Top 10 Best Talk Shows to Keep Up with Hollywood If you love celebrity gossip, release date, and everything Tinsel Town, watch these roundups.

Keeping up with celebrities can be hard, and it’s not seen as mentally stimulating to some. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by Hollywood, fame, and celebrity, and there are always great stories to be found if you’re willing to look.

Of course, tabloids give celebrity and entertainment news a bad name. A lot of it can be gossipy, and you need trusted sources who won’t just spill rumors and PR garbage.

These ten sites will keep you updated on all things celebrity, typically within an hour or less.

10. MTV News

Hosts: Josh Horowitz, Gaby Wilson, Sophia Parola

MTV was once the go-to destination for breaking celebrity news, like the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur. These days they’re a shadow of their former selves, but it’s still a Viacom network with access to information.

9. Celebrity Page

Hosts: Sonia Isabelle, Jaymes Vaghan, Arthur Kade

Celebrity Page is the incarnation of OK!TV, a TV show based on the OK! magazine. This is the place to learn all the latest celebrity gossip, if you’ve not yet discovered the wonders of online.

8. Inside Edition

Hosts: Deborah Norville, Diane McInerney, Jim Moret

Inside Edition is old-school Hollywood media and continue delivering a daily dose of the news every weekday.

7. Entertainment Tonight

Hosts: Nancy O’Dell, Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner

Entertainment Tonight (often stylized as ET) is an iconic brand of celebrity and entertainment news. The theme song is recognizable to your parents and grandparents, and there’s always a fun factoid about celebrity birthdays to celebrate.

6. Extra

Hosts: Mario Lopez, Renee Bargh, Tracey Edmonds

Fresh faces of beauty, often straight out of Hollywood themselves, deliver the day’s entertainment news with flair. If you need eye candy with your celebrity gossip, look no further than Extra.

5. Access Hollywood

Hosts: Tim Vincent, Kit Hoover, Scott Evans

Access Hollywood has been around since the 90s, and it’s still delivering celebrity news to the masses on NBC. That’s thanks to its close ties to Entertainment Tonight.

4. E! News

Hosts: Ken Baker, Kristin dos Santos, Melanie Bromley

The staff at E! are longtime experts in celebrity and the home of the Kardashians. If you want red-carpet coverage with flair, there’s no better place to see it.

3. The Philip DeFranco Show

Hosts: Philip DeFranco

A YouTube OG and legend, Phil DeFranco covers much more than just celebrity news. He covers topics surrounding politics, business, technology, and more. He’s also your portal into Internet culture and all things YouTube. If you want to keep up with what’s really happening in this world that young people care about, look no further than The Phil DeFranco Show (and ignore his haters – they’re dicks).

2. Dish Nation

Hosts: Rickey Smiley, Porsha Williams, Heidi Hamilton

DJs from several radio stations get together over a video call to discuss the latest celebrity news. Dish Nation has a lot of personality, and the hosts are often more entertaining to watch than the celebrities they’re discussing.

1. TMZ and TMZ Live

Hosts: Harvey Levin, Max Hodges, Kelly Berning, Shevonne Sullivan

The crew of TMZ consistently delivers celebrity news faster than just about everyone else. That’s because they have ears on every street, and if you can catch one or both of these shows in a day, you’ll know everything you need to about Hollywood and all things celebrity.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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