Cannabis Industry News for the Week of April 22-28, 2018

The cannabis industry had another turbulent week. Here’s the important cannabis news of the last week of April 2018.

Michigan Will Vote on Recreational Marijuana in November

by Mike Adams, Cannabis Now

Boston Freedom Rally Cannabis Convention

Michigan is poised to become the next U.S. state to legalize recreational cannabis. Its pro-marijuana bill collected over 277,000 signatures, and it could become the first state to regulate cannabis like alcohol (although it’s monitored by the same agencies in most recreational states like Oregon and California).

YouTube Remains Silent as Weed Pages Are Purged

by Kyle Jaeger, High Times

Cannabis accounts have a lot of trouble staying online. Social media giant Facebook notoriously purged cannabis-based businesses from its platforms. Now YouTube appears to be doing the same. Several cannabis YouTube accounts are disappearing, although they appear to have violated specific site policies.

Denver Post eliminates staff of marijuana news site The Cannabist

by Bart Schaneman, Marijuana Business Daily

Hunter s Thompson Art Infusion Versability Cannabis Cup

The Cannabist rose to fame as the first mainstream media company-owned cannabis news site. Based in Denver, its staff was given the ax by owner Denver Post. The 2013 website will still remain online, but new content will cease being generated on it.

How Canadian Cannabis Stocks Are Taking Over the Market

by J. Samuel, Marijuana Stocks

Canada’s pot-friendly marketplace is spawning strong industries. These businesses don’t have the expensive obstacles faced by U.S. businesses, so they’re thriving and growing much faster. Canadian cannabis businesses have more prestige and buying power in an emerging global import/export market.

Seattle Vacates Hundreds of Marijuana Charges Going Back 30 Years

by Angela Helm, The Root

Although cannabis legalization pushes forward in both medical and recreational markets across the world, previous offenders of cannabis crimes are still grandfathered into the system nearly everywhere. Seattle’s turning the tides by recommending a complete vacate of all previous charges. It could hopefully set a trend elsewhere in the state, country, and world.

Veterans’ grass-roots movement shares health benefits of marijuana

by Jen Christensen, CNN

PTSD affects countless soldiers who served in generations of wars. Cannabis is believed by many to be therapeutic for vets, but the VA doesn’t cover the treatment. However, several veterans groups spread the good word about studies and research done showing medicinal benefits of cannabis in treating a variety of ailments vets suffer.


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