Which Shark Tank Products Are Worth It? (Part 2)

With a new season of Shark Tank currently airing, it’s time to review some of the products that appear on the show. Check out part one of my Shark Tank product series from back in May to see more.

As I’ve been reviewing products pretty heavily for the past year, I came across quite a few Shark Tank products, several of which are season 9 products I managed to get my hands on well before they appeared on the show.

Having used many of these products for some time now, I can give you an honest assessment of how well they work (or don’t). With a net worth of zero (and that’s being generous, as I’m actually well below that), I’m as far removed from the billionaire sharks in their ivory towers as they come.

Here’s a layman’s review of the products you saw pitched in the Shark Tank.

Dreampad Pillow (DreampadSleep.com) Season 9 Episode 8

I received two smart pillows in the mail last holiday season. One was Zeeq, a smart pillow from Rem-Fit packed with features, like a built-in sleep tracker, IFTTT and Alexa compatibility, and speakers. The other was the Dreampad, which uses vibrations to play music (or white noise) in your ears to help you sleep.

While the idea is great, I got them just after Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note fiasco and determined that my options were to either never wake up because my head exploded or slowly develop a brain tumor from the bluetooth signal being pressed against my head all night (still not sure which I prefer). For $130, you can find out for yourself, because you couldn’t pay me to sleep on this thing.

Worth It? I’ll Never Know…

Ice Shaker (IceShaker.com) Season 9 Episode 3

The Gronkowski brothers are athletes with a history in the NFL. They teamed with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez to incorporate the NBA and MLB too. This stainless steel insulated water bottle and shaker cup combo is one of the better shaker bottles I’ve seen, outperforming similar offerings from Contigo.

At $29.99, the generation 2 bottle I have has proved invaluable for juicing (since I don’t do protein powders) and is quite useful even if you don’t work out. It kept my juices from oxidizing and turning brown for a week, although the cap isn’t exactly trustworthy, and I’d fear it spilling in my gym bag if I ever went to the gym.

Worth It? Mostly.

Uncharted Supply Co. The Seventy2 (UnchartedSupplyCo.com) Season 9 Episode 2

At $349.99, The Seventy2 seems like a big investment for an emergency preparation kit. It is, but that’s because everything in this kit is high quality and actually works. This is the perfect backpack to keep in your car for emergencies, as the emergency kit you may already have is filled with cheap junk that’ll get you killed if you try using it in an actual emergency.

This survival backpack is easily one of my favorite Shark Tank products, and I’ve already pulled it out to pick things out for use in a couple of instances. If you want to feel actually safe in an emergency, The Seventy2 is how you do it.

Worth It? Absolutely!

Thompson Tees (ThompsonTee.com) Season 8 Episode 23

So I’m honestly on the fence with the Thompson Tee. On one hand, it’s a pretty decent-quality shirt that’s soft and well designed. It also works well at stopping your pit stains. On the other, you essentially have a maxi pad in your armpits, which becomes more and more apparent with each wash.

Every time I pull my laundry out the dryer, I can instantly tell which shirts are the $25 Thompson Tees. They’re the ones with awkward lumps in the arm pits that bend them all out of shape over time. It’s great to have one on hand for emergencies, but it’s definitely an undershirt only. You’ll need an outer layer to cover up your ridiculous-looking armpits.

Worth It? Maybe…

Biem Butter Sprayer (BiemSpray.com) Season 8 Episode 4

You’re probably already aware, but many products pitched in the Shark Tank are just prototypes. When I saw the Biem Butter Sprayer last season, I wanted one so bad. Unfortunately it took over 6 months before I was able to obtain one from their PR agency. It was worth the wait.

Biem is a fantastic device that actually does work. It’s way too big and heavy for what it does, and at the $129 price point, it’s definitely a luxury item. However, there’s no more convenient way to butter up everything you eat than this device for the ultra rich and lazy. Although their website still shows it’s on preorder, so I may have one of the only copies that actually exists.

