick goes up to investigate and finds it turned into a flying orb. Trying to catch it, Rick jumps up and down on the bed, prompting Beth and Jerry to barge in and stop them.

The pod drops an alien baby, which Rick tries to destroy. The family stops him, and Morty names it Morty Jr., while Rick takes the sex robot down to his workshop to analyze where it came from.

Summer follows Rick to his workshop where he discovers the robot is from Gazorpazorp after accidentally touching one of Morty’s loads. As Rick opens the portal, Summer asks to go with him, and Rick says no. Unfortunately Summer is pulled into the portal by an alien Gazorpazorpian, forcing Rick to kill a group of them to save her.

The Gazorpazorpians destroy his portal gun, stranding Rick and Summer on their planet, while Morty seeks parenting advice from Beth and Jerry. Morty Jr. vomits on Jerry, which promptly catches on fire. Morty decides to raise the baby himself, turning on the TV to keep him occupied.

Rick tries rebuilding the portal gun using sex robot parts while also protecting Summer from being abducted. Soon a giant spaceship appears overhead, dropping sex robots into the group, where a huge orgy ensues. Rick and Summer hitch a ride on the spaceship, and Rick explains the lower tier of the society appears to be ruled by sex and technology by a hidden upper class.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 7 Gazorpazorp

Meeting the upper class, Rick introduces himself to find they’re superhuman women. The women assume Rick is Summer’s slave, as men have no freedom on Gazorpazorp.

Morty is playing with Morty Jr., but gets startled when his son’s first words are death, destruction, and domination.

In the female-dominated world, Summer and Rick are introduced to the leader, who explains how paradise has been achieved by training and loving the women babies, while slingshotting the men into the barren desert outside, as they mature into the most violent and vicious creatures in the universe within days.

Summer and Rick explain a male Gazorpazorpian was born on Earth, but, before they could be sent back to save it, Rick farts, prompting Summer to shout “Grandpa!” in disgust. Recognizing the patriarchal term, the Gazorpazorpians take them prisoner.

Morty can’t convince Morty Jr. to stop thinking of death and destruction, so he convinces him the air is poisonous and he’ll die if he ever goes outside.

Summer and Rick are sentenced to death, but are released after Summer shows the Gazorpazorpians the top they love so much was made by a man named Marc Jacobs. On Earth, some men are gay, and that’s why the clothes are better. Impressed, the Gazorpazorpians release them back to Earth.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 7 Morty Jr

Morty Jr. is now in his teens and rebelling against father Morty, who’s constantly trying to teach him about love. After saying he hates video games, Morty pushes Morty Jr. who decides he’d rather breathe poison than spend another minute with him. Going outside and discovering his entire life is a lie, Morty Jr. becomes a tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, running off into the night to have a Footloose angry dance moment.

Now rampaging through town, Morty Jr. is confronted by Morty and Jerry and attempts to kill them before being talked down. Rick and Summer arrive back on Earth, and Rick tries to kill Morty Jr., except Morty stops him.

After talking everyone down, Brad Anderson, creator of Marmaduke, shows up to explain he channels dark thoughts into his work. He suggests Morty Jr. should become a creative. Morty Jr. strikes off on his own, and Rick gives Summer a pink spaceship to explain no lessons have been learned.

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Best Quote: Rick “Great – now I have to take over a whole planet because of your stupid boobs.”

Episode S01E08 – Rixty Minutes

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 8 Infinite TV Channels

Tired of Rick dumping on the Bachelor-style reality show the family watches together, Jerry challenges Rick to show them his version of T.V. Rick subsequently destroys the remote and reprograms it to receive infinite channels from infinite universes, including a world where people are evolved from corn, one where people eat poop, and one where Jerry’s famous.

The family fixates on the possibility of narcissistically seeing their lives in alternate realities, so Rick tosses a VR headset into the kitchen where they can do so without interrupting his channel surfing. Morty is the only one who sticks with Rick, uninterested in his alternate lives.

Jerry tries on the glasses first, seeing himself snorting cocaine with Johnny Depp. Beth tries them next, finding herself performing surgery on a human instead of a horse, prompting Jerry to congratulate her on being a real surgeon. Summer tries on the glasses to see she doesn’t exist. Finding a reality where she does, the family is playing Yahtzee.

