Almost Famous…

Life is funny. As a kid, I dreamed of a certain level of success. Now that the adult me has reached it, i can’t help but wonder whether or not I made the right decision…

Twenty fourteen started well for me. I hit the front page of Yahoo and MSN twice, appeared on the BBC and FM radio on both coasts, extended my audience, traveled the West Coast, and got paid to research and work in the legal cannabis industry.

I was riding high and on the brink of mainstream success when I got sidelined by a judge over a piece I wrote four years ago. I ended up being taken into custody by the Maricopa Chubby Sheriff’s Office in Tent City from December until last week.

The details of my incarceration are less consequential than the circumstances. I went to jail to protect my online work, blogs, and social media accounts. The court treated my life’s work as though it didn’t matter, callously deleting hundreds of blogs that cost me thousands of hours to produce. While I was able to recover some through backups, the wayback machine, and more, many blogs will be forever lost.

The blow will forever be tatted in my memory…

Struggling to keep up financially while picking up the pieces of my (yet again) shattered life, it’ll take time, but I’ll be back.

Already I’m in negotiations with High Times and several local publications for articles on inmates, the drug and border wars, and Arizona’s politics. I have confirmations for E3 in LA and the Cannabis Cup in Denver. I have meetings set up with industry leaders to mine content for over a dozen clients I write for. I will survive.

Ghostwriting is taking up most of my time until then. My name has heat, but my grind is all on in the background. I’m a legitimate movement, and my time on the yard will only increase my credibility. No time is ever wasted.

I caught up on reading in the joint. Time away from the internet was much needed. I came home to over 7000 back e-mails. Catching up is tenuous.

I’ll be updating this blog again soon though, dear reader – as soon as I ensure the court I’m capable of doing so without abusing my literary powers.

Stay tuned…because I’m going to enter hyperspace this year…


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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