Email Security, Fraud, and Laundry Ball Scams

Dear Brian,
What is the best and most reliable secure email service available?

For example something like or SecureNym – Secure E-Mail Service. Is there any other ones you can recommend?
Doesn’t matter what email service you use (just avoid Yahoo, Hotmail, and any ISP-/webmaster-owned addresses).

What matters is you use a desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird and set up a manual PGP encryption ( Like GPG mentioned above). This puts you in control of your own privacy, encrypting messages before they ever hit your provider’s servers.

This means even if the government took your keys from your provider, like Lavabit was the only company to refuse, they still couldn’t decrypt your email.

Keep in mind none of these encryption methods are anonymous. The content is hidden, but the sender and recipient can be traced. You need much more than an email service for that. Think TOR.

Dear Brian,
What happens more: cyber/email type fraud vs. traditional mail fraud?

I was on the phone with my bank earlier today.  They said they cannot email me my bank statements because of potential fraud.  However, when I asked them, ‘Well what is to stop someone from stealing my mail?’ the lady on the phone said, ‘I don’t make the rules.’  I am just curious if anyone can speak on any statistics on cyber / email type fraud vs physical mail fraud.  I was pretty upset they can’t email my statements and want some facts I can use for when I talk with them next.
You’re along the right lines, but asking the wrong question.

The question you’re looking for is “what’s up with arbitrary bank rules and fees?”

The answer we weren’t paying attention and the government stopped regulating them. Email is every bit as safe as mail, and the U.S. post office transports more drugs than mules because it’s legally safer.

However, governments and corporations spy on our email in ways it’s illegal to monitor mail. The same concept when applied to the digital world is suddenly skewed in favor of the power structure.

Now bank fees and rules are sometimes a result of government regulations, but most are the result of deregulation and you’re being ripped off.

What law or statute mandates the maximum amount of fee refunds the bank can issue? Absolutely none. In fact, banks routinely lose lawsuits about overcharging fees.

Yet they’ll tell you they can’t refund a fee as though it’s as much a law as when the government forces them to notify you of your balance or treat you like a human being during the collection process.

Most bank regulations simply boil down to them wanting to make a profit and there’s nobody you can talk to at any branch or on any phone that can change it.

I know this because I spent my 20’s working in the financial industry and my 30’s as a bank whistleblower. For speaking up, I was sued by my former exec vp from a job I had four years ago in another life for colluding with multiple government agencies to uncover fraud. now he’s using his money to have me held in contempt of that judgment.

I have a hearing in Mesa Superior Court on 12/12 to be jailed for case CV2014-093104 for speaking against the banks.

The answer to your question is the system is broken. I’d research Glass Steagall and the Great Depression.

Dear Brian,
How do you get girls to ask you out more without revealing much on a dating profile?

You’re missing the point of online dating…

Your profile is simply a summary of you. You still attract women the same way as you do in the offline analog world.

Your question, really, is: how do I have success in dating without having to try?

That sense of lazy entitlement is exactly why you have no luck dating. Women are trying to be just as lazy and entitled as you are. The difference is they’ll last longer than you at it and find much more success because they have a vagina.

Your problem is a simple one of supply and demand. In dating, pussy is in demand, and there’s a surplus of lazy. You got the short end of the stick and have to put in effort. If you don’t, you’re just another swinging dick a woman has access to and no reason to notice.

Dear Brian,
Are laundry balls a scam?

The kind that contains small ceramics within them to produce negative ions and the such, not those purely for mechanical scrubbing action.

This type contains the said ceramics. Goes for anywhere from $30 to $50

You do have detergent residue when you wash your clothes that stays in. The first time you use one of these, it seems like your clothes are cleaner because you’re just rinsing detergent residue off. After that, you’re just rinsing dirt off your clothes.

Detergent helps lubricate dirt to remove it in a wash cycle.

Long story short, it’s not a ripoff if you learn a life lesson, but you could accomplish the same thing with a dog toy, back massager, or that thing in your washer that moves when you turn it on.

Dear Brian,
Am I being used by this man online?

I found this Thirty two year old man online. He told love word. Then later he says he says love word, because I am his friend. I was enraged. But as alone I am, studying, I just let him say ‘I love you’, ‘Baby must call me twice a day’.

Being in 20s, I never had any boyfriend. I went online and found this guy. His words were he is too old to be freely dating women anymore now and that it is time for him to settle down. He spoke of meeting him up. I said no. He raged. So I told him that I just do not have money. But even if I have money, I will not meet a man for real. He demanded that I muat call and text him every day. Even just for a second. Now it has been a year now. I feel brainwashed and I feel like I am a phone addict. I feel I have been hunted by this dirty old man’s ghost. He feels dirtt because he reverts his words whenever he wants and yells at me. I have never heard a man scream like that in reality. I need help. I need to stop and get away from this manipulative man. This man made me download Viber, which now I hate so much. Viber beeps and I get headache. This man says he got no time for me but make me call and text him. Then he spends his time on Facebook..

The details don’t change the answer: yes.
Brian Penny blogger anonymous versabilityBrian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. His work has appeared in High Times, Fast Company, Cannabis Now, Huffington Post, The Street, and your mom.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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