Essential Smoking and Vaping Tools in 2017

Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States yesterday, and his hardline stance on a variety of issues has both the cannabis and vaping industries reeling. It wasn’t a great 2016 on that spectrum for me as an Arizona citizen.

We’re still being price-gouged for medical marijuana in this state, and in-fighting among pro-cannabis activists made Arizona the only state in 2016’s election with a failed marijuana ballot. Adding to the problems, the FDA cracked down on blunt wraps, vaping (both ejuice and vape pens),and other tobacco-related products.

In December 2016, the DEA rescheduled cannabis extracts and CBD, making things even harder on these industries. Still, we were smoking long before it was medically legal (and long before marijuana was criminalized in the first place), and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

I contacted some of the best and brightest cannabis and vape companies around the country to find out what innovative products are on the market in 2017. They sent me some great stuff – enough to even enjoy the inauguration.

Big Rub Silicon Bong by Roll uh Bowl

Roll uh Bowl

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Roll uh Bowl is a great traveling option for anyone looking for a nice bong rip while away from home. The rig of Roll uh Bowl is made of heat-resistant silicon and is very easy to clean due to the smooth, straight shape and stick-resistant surface inside. The plastic stem and filtered bowl are removable and sturdy, with a screen built in. Ranging in price from $35 for the basic and $60 for the version pictured above, Roll uh Bowl is an essential travel bubbler.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco ScienceGPen Elite

Grenco Science has been in the vape game for a long time, designing some of the best portable vaporizers and vape pens on the market while partnering with heavy-hitting celebrities like Snoop Dogg. At $150, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is one of the sleekest, most discrete vaporizers for ground material on the market. It has an LCD screen, adjustable heat settings, a chamber larger than your average glass pipe, and comes with all the accessories needed for a premium vaping experience and uses the same mini-USB charger you likely have laying around the house.

G Pen Dual Quartz by Grenco ScienceG Pen Dual Quartz

Of course, ground material and dry herbs aren’t the only thing you can vape with Grenco’s G Pen line. The dual quartz G Pen Vaporizer is one of my personal favorites and comes with all the tools necessary for a portable dab while on the road. Using similar batteries to the standard smoke shop nicotine vape pen, this pen can handle all the shatter and wax you throw at it. This is one of the most portable electric dabbers you’ll find, and for only $70.

V2 Series 7 3-in-1 Vape Pen by V2V2 Pro Vape Pen

V2 is another great portable vape supplier, and the V2 Pro Series 7 is an innovative and unique 3-in-1 that uses interchangeable chambers to vape dry herb, liquid, and concentrates (although the concentrate chamber isn’t included in the $150 kit, raising the price another $30 for actual 3-in-1 capabilities as advertised). It also uses the same micro-USB charger you likely already have (though, like the others, it comes with a cable anyway). We weren’t able to test concentrates on it, but it fared well with my Vape Chemist juice and shatter.

Vertx Vape Pen by V2V2 Vertix Ecigarette

On the other end of the spectrum, the Vertx Plus is V2’s most advanced ejuice cigalike, that uses magnetic connections for the tank and charger. It also has an LED screen to let you know how much charge is left at a glance. If you’re a heavy vaper, it’s one of the only vape pens on the market that can be used while charged from a portable USB battery. The Plus kit shown above is $90 and includes a prefilled/refillable cartridge.

Vape Cases by Wick and WireWick and Wire Vape Case

As you should know by now, I do some content work with Vape Chemist, a great ejuice brand out of California. Wick and Wire is a sister company that creates custom vape cases to carry your mod box, vape juice, and accessories with you anywhere you want to go. These sleek bags can protect your vape equipment from damage alone or in your luggage, and are custom-designed to fit a variety of mod boxes and kits. If you’re a vaper of any kind, this is how you keep your stuff safe on the go for only $20-$22.

Smell-Proof Locking Organizer by Stash LogixStash Logix Smellproof Organizer

There’s no shortage of weed festivals these days, and although you’re safe on the premises, getting to and from with product can be challenging. EcoStash by Stash Logix brilliantly resolves this issue with all the supplies you need to store, carry, and organize your pot products. Whether joints/blunts, herb, concentrate, or vape cartridges, this portable bag is more than large enough for personal stash and comes with organizers much like premium camera bags. The locking mechanism and smell-absorbing activated carbon insert make EcoStash a must-have for any cannabis user who ever leaves the house.

