Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode Recap and Episode Guide Everything you need to know about the third season of Adult Network's modern classic cartoon.

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The highly anticipated Season 3 of Rick and Morty launched in the summer of 2017, after a surprise April Fool’s Day premier. The rising popularity of the show also caused McDonald’s to temporarily re-release its Szechaun McNugget sauce. Only 10 episodes long, it’s another brilliant look at life, love, family, and intergalactic, multi-dimensional chaos. Let’s take a look at the episodes.

S03E01 – The Rickshank Redemption

Rick and Morty Ricks

Rick is in prison, and his escape pits the Galactic Federation against the Council of Ricks. Before he can get out, though, he’s interrogated through a series of simulations. But he never cracks – in fact, he mostly just trolls the guard and makes him drive through McDonald’s for some Szechuan sauce.

Morty shows Summer the other side of Rick’s adventures (including the Cronenberged dimension), and Seal Team Ricks is dispatched to assassinate Rick C137 in prison. Instead, he moves his consciousness into different bodies until he teleports the Citadel of Ricks into the Galactic Federation, causing its collapse.

Toward the end, it seems as though Earth is returning to normal as the Galactic Federation ends its occupation. Then we meet Phoenixperson, who’s been resurrected by Tammy in a Galactic Federation uniform.

Phoenix Person

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S03E02 – Rickmancing the Stone

While Jerry adjusts to being divorced and alone, Summer is clearly experiencing some issues from everything. So when Rick takes her and Morty to a Mad Max-style world to exploit her alienation, she immediately jumps into the portal. After a crazy chase, Summer decides to stay in the world. Morty wants them to leave, and Rick explains he has infinite sisters. Soon they become a part of the roaming band of post-Apocalyptic scavengers because Rick wants the powerful rock they have.

Morty is worried about Summer hanging out with Death Stalkers, and Rick explains he wants the 20 pound boulder of Isotope 322. He then gives Morty a giant (and, of course, possessed) arm and makes him fight in the Thunderdome, Blooddome, or whatever you want to call it. I’ll save it for the Semanticsdome.

As Summer falls in love with Buckethead, Rick is outed for stealing the boulder. Morty then follows the revenge journey of his possessed arm to kill the king in his castle. Rick convinces them to come back home, and Summer rebonds with Jerry.

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S03E03 – Pickle Rick

While Beth and the kids are in family therapy, Rick has decided to turn himself into a pickle for no reason. There’s also an unrelated syringe of liquid hanging above him with a timer set for right after the family leaves. Rick won’t admit it’s because he wants to avoid therapy, and Beth won’t admit she knows. It’s not long before a cat comes along and sends Pickle Rick on a journey through the sewers.

As the family explores the effects of Beth and Jerry’s divorce (and Rick) on the family, Rick upgrades from a cockroach body to a rat one. Soon he’s fighting an assassin using a battery-powered laser and destroying a criminal cartel.

Rick finally makes it to therapy, and everyone acts like he’s not a pickle with rat parts. He finally asks for the serum and the therapist leverages this to get Rick to open up. The family bonds on the drive home, and Beth finally gives Rick the serum to change him back into a human so they can get a drink together.

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S03E04 – Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

Morty is vacuuming up leeches that sterilize species when the Vindibeacon rings. The Vindicators only call when the universe is at stake, according to Morty, while Rick explains they’re just the writers of their own press releases. Morty presents Rick with his Morty Adventure Card that entitles him to pick one out of every 10 adventures.

While meeting with the Vindicators, Rick has some design notes about Million Ants, Croc-u-bot (who fell into a vat of redundancy), Alan Rails, Noob Noob, Supernova, and Vance Maximus: Renegade Star Soldier (who never forgets a kid). Morty is upset to learn they’ve assembled without them, while Rick, it turns out, got blackout drunk, destroyed Worldender, and leads the Vindicators on a Saw-like quest that gets most of them killed.

On the final puzzle, Rick and Morty assume Morty is who drunk Rick cares about most, but it turns out to be Noob Noob. Only Supernova, Rick, and Morty survive after Supernova kills Million Ants. Soon they’re at an intergalactic concert celebrating the death of Worldender as Rick explains he typically gets high with people who try to kill him, like Gearhead.

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S03E05 – The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Rick wakes Jerry up and takes him on a space adventure, explaining Morty asked him to because they’re afraid he’ll kill himself. They go to a fancy resort with an immortality field that means you can’t be killed in any way. It’s the perfect place to bring the most fragile being in the universe on a fake adventure. Meanwhile Summer is going through teenage girl stuff, wondering if she’s hot while Beth is making a dead animal collage. She decides to make her tits bigger using Rick’s Morphizer-XE and accidentally makes everything bigger by falling into the beam.

Jerry is kidnapped and told by his kidnappers Rick provided weapons to an army that exiled them. All he has to do is get on the Whirly Dirly, which has a moment of mortality in which Rick can be killed. While Jerry and Rick face off, Beth and Morty argue over whether they should call Rick to help return Summer to normal size.