Rick and Morty watch increasingly strange shows on T.V. (Gazorpazorpfield, a fake door commercial, SNL in an alternate reality, a brutal Lucky Charms commercial, etc.) as Beth, Jerry, and Summer resent each other over how much better their lives could have been in an alternate reality where they never got together, deciding to end the marriage.

Summer goes to her room to pack and leave. Morty follows to make her feel better by showing her the grave he dug for himself earlier. Morty explains that every morning he eats breakfast away from his own rotting corpse and he’s better than her real brother.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 8 Jerry Breakdown

As Beth sits in the kitchen alone drinking wine and enjoying the alternate reality where she’s sitting in the kitchen alone drinking wine, Jerry returns to watch infinite T.V. with Rick, where he discovers his celebrity alter-ego suffered a nervous breakdown and is involved in a slow speed chase in a rascal on the highway.

The doorbell rings in Beth’s reality, and she sees Jerry standing on her doorstep, professing his love as the family watches it happening on the news. In tears, Beth and Jerry get back together, as the family looks on blandly. Rick interrupts the moment to channel surf some more.

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Best Quote: Beth “If your father and I achieved our dreams, there’s a chance you were never born. That came out wrong. That came out very wrong.”

Episode S01E09 – Something Ricked This Way Comes

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 9 Science Fair

Morty asks Rick for help with a science project, but Beth convinces him to ask Jerry, since he’s insecure about his intelligence. Now free for the day, Rick gives Summer a ride to her new job.

Browsing the store, Rick takes about 10 seconds to notice Summer’s boss is the devil, giving out cursed items. Rick takes a cursed microscope back to his workshop to have it analyzed.

While Rick plays around in his workshop, Jerry and Morty are working on “real science,” which means making a miniature model of the solar system. Jerry asks for a ping pong ball for Pluto and Morty informs him Pluto is no longer a planet, to which Jerry gets upset and disagreed. Morty goes to the workshop to see Rick, who’s already broken down the cursed microscope, realizing it’ll make him mentally retarded if he uses it.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 9 Devil Fight

Rick returns to the devil’s shop with a device that detects the curses in each object in the store. He scares out all the devil’s customers by exposing the curses in each item they’re looking at. The devil threatens to call the police, and Rick offers him his cell phone, which won’t make him deaf because he’s not a hack. A fight ensues, and Summer takes the devil’s side, making Rick leave.

Summer apologizes to the devil and explains there’s no company hiring teenagers that isn’t evil while Jerry’s on the phone with NASA trying to get Pluto declared a planet. Soon Jerry and Morty are abducted by a UFO, which brings him to the leader of Pluto, who’s pleased to hear he considers Pluto a planet.

In the devil’s store, business is booming. The devil is having the best weekend since Salem, and he soon finds out it’s because Rick opened up a shop called Curse Purge Plus directly across the street. He’s using science to remove all curses, making each magical item worth millions, encouraging people to pay for things with money, like how every other store in the world works.

On Pluto, Jerry is a world-famous Earth scientist, and Morty ends up underground, learning how plutonium powers Pluto, and its constant mining by greedy corporations is shrinking the planet on a catastrophic scale. The activist convinces Morty to convince his father to tell Plutonians the truth.

With his store empty, the devil attempts suicide, but is saved by Summer using a cursed monkey paw. Defeated, the devil wants to quit, but Summer forces him to keep going and restart a new business. After learning the devil quit, Rick also closes down his business, torching the building and walking away.

At a gala event, Morty attempts to confront Jerry with the truth, but is mocked instead. Rick returns home to find himself alone and bored.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 9 Pluto

Back on Pluto, Jerry has second thoughts after learning the leader of the Plutonian resistance is the son of the planet’s leader. He soon announces Pluto isn’t a planet, and the crowd turns on him.

Summer helps the devil turn his old storefront into an online retail shop, with much lower overhead. As soon as they’re bought by Google, the devil Zuckerbergs Summer and takes over the business.

Kicked off Pluto, Jerry returns home to apologize to Morty, barging in on him watching Internet porn on his laptop in bed. Offering to help Morty build the solar system model, Jerry is turned down, as Morty decides it’s easier to turn in Rick’s butter robot for an easy A.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 9 Steroids

Summer returns home defeated, desperately seeking a lesson in everything, but Rick explains there is none. He then makes a suggestion – Summer and Rick spend a training montage building their muscles by working out and using steroids, attacking the devil at a tech conference, because sometimes what you really need is for someone else to pay a terrible price.

