Rick and Morty S02E01 “A Rickle in Time” Recap

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Rick & Morty Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off – with time frozen, except for Rick and the kids.

After unfreezing time, Rick warns the kids of dire consequences. He then drops the subject to bribe his daughter Beth and her idiot husband Jerry.

Everything appears to go well until time splits in half. Rick figures out and explains they’re existing in multiple dimensions at one time.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 1 Split Universe

Meanwhile Beth and Jerry are involved in some side story about something to do with their relationship.

Now locked in catatonic a state of either existing or not, Grandpa Rick tries to save the day, but is thwarted by Morty in one timeline.

Both Ricks now suspect the other Rick of attempting to kill him, sending him into a shooting rampage, unsyncing him, and further splitting the timeline until 4 Morty’s knock out 4 Ricks, and Summer helps cage them before they wake up.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 1 Split Time

Unable to convince the kids to let him out, Ricks simply escape. An alien police officer from the fourth dimension (played by Keegan Michael Key) shows up to mock Rick’s plan and fix the timeline.

in the woods, Beth and Jerry hit a deer and Jerry blames it on the rum raisin ice cream impairing him. Jerry mocks Beth for being a horse surgeon, she flips out, and they end up at the local deer vet.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 1 Horse Surgery

The hunter who shot the deer shows up in the operating room with his lawyer, and they mock Beth, who must finally admit to transport the deer across state lines, but only if she admits she couldn’t hack it.

Back in Rick’s Schrodinger state, Rick has to escape imprisonment as the only way he’d have a time device is to have stolen it. Rick distracts the police officer, and begins to split time. Each set of Rick, Morty, and Summer react differently to the situation.

Rick and Morty Split Universe Season 2 Episode 1

At 32 timelines, Rick finally kicks the cops ass and starts working on the color, but Morty begins questioning him, leading to more unsychronization. Some of the Ricks and Mortys start fighting, and one Morty falls into the infinite space pool of Schrodinger’s cats.

Rick jumps in to save him, then finds another color and fixes time.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 1 Rick Fixing Time

After making several prayers and deals with God throughout the timelines, Rick saves the day just as Beth and Jerry arrive to mock the necklaces.

The immortal time cop’s partner (Jordan Peele) finally meets up with him in the Ice Age, and they travel through time to beat up Rick. Unfortunately, they have the wrong man, and Albert Einstein vows to mess with time, despite the beating…

Full Season 1 Episode Guide
Full Season 2 Episode Guide

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