Insurance Fraud 101: How Banks Use Insurance to Manufacture Foreclosures

It’s time to take a look at the basics of insurance forms so you can understand how it is the

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Facebook Is My Safe Haven, But Twitter Is My War Zone…

I’m in a namedropping mood today and am probably going to write a douchey Entourage-style blog tonight… Was thinking of

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Frequently Asked Questions About Whistleblowing

Normally as a journalist, I interview people, but I created this site to focus on myself as a subject, and

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The Anatomy of a Press Pass Post (Under Construction)

Clicking any pics will take you to VistaPrint to allow you to order business cards to bring with you to

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A Whistleblower’s Perspective on Adrian Lamo

As a whistleblower, pirate, and troll, I understand and respect what Adrian Lamo did. As hard as it was for

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The Boy Who Cried Force-Placed Insurance – Emails and Communications

***The following is an unedited email excerpt from my conversations with Bank of America’s centralized HR department taking place from

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