Cannabis News for the Week of Jan 28 – Feb 3

The cannabis industry is growing in 2018. Several states are poised to legalize or decriminalize the plant at the end of this year, but it’s an uphill battle, as the federal government pulled back important protections for legalized states.

If you missed this week’s cannabis industry news, here are the headlines to know.

Mother Charged For Treating Her Daughter’s Anxiety With Weed

by Ab Hanna, High Times

New Mexico mother Sylvia A. Rubio, 38 was arrested on January 30 after her 13-year-old daughter was found with medicated edibles by her school in November 2017. Rubio, who’s a medical card holder, gave them to her daughter to treat her anxiety. She’s being held in Doña Ana County Detention Center in Las Cruces on charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Virginia Lawmakers Shut Down Decriminalization Bill

by Steven M, Marijuana Stocks

A medical marijuana decriminalization bill was struck down by the Virginia House of Representatives on January 29. It passed the state Senate, but the Republican majority voted against Democrats in a 9-6 vote to stop the bill’s passage. It’s a major blow for the state’s efforts, especially with 85% of Virginia’s voters supporting mmj.

Growing Pains a Month Into California’s Market Launch

by Aaron Biros, Cannabis Industry Journal

The legal recreational cannabis market opened in California in January 2018, and it’s been a bumpy road. Retailers are dealing with product shortages, while consumers are finding rec taxes increase prices by 40%. The state is working to alleviate the problems heading into the rest of the year.

Rob Kampia removed from National Cannabis Industry Association board

by John Schroyer, Marijuana Business Daily

Rob Kampia, the founder of the Marijuana Policy Project, stepped down as its executive director in November 2017 amid allegations of sexual harassment. On Thursday, he was also removed from the board of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Kampia denies the allegations, and had some harsh words toward both organizations, which he considers “broken.”

Why Washington Patients Are Fighting to Grow Recreational Marijuana At Home

by Angela Bacca, Cannabis Now

Marijuana bud trimming supplies

When Washington’s recreational cannabis laws passed, it caused the state to destroy its medical marijuana market. In the wake of the Department of Justice’s pullback of the Cole Memo protections, Washington residents are now fighting for their right to grow cannabis at home.


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