A Skinny Guy Finally Drinks The Glenlivet Archive 21! Scotch on scotch on scotch - it's a gentleman's drink...

Whiskey is the first alcohol I ever drank to get drunk. In fact, it was a bottle of Jack Daniels my friends and I stole from my dad’s liquor cabinet. Three of us downed the bottle and couldn’t understand why people drank such a wood-tasting liquid…until we stood up.

Inebriation is a part of the human condition we all experience at one point or another. Some people never pull out of the need to be inebriated, or they do dumb things out of anger while intoxicated.

It’s not whiskey that angers the blood, though. Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch are gentlemen’s drinks. They’re responsible for some of the finest cocktails too.

Of course, some like their scotch straight.

Personally I’m a fan of fruity rum drinks, but I do love a good scotch.

The Glenlivet 21 is one of the finest scotches on the planet. It’s not cheap enough to be a regular drinking whiskey (those honors belong to Eagle Rare, Sazerac, Dickel, and Whistlepig). But it’s a flavor I savor (and save for honored company).

If ever I’m given an option for a last drink before execution, I’m going with the Glenlivet 50 haha

For now, the Glenlivet 21 will have to do. It’s the finest scotch in my collection.

As you can see in the above video, it has the same peat taste you’re used to in a scotch, but it’s much milder. It has hints of vanilla and cinnamon, and if I could afford it, I’d buy a case to sip on every day.

But at $200-500 a bottle (depending on where you live), I’ll have to settle for watching this video over and over again #scotchporn.

I wonder if Scotch Porn is a thing? I’m sure it is – every type of porn is a thing, and I’d be a millionaire if I somehow managed to do anything worthwhile in the sec industry besides pissing off strippers.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video – The Glenlivet Archive 21 gets an A+ in my book, and come on over if you ever want to try it.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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