A Skinny Guy Finally Drinks Sazerac Rye! Sazerac is a New Orleans classic whiskey and cocktail, and I love it

Sazerac is an iconic American whiskey made in New Orleans by Buffalo Trace Distillery.
It’s also a part of my massive whiskey collection And it’s named after an old-timey absinthe cocktail.

I’ve been keepin in Brockmire ever since my whore ex made it clear she’s been getting Lucy’d since birth. Nothing like a glass of straight rye whiskey to get you back on track some days.


Got the outfit from TVStoreOnline and used it because it’s too cold to go to the thrift shop for a Brockmire suit. I’ll eventually pick one up though. I love his style. Brockmire and Mrs. Maisel win the awards for best dressed TV characters so far.

And while we’re on the subject of Lucy’s, it’s time to bump some Atmosphere to hear how Slug made generic white women names part of pop culture.

A friend in Chicago said I should say persistent. Sing it, Slug. Don’t forget to check out Brockmire on IFC, and stay tuned to this channel to see what comes next.


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