Smashy City Review

android-strategy-smashycity-002Sometimes simplicity is bliss. Smashy City, developed by Ace Viral, is a prime example of how a straightforward idea—like one seen in the arcade game, Rampage—can provide a butt-load of entertainment. With the combination of giant monsters, destruction, strategy, and endless fun, Smashy City feels like you’re playing the previously mentioned arcade game on your handheld device. The idea Smashy City uses is simple one, but the fact that there are so many monsters to collect, in addition to the underlying strategy, make it one of the best android strategy games to date.

Smashy City is like a vending machine for playable monsters. The first time you start the game you receive enough coins to buy your first monster. It isn’t until after your 4th monster that getting them becomes a little more difficult. You’re only required to wait a small amount of time before you can hatch your next monster, which really isn’t that bad. You won’t always get a different monster, nor will you always get a better monster; but that isn’t such a big deal considering you’re given the opportunity to obtain them on a consistent basis. The coins you get from playing or from opening free gifts aren’t used for anything else, so why not spend them all on your next anti-hero destruction machine? You never know, you may get one that has enhanced speed, attack damage, rampage, or health.


Who would have thought that there could ever be a strategy to smashing cities into ruins? When I first started playing, I honestly didn’t like Smashy City. I thought it to be too simple. That was before I realized the underlying strategy that needed to be implemented. You’re probably asking yourself, “Strategy? In a game like this?” Believe me; I was wondering the same thing. Apparently, destroying cities can be tough with a monster that’s easily killed by getting rammed from behind by a cop car. Throughout your run, you’re expected to maneuver your monster so that getting rammed or shot at is put at a minimum. This can include: using buildings to block enemy fire, trapping cop cars in an area where they can’t drive, timing explosions to take out multiple enemies, using your rampage at the right moment, and running away when at low health. Rampage is a bar at the side of your screen that stores up energy with each building you destroy, so when it is full you are given the ability to run through structures instead of stopping to smash them down. Of course, having a stronger monster helps you in the long run, but implementing these strategies will always improve your chances at producing a successful round, and I feel like that’s unusual coming from a game where the main objective is to smash everything in sight.


The one con I can pluck out from playing Smashy City is that it gets pretty repetitive. You’re constantly doing the same thing: avoiding damage and setting ruin to these poor people’s cities. Not to say that it isn’t fun or anything, but it can get boring if you play it too long in one sitting. I think that’s why the developers give players so many monsters, because it adds an element that cannot be controlled. The random occurrence of receiving a much more powerful monster allows gamers to feel that joyous sensation when they realize that their hard-work has paid off. This, however, is not a feeling that’ll last forever. There are only a certain amount of monsters, so when you collect all of them you’ll begin to ask yourself: do I continue to play, or do I quit? It’s up to you—but I can confidently say that even though the game is simple and repetitive, it’s got a whole lot to be happy about. After all, smashing cities has never been so strategically engaging.


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Smashy City Review

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