Arizona Department of Health Services Is Upgrading Tech for State MMJ Program The Arizona Medical Marijuana Program is streamlining its tech platform to be more user friendly

Digitizing cards was just the first step toward upcoming changes in Arizona’s medical marijuana program. Patients and caregivers just received an email regarding modernization efforts from the department. These changes are aimed at making things more transparent and easier.

For one, I’m excited to have access to view my own allotments. I have to depend on dispensary agents to tell me, and that leaves a lot of shooting in the dark.

Also, electronic cards should be easier to renew moving forward. I’ll find out myself when my own card is up for renewal in six months.

The department is also giving patients and caregivers full access to individual online portals to track their full information. The new upgrades are scheduled to launch this spring. Keep an eye on this blog and Phoenix New Times for more info as it comes out.


Thank you for your willingness to partner with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) as we modernize the way you receive your medical marijuana registry identification card state-wide. We understand that change can be difficult; we are working to ensure that over the next few months more frequent communication will be coming to you.


What¿s changing¿

In Spring of this year, ADHS will be launching the new Medical Marijuana Licensing Management System (MMLMS). This will be a complete overhaul of licensing management technology, allowing ADHS to more quickly process new and renewals electronic cards for patients and caregivers. Additionally, you will have significantly increased visibility into your allotment, purchase history, dispensary locations, and much more.

We¿ve spoken to many patients, caregivers, and dispensaries around Arizona and we are diligently building new technologies and processes that will be improved all around. ADHS recognizes the change to the medical marijuana program participants and will be sharing additional information in the coming weeks and months.


What to look for¿

In the next two months we will be providing more detail around the following information:

  • Key functionalities and upgrades developed in the new system
  • Where to find online help for your new electronic card(s)
  • How to navigate through updates to your new Individual Portal
  • Additional information about the new MMLMS


Where to find information¿

Continue to check out the FAQs for answers to questions. Also, please look for more emails from ADHS.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send them to


Thank you,

Arizona Department of Health Services

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program


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