Top 20 Movies About Being Pregnant or Having a Baby Prior to 2020 Few things in life are scarier than life itself...and these STDs don't ever go away.

Getting pregnant is probably the scariest thing in the world for both men and women. For a woman, it means you’re going to be caring for another human. The consequences of your actions start to pile up as you realize that another life is in your hands. It’s a crazy way to go through life.

For men, pregnancy means you’re gonna be stuck with that same chick for the rest of your life. Otherwise you’ll end up a deadbeat dad, paying child support if we’re lucky. For the baby, it’s even worse – you wake up one day and your life is in the hands of these complete strangers. Nobody else in the world cares.

Here are the best movies about getting pregnant and/or being a baby.

20. The Switch

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston have a baby together since he got drunk and changed her sperm donor’s donation with his own. Now he’s haunted by a little him.

19. Due Date

Robert Downey Jr. is on a road trip to attend his son’s birth in Los Angeles, but he’s stuck in a car with Zach Galifiniakis. He’s then stuck pretending he’s funny the whole time.

18. The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez falls on a back-up plan to meet a man, get pregnant, and have a happy ending. Unfortunately, things happen in reverse in this terrifying romcom.

17. Parenthood

Before it became a TV series, Parenthood was a movie with Steve Martin grappling with becoming a dad. It’s a psychological horror comedy for the ages.

16. Where the Heart Is

Natalie Portman has a baby in a Walmart, and does her best as a single mother to raise little America well. How horrific to be born a person of Walmart.

15. Junior

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a baby at the behest of Danny Devito in this classic buddy film from the two. It’s a comedy horror like you’ve never seen.

14. Baby Mama

Crazy lady (Tina Fey) hires even crazier lady (Amy Poehler) to be a surrogate mother for her baby. This duo truly excels in the horror comedy genre, despite being mostly known for SNL-style slapstick and skits on NBC.

13. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Five couples in Atlanta are haunted by little people. This ensemble comedy horror stars Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Rock, among others.

12. She’s Having a Baby

Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Briggs are high school sweethearts who get married, and she starts trying to entrap him by stopping birth control. When she still can’t get pregnant, Bacon heads to the fertility clinic to finish the job.

11. Life as We Know It

When their mutual friends die in a tragic accident, Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl are stuck raising the human leech they leave behind.

10. Baby Geniuses

This demonic movie has genius babies rising against their captors to take over the world. Word is that each of the babies used in the film was actually a set of twins to make things extra scary for the adult cast.

9. Knocked Up

Seth Rogen and a woman who’s embarrassed she made this movie are stuck together after she gets infested with a mini human parasite in her body. It destroys everyone’s lives around them.

8. Juno

Ellen Page finds out she’s a teen pregnancy statistics, thanks to sex with Michael Cera (who’s also a teen in the movie). She’s too scared to get an abortion, so we instead watch her go through 9 months of torture to pass it.

7. Rosemary’s Baby

Mia Farrow is the mother of Satan’s son, and an evil cult is protecting him from her. It’s an eye-opening look at the evil of childbirth.

6. Father of the Bride Part II

Steve Martin is now dealing with being a grandfather at a shotgun wedding. This terrifying film for men with daughters is bone chilling. Not only do you have the one parasite, but it breeds.

5. Baby Boom

Diane Keaton and Harold Ramis are the perfect power couple in NYC until a baby girl is left to her. Now she’s losing her career and everything about her life is being destroyed by some miniature stranger.

4. Baby’s Day Out

This John Hughes classic shows what happens when three men attempt to steal a demonic baby. The baby (named “Bink”) ends up terrorizing them throughout the streets of New York, causing nothing but trouble for everyone involved.

3. 3 Men and a Baby

Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg are the most eligible bachelors in the entire city. Unfortunately, their lives are destroyed by a baby, who manages to take on all three of them at once.

2. Look Who’s Talking/Look Who’s Talking Too

Kirstie Alley and John Travolta has a baby that’s possessed by adult Bruce Willis. Throughout the movie, it becomes clear that they’re unable to hear the demonic voice that we, as the audience, can. Caution about the above clip – it may make you throw up if you’re not used to extreme gore.

1. Boss Baby

The latest possessed baby franchise has Alec Baldwin playing a baby who’s terrorizing his big brother and then gets him involved with a billionaire pedophile’s evil schemes. Now they’re stuck fighting grown men trying to recapture their youth by doing something creepy with babies.


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