Top 10 Graffiti Artists on YouTube Graf is more than just an artform - it's a way of life these YouTubers live.

Graffiti art is something I grew up loving (and even doing a bit of myself for a while). Everything from stenciling and Sharpie tagging to massive burner pieces can give a city culture.

When traveling around, it’s always nice to see a recognizable tag and know someone’s getting up everywhere. Most graffiti artists don’t like being known (a la Banksy), so there aren’t as many on YouTube as other types of art.

Still, the street art pioneers willing to venture into YouTube are making some great content that’s both informative and inspiring to watch.

Check out one of these top YouTube graffiti channels to stay on top of the world of street art.

10. Vexx

Vexx is a relatively noob to YouTube, but he definitely has roots in street art that he does his best to display throughout his colorful videos.


Sive is one of many graffiti artists featuring his murals. He gets bonus points for the timely Game of Thrones piece he throws on this wall.

8. Bombing Science

Bombing Science is a how-to channel. The guy isn’t the greatest on-camera personality, but it’s still a useful reference tool.

7. ArtPrimo

Art Primo is a Seattle graffiti supply company that takes its shit seriously. If you don’t know the difference between fat caps, chromies, and toys, then this is the channel to learn.


Another graffiti artist, Sive regularly features his art and murals. He also gets bonus points for the timely Game of Thrones bomb he threw up on this wall.

5. Rake43

Rake does videos of his murals with some great music behind them. They’re quick, to the point, and always end with beautiful pieces.

4. Ghost EA

Ghost EA is another graffiti artist who prefers videos of his pieces with music overlaid on top. This style works perfectly for those studying the art and looking for new ideas or wanting to see great can control in action.

3. Montana Cans

Speaking of spray cans, Montana cans were made for graffiti artists, and they have great content marketing on the brand YouTube channel.

2. DKDrawing

Wall art typically starts in a sketch book (although sometimes it’s freestyled). Pencil (or ink) and paper is still practiced by street artists around the world. See some of it at the ground level with DK.

1. DokeTV

Doke is a Slovakian graffiti artist and vlogger in the vein of Mr. Brainwash. With over 500,000 subscribers, he’s the most popular graffiti artist on YouTube, and he’s a competent one at that.


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