15 Cannabis Indica Strains to Ease Panic Attacks and PTSD You never know what will trigger a panic attack, but these strains can ease them.

The majority of state and national governments in North America believe in the healing power of the cannabis plant.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Cancer Society point out two approved drugs to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients: Dronabinol (Marinol), which contains delta-9-THC, and Nabilone (Cesamet), a synthetic THC. But treating panic attacks is different.

It’s actually CBD, or any of the cannabinoids in its range, that gives you a calming body high to relieve your body’s reaction to stressful situations. Indica strains are much more potent (and safer, for that matter) than benzodiazepine medications. Try one of these sativa strains recommended for relaxation by Leafly‘s massive cannabis database.

1. Berry White

Berry White Cannabis Indica

2. Kosher Kush


3. Lavender


4. MK Ultra

MK Ultra

Don’t forget there are countless sources of pain, and other lifestyle, diet, and other changes will have a positive impact on your overall health too. Do not depend on any drug like a crutch, or it will quickly overtake your life. Ain’t nobody got time for addicts.

5. Diamond OG


Learn how to supplement your dabs with terpenes.

6. True OG

True OG Cannabis Indica Strain PTSD

7. Chemo


8. Alien Dawg

alien dawg cannabis strain

9. Cactus

Cactus Cannabis

10. Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush

Looking for more of a CBD infusion? This Oregon farm ships fresh, legal CBD buds all over the country.

11. Sirius Black

Sirius Black Cannabis

12. Blue Lights

Blue lights cannabis indica Panic

Cannabinoids are proven much safer than opioids. Just from anecdotal evidence, any mmj patient can tell you long-term usage doesn’t have the same detrimental effects found by the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s research of the Opioid Crisis. Cannabis is safer than opium, even though they’re both derived from plants for similar uses.

13. Critical Mass


14. Lee Roy


15. Humboldt Dream

Humboldt Dream Buds

Learn how to vape your cannabis flower, concentrate, oils, and more here.


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