Worth It? If You Have the Cash.

Atlantic Candy Co Toy Box (AtlanticCandy.com) Season 8 Episode 4

Having grown up in Germany, I’m intimately familiar with Ferrero’s Kinder Eggs. They’re a staple of my childhood. In fact, I just had a few smuggled in from Mexico because I couldn’t get any from the company. I also ran into the Atlantic Candy Co at the 2017 Sweets and Snacks Expo and was able to pick up a few to try them out.

Toy Box subverts the laws that ban Kinder Eggs in the U.S. by not allowing the chocolate to connect. It’s a great idea, but certainly no Kinder Egg. First off, they don’t include the white chocolate inner layer, a key component of the original candy. Also, they’re just not Kinder Eggs, so they feel to me like giving generic cola to a Pepsi fan.

Worth It? Not if You Like Kinder Eggs

Acton Blink Lite (ActonGlobal.com) Season 7 Episode 1

I actually didn’t even recognize the brand when I was given an Acton Blink Lite electric skateboard this holiday season by their PR company. That’s because when they were on Shark Tank, they were pitching their rocket skates, which seemed a bit too gimmicky. The company seems to agree and, since appearing on the show, has expanded their offerings.

The Blink Lite is actually a great little electric skateboard, especially for only $299, as most are twice that or more. It controls easily, runs well (although nobody’s seen it hit the 10 mph advertised – it typically tops out at 8-9 mph), and is the best entry-level electric skateboard I’ve seen so far.

Worth It? Sure.

Bambooee (Bambooee.com) Season 5 Episode 18

Bambooee is one of the more animated pitches from Shark Tank, mostly due to founder Noam Krasniansky’s infectious sales pitch. I’ve heard rumors the company doesn’t treat employees well, but the product itself is a bit ingenious.

The problem I have is it’s not really a paper towel replacement any more than any other dishrag is. Like many products, it requires a lifestyle change to truly make use of. You don’t realize how many disposable tasks you use paper towels for until you don’t have one, so it’s more of a supplement than anything else.

Worth It? In Small Quantities

Scrub Daddy (ScrubDaddy.com) Season 4 Episode 7

Scrub Daddy is one of the most successful products to ever appear on Shark Tank, and, like Bambooee above, is one of Lori Grenier’s investments. It truly is a bit of a miracle sponge that hardens in cold water and softens in warm water. It rinses easily, can clean any surface, and dries faster than any sponge you’ve ever seen.

I love having a smiley face sponge in my sink, and I’ve found Scrub Daddy to be indispensable in my kitchen. It’s certainly one of the most functional products in Shark Tank history, although you’ll still need a traditional sponge (or Bambooee) to handle spills, as it’s barely absorbent.

Worth It? Very.

Bantam Bagels (BantamBagels.com) Season 6 Episode 12

If you’ve been to Starbucks in the past year, you’ve had a chance to try Bantam Bagels, which have since been copied by Einstein’s Bagels and other chains. And with good cause – these cream-cheese-filled bagel bites are delicious in every way, hot, cold, or room temperature. I’ve even seen them in the freezer section of my local Safeway (albeit in a strange place that didn’t fit the brand at all, dessert instead of breakfast).

I’m in love with Bantam Bagels and happy Lori got them into so many places where I can buy them, as ordering online is a bit expensive. If you haven’t tried one yet, head to your local Starbucks immediately and eschew that basic bitch pumpkin spice for the most delicious treat you’ll ever eat.

Worth It? OMG Yes!

Plated (Plated.com) Season 1 Episode 2


I reviewed about a dozen meal delivery services so far, and Plated is by far my favorite. I also noticed fliers for it at my local Safeway last month, which I since learned is because Albertsons bought the brand in September. It’s a great match, because they use quality ingredients that remind me of Safeway.

Meal delivery services in general are on the expensive side, and Plated is among them. However, the quality of ingredients and recipes is unmatched by any other meal delivery service I’ve tried so far.

Worth It? If You’re Lazy.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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