Innocent Doctor and Patient Illegally Kidnapped and Held Prisoner Two innocent men met in Pima County under interesting circumstances

Being charged with a felony is no joke, and not every story gets told in the state penitentiary. In the winter and spring of 2019, two innocent men were charged by the Pima and Cochise county sheriffs on very different charges.

They became cellmates in March 2019 and became friends. One man is a doctor who had a stroke several years ago. He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, a charge blasted across Arizona’s media headlines.

While inside, a reporter attempted to contact Doctor Glenn Robertson, but he refused their visits (his claim). He did agree to talk to me, however, because I was the other man he was held with.

Dr. Robertson and I had a lot of conversations over the past month, and he agreed the let me tell his side of the story.

I’m writing this blog while the video of our 25-minute video call this morning renders and publishes to YouTube.

Before telling you what I know so far of Dr. Glenn Robertson from my time spent talking to him in Pima County Jail, I have to preface it with the conditions under which we talked, which are outlined in the video.

Innocent Patient Refused Medical Care in Pima County

As the video shows, I am a legally licensed Arizona Medical Marijuana patient. I was arrested inside my home and held by the Pima County Sheriff for 30 days, in which time, I had my initial appearance, was indicted by a grand jury, arraigned, and released with no bail with a plea of not guilty on a felony charge.

Because I was being refused my state-approved medicine and proper food, I quickly lost weight. I was medically approved for double portions to stabilize my metabolism, but I was denied and retaliated against by several guards for over a week while attempting to seek the medical care I was approved for.

So I staged a hunger strike in jail to ensure I was given proper treatment.

I met Dr. Robertson as he was brought in from the infirmary after suffering a heart attack while being arrested by the Cochise County Sheriff. His guilt or innocence has not yet been proven, and he has now been held for a full month without ever even having his initial appearance.

So I gave him his initial appearance on YouTube to speak about the situation he’s in and the charges he’s facing.

Thankfully, I got pretty good with the format during my eating videos.

Arizona Doctor and Patient Help Each Other

When I met Doctor Glenn, he was clearly suffering from his stroke. The guards labeled him a “lower/lower” which meant his medical condition granted him a lower bunk anywhere he went.

Because he’s an older man and clearly disabled from his medical condition, the inmates leave him alone. Elders are treated well, even in jails and prisons.

Except Glenn is given a substandard level of medical care while being held, as I was. We both experienced food-based medical care that put our lives literally at risk at every moment.

He mentioned several times in which the medical staff inside the jail gave inmates misinformation.

As a PhD and doctor (not a former one, as we mention in the video), Glenn Robertson is a very smart man. Whether or not he’s innocent isn’t my place to say.

What I can say, as I do in the video, is that we’re both innocent men who have legitimate grounds to sue Pima County and even the State of Arizona for our treatment by the Cochise and Pima County Sheriff departments.

I’m at least free for now, and Glenn Roberts may be freed soon (although he already should have been, since technical glitches and operational errors are the only reason he’s being held), but life will not be easy for either of us.

We are both facing felonies, and our fates are now linked because we were held together as innocent men.

We both have very unique and wise first-hand experiences of mistreatment because of police procedural errors.

Here’s the video:

Regardless of what you think you know about Doctor Glenn Robertson, myself, jail, prison, or the criminal justice system, we’re very smart white men facing very serious charges and penalties that we’ve not yet been convicted of.

At a bare minimum, it’ll be fun to see what happens as the year progresses.



Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

2 thoughts on “Innocent Doctor and Patient Illegally Kidnapped and Held Prisoner

  • November 28 at 10:49 am

    Hello Dr. Penny. Without looking too much further into your credentials, I’ve decided to bring my story public as well. Although, I’m not quite clear as how to go about it…. I would like to maybe get your advocacy,and guidance, while attempting to do so. Please feel free to contact me via WP comments or email, if you’re able. I didn’t have the same experience, but I did get slapped in the face by a C.O. while in custody of the Pima County Sheriffs’ Dept. at the PCJ. It’s a painstakingly detailed journey, spanning eight long months of my life, and I literally tried on every inmate color while I was there.
    Orange initially, Red at the Minimum Security, Stripes, when I was rolled out for fighting, released on probation for 3 weeks, violated (mmj card), rearrested in ORANGE, MSF again, in RED – and finally, rolled myself out for refusing housing at the Mission, then i was back in STRIPES, once again….

    • November 29 at 9:41 pm

      I dunno that I can do much to help. I’m still fighting a false felony case and have a long battle ahead. Everything has to be done in a specific order, and you need documentation. The more time goes on, the less evidence you have that anything ever happened. Once you’re in the system, you’re in it, and you need legal representation, not my help. Best I can tell you is to contact a lawyer. If you can’t get one to take it to court, it doesn’t matter.


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