Jerry eventually fights to save Rick, who’s been rendered mentally incapable of defending himself. They end up having an acid trip, Rick kills his would-be assassin, and Summer/Beth bond in the woods. Morty explains to her boyfriend that he hurt his sister, what it did to her, and that he now has to pay, morphing him into a Cronenberg mutant.

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S03E06 – Rest and Ricklaxation

Morty finds out his crush Jessica broke up with Brad and tries to hit on her, but Rick interrupts to explain he needs a plasma shard. What’s supposed to be a 20-minute adventure takes 6 days and nearly kills them. Even Rick is visibly shaken from the experience and they decide they need a spa day at the best day spa in the galaxy. They go through a psychological detox machine, and we end up following the toxins that were removed.

While Toxic Rick and Morty plan their escape from the detoxifier, C137 Rick and Morty are having the times of their lives. Toxic Rick contacts Rick, and Morty’s newfound self-realization keeps amping up. His date with Jessica doesn’t go well, and she leaves. He then ends up talking to Stacy at the bar,convincing her to come home with him and meet Rick. Morty uses his safe word, and Stacy takes their place in the detoxifier.

Toxic Rick and Morty escape and the Ricks fight spills into the living room. Toxic Rick escapes, threatening to make the entire world toxic, but Rick stops him by playing on his toxic attachment to people. Morty escapes temporarily, but is eventually tracked down by Rick and Jessica, who force him to remerge with Toxic Morty.

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S03E07 – The Ricklantis Mixup

Rick J22 is about to embark on a journey to Ricklantis when Rick C137 shows up with his Morty to tell them the Citadel of Ricks is gone. As they go on a self-contained adventure, Rick advises Morty only an idiot cares about the Ricks and Mortys left in the Citadel.

The Citadel Morning News shows there’s a Morty running for President, and the Ricks on the news mock him. Meanwhile a Rick and Morty cop team are investigating the Morty crimes on the streets. Inevitably, they find their way to the Creepy Morty, a speakeasy where Big Morty (the city drug dealer) attempts to pay the cops off.

Cop Morty kills Big Morty, Cop Rick kills Cop Morty, and it’s revealed President Morty is actually Evil Morty. Evil Morty kills any Ricks who oppose him and takes control of the Citadel of Ricks while Rick and Morty return from Ricklantis, unaware of the imminent danger.

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S03E08 – Morty’s Mind Blowers

Rick and Morty steal a truth tortoise, and Morty accidentally looks at it, traumatizing him. Rick offers to erase the memory and brings him to his archive of all the experiences he begged him to remove. Instead of Interdimensional Cable, we’re blessed with this clip episode of sorts.

His memories include a run-in with a normal guy on the moon named Mr. Lunes, who becomes his guidance counselor. Morty ends up driving him to suicide after the principal thinks he’s a pedophile. In another, they’re stuck in an intergalactic zoo, while another memory is of sending a Floop Floopian warrior to hell, but not before Morty makes him question the existence of an afterlife.

After several more clips, Morty attacks Rick. They both lose their memories and search through them for clues as to who they are. Morty’s inadvertent light switch flips is easily the funniest, and he resolves to remember everything, including beating Rick at chess. They make a suicide pact that’s interrupted by Summer who initiates the protocol for scenario 4.

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S03E09 – The ABCs of Beth

While watching a serial killer’s sentencing on the news, Beth and Summer argue over Beth’s need to attach herself to it. Rick intervenes after Beth insults Froopyland, so Rick dismisses the kids to Jerry’s “house” in bubbles and takes her through a portal to awe at how much work it took to create her imaginary world while searching for her “dead” friend Tommy, whose father is about to be executed for his murder.

Soon he’s carried away by a monster bird, and the kids find out Jerry is telekinetic (though still quite incapable), thanks to Keara, his alien girlfriend he met on an interstellar dating site. Unfortunately, Rick’s arm is ripped off by the birds and his charm that life found a way wears off as they learn Tommy survived by having sex with the imaginary creatures and sustaining himself on the flesh of his children, who view him as a God.

Jerry breaks the souldbond with his predator gf, so she hunts Morty and Summer while Beth and Rick are forced to watch his play (and reality) of raping muppets and eating their babies. Rick reveals Beth was a psycho he had to hide to save the neighbor kids from the array of weapons she forced him to invent. Unable to eat her pride and pull Tommy out, Beth becomes her father and embraces it. She brings back Tommy’s finger to clone him and save his dad.

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S03E10 – The Rickchurian Mortydate

While Rick watches Morty craft things to mine so he can mine things to craft in a silly game, Secret Service agents arrive to beckon them to the White House. They learn an alien googa infested the Kennedy Sex Tunnels, which neither of them is happy about. So Rick and Morty blow off America and go back to playing Minecraft.

Potus uses his illegal spy satellite to call them out on breaking 1000 laws a day and never being held accountable. Rick and Morty laugh off the President and go on their own adventures before being confronted by him in a Stargate and exiled while Beth wonders if she’s a clone.

Rick obviously doesn’t agree, instead trolling the President for a selfie with Morty. The epic fight between them eclipses any Family Guy chicken fight and ends with Beth and Jerry getting back together and the whole family hiding from Rick. They console as Rick pretends to be Fly Fishing Rick and everyone is happy but him.

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