Top 10 Best Regina Hall TV and Movie Roles of All Time Regina Hall is a hilarious comedian who made us laugh for years.

Regina Hall is one of the funniest women on the planet, always bringing a lighthearted and feel-good charm to the screen. She’s still going strong, too, with new projects coming out all year showcasing how her signature style aged so well. Hall takes no prisoners, and these filmography highlights prove why she deserves all the success in the world.

10. The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners 2005

Character: Trixie Norton

This 2005 remake of one of TV’s earliest hits got widely panned by critics. It’s still an entertaining film that does a good job of updating the formula. Hall plays Trixie, the wife of Ed Norton (Mike Epps), who’s constantly getting caught up in the get-rich-quick schemes of his best friend Ralph Kramden (Cedric the Entertainer). Gabrielle Union rounds out the cast as Ralph’s wife Alice, and everyone does a great job. It’s a watchable movie to everyone except probably the white trash misogynists the original property was aimed at.

9. Malibu’s Most Wanted

Malibus Most Wanted Shondra

Character: Shondra

Jamie Kennedy is hilarious as an aspiring rapper named B-Rad, who’s actually just a rich white boy from the hood (think Chet Haze). Hall is at her best playing his love interest Shondra, who helps him navigate hostile and dangerous inner city streets.

8. The Best Man/The Best Man Holiday

Regina Hall Candy Sparks The Best Man

Character: Candy Sparks

She’s not the focus of this 1999 romantic comedy movie, but her cameo as a stripper named Candy stole the show. It’s easily her breakout role, as Hall shines alongside Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, and Nia Long.

7. About Last Night

Regina Hall Kevin Hart About Last Night

Character: Joan Derrickson

This 2014 ensemble comedy is one of many black remakes that hits all the right notes, and critics generally agree the on-screen chemistry between Hall and Kevin Hart (reprising roles made famous by Elizabeth Perkins and James Belushi) is the highlight of the movie. It’s a modern reimagining of a classic romantic tale that everyone should experience.

6. Ally McBeal


Character: Corretta Lipp

Lawyer Corretta Lipp started out as a guest role on this uber-popular sitcom about the legal profession from the late 90s and early 2000s. By the next season, she was a regular character because audiences loved her so much.

5. Think Like a Man/Think Like a Man Too

Regina Hall Think Like a Man

Character: Candace Hall

Steve Harvey’s been giving out relationship advice, and a group of women, including Hall, Meagan Good, and Taraji P. Henson, are using the info to manipulate their men. When the men find out, they turn the tables to gain the power position in the relationship in this series of romantic comedies.

4. Support the Girls


Character: Lisa Conroy

This indie passion project features Hall as the general manager of Double Whammies, a Hooters-style sports bar where the women are encouraged to dress skimpy. Drama is afoot, as is typically the case in a restaurant, and this comedy follows Lisa as she navigates it all.

3. Girls Trip

Regina Hall Girls Trip

Character: Ryan Pierce

Four best friends (Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Hall) embark on a road trip to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. A wild party is had, and everyone has something to love in this 2017 comedy set in the Big Easy.

2. Scary Movies 1-4

Character: Brenda Meeks

Brenda is one of the best parts of the Scary Movie franchise (Anna Faris obviously being another). Check out her death scene in Scary Movie 2 above – it’s a great example of why we love the Wayons family so much.

1. Little

Regina Hall Little

Character: Jordan Sanders

This light-hearted comedy pairs Hall with Issa Rae for some of the movie, before she passes the mantle (and her personality on to the adorable Marsai Martin. While the movie doesn’t break any innovative ground in 2019, it’s a brilliant comedic performance from all three ladies that will keep audiences coming back for more.


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