Cannabis News Roundup for the Week of March 18-24, 2018

As a blogger, I’m supposed to write some long, drawn-out intro you don’t care about. My life, family, home, blah, blah, blah. You don’t care about any of that, so here’s the top cannabis stories for the week of March 18-24.

NYPD Must Publish Marijuana Arrest Demographics Under New Bill

by Burgess Powell, High Times

The NYPD clashed with city officials over racism in cannabis enforcement. Although blacks and Latinos only make up 52 percent of the city’s population, these groups account for 86 percent of marijuana-related arrests. Bill Intro. 605-A requires the police department to publish arrest demographics so everyone can see police data. It’s a step toward holding the police responsible for racism.

Sick Child’s Petition Pressures UK Gov’t to Legalize

by Bill Weinberg, Cannabis Now

Six-year-old Alfie Dingley presented a petition with 370,000 signatures to Prime Minister Theresa May alongside a group of protesters. The petition was to allow him a medical cannabis card to treat his epilepsy. He suffers up to 150 seizures a month and was initially denied a card leading up to the petition. Sir Patrick Stewart was among Dingley’s supporters.

Canada Continues to Show Support For Cannabis With Latest Milestone

by Steven M, Marijuana Stocks

Canada passed the Cannabis Act on March 22 with a voting majority. It’s a step closer to legalizing recreational weed in a country that already legalized medical pot. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his intent to legalize by summer 2018, and the passage of this bill is one step closer.

CBD limits loosening in states written off by marijuana reformers

by Kristen Nichols, MJ Business Daily

CBD Supplements

Following the federal government’s lead, several states are loosening CBD laws, including Utah, Iowa, Virginia, Alabama, and Indiana. Many of these states are historically anti-cannabis, and medical laws are strict, if they even exist. It’s a sign that public perception may be shifting, at least as it relates to low-THC production.

Major Risk To Cannabis Stocks On Verge Of Lifting

by Alan Brochstein, Forbes

versability Brian Penny cannabis trimmer
Paper bags aren’t just for blind dates…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rocked the cannabis industry by rescinding the Cole Memo, which provided protections to legally operating cannabis businesses. Now Congressional leaders approved a budget proposal that would keep medical cannabis protections in effect through September 30. Because of this, analysts are beginning to recommend cannabis stocks again, especially since they dropped so much in the aftermath of Sessions’ decision.

Man accused of threatening to kill Virginia congressman over marijuana policy

by Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post

Wallace Godwin, a 69-year-old resident of Virginia Beach faces 10 y ears in prison after being arrested and charged in Norfolk federal court. He was harassing U.S. Rep Scott Taylor for over a year, going to his home and blocking his car. Godwin is upset about Taylor’s pro marijuana stance and eventually threatened to fix the situation with a shotgun. The threat was found credible, and Godwin was detained.



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