Review: Virtual Rickality on Steam VR

I took a little longer than I’d hoped to finally play Rick and Morty’s Virtual Rick-Ality VR game. The pathetic angry midget I lived with stole my PSVR headset among other things when I moved out after he went ballistic and lost his damaged mind. It wasn’t until visiting a friend with a top-of-the-line gaming rig and HTC Vive VR headset a few weeks ago that I finally got to spend some quality time with Virtual Rick-Ality.

As a Rick and Morty fan, there’s a ton to love about this game, and even if you’re not a hardcore fan or are from some universe where you never heard of the cartoon duo (and yet are still, for some ridiculous reason, reading this blog post), it’s a solid VR experience, although there’s definitely room for expansion.

All the Blips, Chitz, and Other Shit

As you can imagine, Virtual Rick-Ality is filled with all of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s twisted references and gags. You play as a Morty clone and have Rick mostly demeaning you. As you can imagine, you die several times, regardless of what you do, because to Rick Sanchez, you’re simply another disposable Morty. He’d kill the real Morty, so don’t think you’re not getting shot in the head a few times.

The majority of the action takes place in Rick’s garage, which is the exact place I wanted to be. It’s like living in Barbie’s dream home, and it’s filled with interactive souvenirs from Rick’s adventures. The washer and drier eventually become portals, and you’re able to explore several other areas. It essentially serves as your home base.

Once you get over the novelty of exploring (and destroying) Rick’s stuff (“Don’t Touch My Stuff” is prominently written on the white board and explained to you on several occasions), you start solving puzzles to progress through the game.

The puzzles ranged in difficulty, and I imagine my familiarity with VR and love for Rick and Morty is what helped me move through with relative ease. It did take me a minute to remember I had a Mr. MeeSeeks box to replicate my actions or a thingie combiner to combine objects and move past certain puzzles, but overall, I fared pretty well.

Rick and Morty Rick Sanchez Garage

While the rest of the Smith family mostly only shows up via voice (Summer’s audio diary can be found and she’s in the spaceship with Rick and Morty eventually, and Jerry lectures Morty while you’re in the bathroom), there’s still show references galore. There’s a plumbus on the table, you have to eventually feed the monster in the secret dungeon in the floor, and the washing machine converts to a Troy VR game.

Troy, as Rick explains, is the generic home version of the popular Blips and Chitz game Roy, which is playable and has a TON of different scenarios that can change not only based on your limited choices, but any seemingly innocent movement you make.

There are several mini-games that can be played, including a battery charging game that does get challenging as it speeds up, and an alien shooting game where you don Morty’s gun armor from the purge planet (although you never get to hear Tony Toni Tone’s “It Feels Good” while shooting since Morty was passed out by that point and it’s Rick and Arthricia who enjoy that moment).

Although short, the storyline and game is much more fun to play than Arkham VR and other Vive, Rift, and PSVR launch titles and early releases, including Job Simulator, developer Owlchemy’s previous VR release. You’ll definitely see the similar mechanics at work if you’ve played both.

Virtual Rickality Morty BathroomSpoiling Everything

So now we’re going to spoil a few plot points because those who have beaten the game know Morty goes off about a key piece of canon. That’s right – in Virtual Rick-Ality, we learn Morty Smith is a vegan, which I’m sure is going to become super important when addressed in an episode. So now you non-VR neanderthals can catch up with the rest of us 😉

Each time you die, pick up the phone to hear a great monologue from the devil (or his demon assistant maybe? I’m not quite clear on that part), and keep an eye out for tapes to play, as it’s another mini-game to keep you playing.  There are plenty of other Easter eggs and references to explore, so try everything and have fun.

Also, you kill a few aliens and are attacked by the mom, another Rick shows up to fight Rick, and yada, yada, yada.

Definitely raising the bar from Pocket Mortys, the only other solid Rick and Morty gaming adventure, Virtual Rick-Ality is the perfect way to satiate your need for more zany adventure and immersion while eagerly anticipating the release of the next episode of season three.

Also, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to beat all the SEO frauds covering Rick and Morty to the VR experience, but I’ll do my best to keep ahead on the season 3 episode guides as they come out. Stay tuned, because there’s plenty of Rick and Morty action to come.

Final Grade: A


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