10 Cheap Places to Buy a Sofa or Couch Online You don't even have to get off the couch to buy a new one with these retailers.

Buying a couch online used to feel like an insane proposition. How would you know the quality, size, and construction if you don’t sit on it yourself?

Then you had to get it delivered and assembled at home anyway, negating the showroom experience. And let’s not discount the problems you’ll get bringing a couch into your house, no matter how many times Ross yells to pivot.

Save some time and stress by buying a new sofa from the comfort of your own home using one of these online couch retailers.

10. BenchMade Modern

Get a custom sofa built from over 55 fabric options. These are sturdy pieces that get rave reviews from both critics and customers, so you know they’re good. Get a custom, modern sofa made just for you in 21 days, with a 100-day return policy and free delivery.

9. Hem

Hem offers more than just couches – it’s designer furniture at affordable prices. You’re sure to find a couch you love among the selection of styles and designs.

8. Amazon

Amazon sells couches, and some of them are pretty good quality too. Be sure you’re ordering from the right people and check the sizing and materials when you accept shipment. Other than that, you can navigate this pirate marketplace pretty easily.

7. Joybird

Joybird is a direct-to-consumer brand that’s now a part of the Lay-Z-Boy furniture family of companies. You’ll find a wide selection of comfortable modern and mid-century couches, sofas, chais loungers, ottomans, and more.

6. West Elm

Williams Sonoma’s West Elm brand has couches and sofas you won’t find anywhere else, even its portfolio brands like Pottery Barn. If you want something sleek and stylish, West Elm has your new sofa.

5. Jet

Jet is now a part of the Walmart family, and you can still find the same great deals as before. Now the shipping is more efficient, and the prices are still as low as ever. Pick up a couch, some headphones, a new pair of pants, and a blender at Jet.

4. Burrow

Burrow only carries one couch, but it’s highly customizable and on every interior designer’s shopping list. Design the perfect couch for your living room space with this modular sofa-in-a-box online retailer.

3. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane was founded by Ali Pincus and Susan Feldman in March 2009 and has since grown to become one of the premiere online destinations to shop for a new sofa or sleeper.

2. Serena & Lily

Serena and Lily are a full-fledged online furniture retailer offering home furnishings for every room. Even if you have a baby, you can find cribs and nursery furniture here. But the couches are good enough to make it very high on this list.

1. Article

This Scandinavian furniture company has the most well-designed sofas, couches, and loveseats (along with any other furniture) this side of Ikea. If you haven’t already shopped at Ariticle, you’re missing out on a treat unlike any other.


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