Top 10 Best Tessa Thompson Movie and TV Roles of All Time Tessa Thompson has been featured in some of the 2000s most iconic roles.

Tessa Lynn Thompson is a singer, songwriter, and actress who had roles in both the cast and soundtrack of some of the most iconic franchises in Hollywood. And still she isn’t a household name yet, but that’s bound to change soon enough. Check out these highlights from the talented filmography of Tessa Thompson.

10. Mississippi Damned

Tessa Thompson Mississippi Damned

Character: Danny Rich

Rural Mississippi is filled with stories, and this one of abuse, addiction, and violence is rough to watch.

9. Annihilation

Tessa Thompson Annihilation

Character: Josie Radek

This sci-fi film was highly rated in 2018 and may hold up for another decade.

8. For Colored Girls

For Colored Girls

Character: Nyla Adrose

A group of black women who all live in the same Harlem apartment complex go on a Tyler Perry party.

7. Sorry to Bother You

Tessa Thompson Sorry to Bother You Detroit

Character: Detroit

A telemarketer in an alternate reality of modern-day Oakland discovers a magical key.

6. Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tessa Thompson Valkyrie Thor

Character: Valkyrie

Valkyrie is kicking ass and taking names as Asgard’s protector. She steps in where Thor and Loki fail.

5. Creed/Creed 2


Character: Bianca Taylor

Apollo Creed is a long-faded memory, but his son is following in his footsteps, unless Rocky Balboa can step in to guide him.

4. Men in Black: International

Men in Black International

Character: Agent M

The Men in Black agency is protecting Earth from alien invaders who can take our forms and want to take our lives.

3. Veronica Mars

Tessa-Thompson-Jackie-Cook Veronica Mars

Character: Jackie Cook

Veronica Mars may be just a kid in high school, but she’s also an expert detective helping her dad’s agency solve crimes.

2. Dear White People

Dear White People

Character: Samantha White/Rikki Carter

Thompson originated the lead role in the movie version while picking up a guest spot on the Netflix version. Justin Simien wrote and directed this modern classic tale of black ivy league college students.

1. Westworld


Character: Charlotte Hale/Delores Abernathy

Once cold, calculating executive Charlotte shows up, things somehow manage to get even darker in Westworld. And Thompson plays multiple roles, as Hale is eventually killed to have Dolores’s consciousness implanted.


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