Smell-Proof Bags by SkunkSkunk Bags

Relatively new to the market, Skunk creates a variety of smell-proof bags for any use you need. We received a variety of portable and protective cases that are great for the average user’s smell-proofing needs. They can also protect portable vaporizers from damage and fit great in/on existing luggage and equipment. Many of these portable Skunk bags can even fit inside the EcoStash above to provide an extra layer of protection for particularly sticky icky oowee in the $15-$30 price range.

Electric Nail by MiniNailMiniNail Electric Dab Rig

My biggest gripe with vaping is the amount of butane/propane it takes (along with the safety concerns of using often shoddy butane torches). Thanks to the MiniNail electronic dabber, this issue is no longer. This complete system will set you back $420 (plus extra for the accessories shown above) but is absolutely worth every penny. The controllable heating element is easy to use and all you need is a bong to make the best flameless dab rig I ever hit.

Personal Air Filtration by Smoke BuddySmoke Buddy Filter

A Phoenix man was recently arrested for smoking weed in public and claimed he didn’t realize it’s still illegal in Arizona. Regardless of whether or not smoking is legal in your state, it’s certainly not legal to smoke in public (although it’s more commonplace than you’d think). If you want to smoke discretely in public (or even your hotel room) ditch the drier sheet in a toilet paper roll and pick up Smoke Buddy for $15-$40. These personal air filtration devices will let you get away with smoking anywhere you want, as the offensive odor will be replaced by a friendly hand grenade shape instead.

Bottle Converter Stem by Traveling PuffTraveling Puff

While the rollable bong above is definitely portable, it gets even more portable with the Traveling Puff. This sharpened stem and poker fits easily inside any cigarette packet and can be used to make a water pipe out of any plastic bottle in a pinch. No longer do you need to rely on dangerous DIY options like foil, fruit, and worse. With Traveling Puff, just leave a little water at the bottom of your bottle, stab it, and get high for only $15. It’s not as clean of a rip as you’ll get from Roll uh Bowl, but it works in a pinch.

Boost eRig by Dr. DabberDr Dabber Boost eRig

For only $150, you’ll feel like you won the lottery when you open the case of Dr. Dabber’s Boost eRig. Unlike every other portable concentrate vape solution I’ve ever seen, Boost’s heating element never touches the wax, so the domeless titanium, quartz, and ceramic nails provide the purest flavor of any electronic dabber. The water pipe attachment, plethora of accessories (including a magnetic carb cap and medical-grade silicon containers) makes Dr. Dabber my new favorite dabbing device of all-time. I’ll have more on that later.

Budder Cutter by Dr. DabberDr Dabber Budder Cutter

If you’re seriously into wax and shatter, you need to spend the $50 on Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter. This unique device uses the standard ecig threaded battery, a heating element, and a variety of attachments to make cutting, serving, and handling concentrates much easier. During the winter months, it’s practically impossible to dab without it unless you feel like losing a ton of brittle concentrate as you clumsily fumble with it. As far as I’m concerned, a heated cutting device is a multi-use tool for much more than just concentrates, but it’s amazing for that.

Aurora Vape Pen by Dr. DabberDr Dabber Vape Pen

Another great vape product from Dr. Dabber, the Aurora Vape Pen Full RX Bundle is a modular magnetic portable vaporizer with dual ceramic and quartz dishes, along with a ceramic halo atomizer. This makes it easier to vape wax, shatter, and oils in a much more refined and personalized environment. There are also two different mouthpieces so you find the perfect fit for your personal vaping preferences. While not as effective as Boost, it’s $25 cheaper ($125) and much more discrete.

Typhoon Pipe by Chameleon GlassTyphoon Pipe Chameleon Glass

Through the green rush of the cannabis industry, it’s easy to forget all those local glassmakers and artisans who kept us smoking happily through the many decades before we had vape technology and pro-marijuana state laws. Chameleon Glass is one of Arizona’s local glassmakers that produces the finest quality around. I received several glass pipes from Chameleon I’ll profile later, but wanted to focus on the Typhoon because it became an instant hit at this house before the rush of equipment came in, and we’re still using it to this day. The unique shape creates a vortex that not only looks cool but cools the air much like a water pipe, but without the water. If you want smooth-hitting glass, you can’t go wrong with Typhoon.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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