What Is Aternity (AE)? Aeternity is a smart contract platform hoping to make blockchain acessible.

What Is Aeternity (AE)?

Aeternity (AE) is a smart contract platform meant to host decentralized applications (dApps) and sidechains. The project was created to relieve scaling issues found when Ethereum was implemented in the real world. Aeternity is supported by its stake in SatoshiPay and the Starfleet Accelerator dApp development incubator. Oracles and state channels make data migration from external sources easier.

Who Is Aeternity?

Aeternity was founded in 2015 by Ynaislav Malahov to create a more efficient blockchain. It’s now maintained and operated by the Aeternity Foundation, whose board members include President Marion Vogel, Peter Schnurer, and Sascha Valenta. Malahov remains as an adviser.

Use Cases of Aeternity

Aeternity can be theoretically implemented into any enterprise situation. Its sidechain interoperability through state channels and oracles means it can process large volumes of imported data.

How to Mine Aeons

Aeon (AE) is mined using a Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining algorithm. It’s paid to nodes running the Aeternity Virtual Machine on their computer/server to compensate them for computational resources and drive space.

Learn More About Aeternity

If you want to learn more about Aeternity, I wrote a full coin intro guide at Crypto Briefing. Or you can learn more about other cryptocurrencies across Thought for Your Penny.


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