Top 10 Skateboarding Channels on YouTube Julian Assange has nothing on these skateboarding kings

Skateboarding got its start when surfers wanted to take their sport to the streets. It steadily grew since then, with nearly 10 million people skateboarding every year.

Companies like Red Bull and Vans make a killing catering to skater culture, and it’s closely tied to street art (aka graffiti), tattoos, and other activities related to youth culture.

But it’s not as easy to perform the death-defying stunts you see Tony Hawk do. Some of these channels show off, while others focus on teaching you to perform. What none of them do is skate up and down the hallways of the Ecuadorian embassy while his tie-wearing cat stinks up the place.

Here are the top skater channels on YouTube.

10. Nike Skateboarding

We knew skateboarding became too mainstream when Nike started making shoes for the sport. Still, this Oregon-based brand does understand the sports it covers. Nike’s YouTube channel is filled with skating videos showing off in the vein of classic skater VHS tapes from the 90s.

9. Transworld Skateboarding

TWS was one of the longest-running skater magazines before shutting down in March 2019. But the online brand is still going strong, and this YouTube channel is updated daily with new skateboard videos you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Red Bull

Red Bull isn’t focused entirely on skateboards – that said, the skating content it does feature is definitely worth watching. From international professional competitions to private skate parks and random death-defying stunts, it has everything. Check out Red Bull to see skaters, bikers, divers, and adrenaline junkies from around the world.

7. VLSkate

Most YouTube skaters are just too good – nobody’s doing a 360 at home, much less a 1080. VLSkate focuses on the basics instead with how-to videos covering every skate topic he can come up with. This makes it an accessible channel for beginners looking to become the next Rodney Mullen.

6. Metro Skateboarding

Many skateboard channels are focused on the pros (or just themselves). Metro Skateboarding sticks out for highlighting the skater underground and allowing for viewer submissions. This makes it somewhat of an America’s Funniest Home Videos of skater culture.

5. Street League Skateboarding

SLS holds an annual world tour that features the most elite professional skaters from around the globe. Hobbyist skaters love this league for keeping an eye on the cream of the crop from each region each year. It’s also a great place to see female skaters (who the males can naively overlook because they’re awesome).

4. NKA Vids Skateboarding

This is one of the OG skater channels on YouTube, and it’s run by a veteran of the industry. Decades of legendary connections makes this channel a go-to for celebrity skater advice, interviews, and showcases. If you can make it through this channel without seeing something you can’t do, you’re a God.

3. Andrew Schrock

Andy Schrock is a family man, and this helps him create a different style of skating channel. It’s filled with skating videos, vlogs, and random hi-jinx featuring Andy, his family, friends, etc. This is one of the most relatable skating channels on YouTube.

2. RIDE Channel

The RIDE Channel has a ton of skateboarding shows featuring some of the biggest names in the sport. These polished, professional videos are high quality and cover every aspect of the community in an authentic way. Interviews, tricks, how-tos, and news are covered, so you’ll never miss out on a major skating event.

1. Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding is a full-fledged skating brand and business, including how-tos, a skate university, apparel, boards, and more. They’re also willing to do whatever necessary to take the culture to the next level. Keep your finger on the pulse of skating on the best skateboarding channel on YouTube.


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