The duo proceed to beat up a variety of terrible people over DMX “X Gon Give It To Ya.”

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Best Quote: Jerry “Well, traditionally science fairs are a father-son thing.”
Rick “Well scientifically, traditions are an idiot thing.”

Episode S01E10 – Close Rick-counters

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Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 10 Ricks

Ricks are being assassinated by an evil Rick and Morty. Earth Rick C-137 and Morty are arrested at breakfast and taken to the Council of Ricks, where Morty learns how many Ricks and Mortys actually exist.

On trial for an unprecedented Rickocidal epidemic, Rick complains to the government about forming a government to protect them from the government. Asking for evidence, the Ricks scan Rick’s portal gun to find he alone has been to the exact timelines where the murders occurred. Realizing he’s been set up, Rick steals a portal gun and escapes with Morty.

Back home, the Ricks are being entertained by Beth, also choosing to have some fun pranking Jerry, whom ever Rick appears to look down on, except doofus Rick (J-19 Zeta 7), who instantly bonds with him.

Rick and Morty track down the Rick responsible for killing the other Ricks. When they get there, they find a dome with a matrix of Mortys being tortured. Rick explains it’s a shield to hide the presence of a Rick from other Ricks. Morty is mortified, taking his anger out on Rick, and causing them to be captured.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 10 Mortys

Morty is thrown into Morty lockup by evil Rick’s Morty, and Rick is held by evil Rick, who explains the Rick spectrum. Evil Rick tells him he’s going to download the contents of his brain and kill him so he can take over the Council of Ricks.

Doofus Rick invents ovenless brownies for Jerry, who shows him his Star Wars coin collection and decides he found his real Rick.

Morty leads the imprisoned Mortys to rise up against Evil Rick, and they declare him The One True Morty. Together they free Rick and release the Mortys from the torture matrix. With the shield deactivated, Rick calls the Council of Ricks to remedy the situation, returning the Mortys to their families.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 10 Mortys and Ricks

Rick is pardoned by the Council of Ricks and cos actually being controlled remotely. It’s shown to the audience (though no one else knows) that Evil Rick’s Morty had the transmitter in his eye patch, which he removes and blends in with the rest of the Mortys while Blonde Redhead – For the Damaged Coda plays out the credits.

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Best Quote: Rick “That’s Rickdiculous!”

Episode S01E11 – Ricksy Business

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 11 Ricksy Business

When Beth and Jerry leave to go on a Titanic movie recreation cruise leaving Rick in charge of Summer and Morty, both Summer and Rick decide to throw a party, to Morty’s dismay.

Jerry loves the Titanic cruise, but Beth is less than enthused. Instead of recreating the king of the world bit (which Jerry corrects her that that was actually Jack and Fabrizio, and when Rose and Jack do it, Rose yells out that she’s flying), Beth asks the ship’s maid to take her place while she reads a book.

The house soon fills with all sorts of crazy sci-fi characters. Morty tries his hardest to keep the house straight, but Summer and Rick are more interested in the party. As soon as Jessica enters the party, Morty suddenly has a reason to party.

Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 11 Ricksy Business Party

On the Titanic cruise, the ship accidentally misses the iceberg, and everyone’s upset it won’t actually sink.

After Brad and Abradolf Linkler get in a fight, Morty takes Jessica to Rick’s workshop to see his cool inventions. Finding a cat jerking off in the closet, Morty backs up and knocks over a device that transports the house to another dimension filled with giant testicle monsters.

Rick tells Morty to gather crystals to teleport them back home, giving him the undesirable partygoers as sidekicks. Linkler fights off a beast while the others gather crystals. Morty returns home and kills the party, forcing Rick to bring the house back home.

Jerry is taken hostage by the maid Lucy, who recreates the Jack and Rose love scenes with him at gunpoint until he’s rescued by Beth, who hits her with a book.

With only minutes till their parents return, Morty and Summer beg Rick for a solution to clean the house. Rick freezes time, giving them time to renovate the house and go on a spree of fun times before Rick announces his new catchphrase – “I don’t give a f-ck!”

All three then proceed to shake that ass as Rick (once again) breaks the fourth wall and announces the end of season one…

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Best Quote: Beth “Bet you’re glad I think the Kindle is stupid now.”

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