How CBD Helped Bridge My Family’s Stance on Marijuana

No company that sells CBD products is allowed to discuss its medicinal benefits. In fact, most of them aren’t even allowed to call it CBD everywhere. Platforms like Amazon, for example, only allow hemp products in its marketplace – the same product labeled as CBD will be removed from the website.

And that’s the environment everybody in the cannabis and vaping industries operate in, regardless of whether the specific product is legal everywhere or not. There’s always a subsection of the population that doesn’t agree with the usage of cannabis as a plant, and there are those who only believe in it if the government does.

Much of the Penny family falls into that category, especially my parents and only surviving grandparent. My grandma, Lucille Penny, recently had a stroke.

It was after this stroke that one of her daughters suggested CBD oil as treatment. Grandma always said if they legalized it, she’d use it, and there was no time to sit around and wait for decriminalization like my parents. Fuck what those out-of-touch dinosaurs think anymore. The ways of their generation are dead, and my generation is taking the lead now.

When I found out what happened, I immediately reached out to CBD companies to learn more about their offerings and get the treatments my grandma wanted. Here’s what we got.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil

Charlotte’s Web is a high-CBD, low-THC strain of cannabis developed by the Stanley Brothers to help a young girl named Charlotte with her epileptic seizures. Typically cannabis growers were pushing for high-THC content until Stanley Brothers flipped the industry around to focus on all of the cannabinoids the plant has to offer.

Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

CBD and THC get all the glory in the media, but there are over 113 different cannabinoids exclusive to cannabis. Ananda Hemp creates full-spectrum hemp blends to ensure lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN are also ingested.

Phyto Family SuperFluid

Phyto Family infuses CBD into a wide range of products. Some are more familiar to potheads, like CBD dab slabs, but some are targeted to consumers in other industries. These squalane and rosehip CBD oil blends are the perfect body and face oils. CBD topicals have a ton of benefits you’ll only learn by using them.

PuraEarth Palm Stick and K.I.N.D. Live Resin Slim Pens

While my grandma is using CBD to get her mind right, I’m using live resin slim pens and palm sticks to get both CBD and THC, along with terpenes and a lot of other important ingredients, into my system. The stripper I was dating last year triggered my PTSD, and cannabis soothes the pain.

I have a medical card in the state of Arizona and love putting my money into the local economy through cannabis dispensaries and other local businesses.

The Hemp Chemist Vape Juices

I’ve been working with Conrad at Vape Chemist LLC for several years now, and I learned a lot about the vaping industry through that relationship. The company’s latest brand extension is The Hemp Chemist hemp extract oil. This nicotine-free formula contains 600mg (300mg is also available) of hemp extract with a fruity flavor that really sums up how precise you need to be to sell these dietary supplements in today’s strict market. This hemp oil tincture can be mixed in with your favorite juice flavors to vape.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oils

Bluebird Botanicals was the first company to respond to my fall for CBD products. I asked my grandma how everything was working for her, and here’s what she said.

“It worked very well for me. It was so like a miracle!!! I was so screwed up. and confused that I changed everything I was told by the nurses around to suit me. They told me the truth but I didn’t believe it. I even threw my siblings out of my room. l was a mess. When went to the Drs. Office she put me on pills for antidepressants.

Patti asked her about the pills and she said no. So Patty decided to start me on the pill as I was not responding to the other meds. Once I started the drops I noticed the change in my actions an my behavior. I was not troublesome and easier to talk to. Since then I have not had a mini stroke. Thank God.please excuse the errors.”

So, like the CBD companies, I’ll refrain from making any medical claims, as I’m not a doctor. I just know that cannabis works for me, and my grandma seems happy with the results.

It’s a shame acceptance of miracle drugs skips a generation…


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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  • January 10 at 5:14 pm

    Hi Mom here, I have a son who’s been diagnosed with childhood epilepsy syndrome, this means their epilepsy has specific characteristics. These can include the type of seizure or seizures they have, the age when the seizures started and the specific results of an electroencephalogram (EEG).An EEG test is painless, and it records the electrical activity of the brain. In my son’s case, he has “benign” which means they usually have a good outcome and usually go away once the child reaches a certain age. And as a mom, I don’t want my son to suffer this kind of illness for a very long time. He’s 5 yrs old now and he is doing great in school. That’s why I am searching the best solution for my son and as along the way, I saw this that cannabis can be the solution to my problem. But I did not try it yet. So am just asking if it safe for my son? Any reply will highly appreciate. Thanks in advance.

  • November 18 at 4:38 pm

    I watched a news report on the benefits of CBD oil for medicinal use. One young girl was having seizures and the oil worked wonders for her. Another was an older man with Parkinson’s— the oil kept his tremors very well under control. I took mom to a doctor appointment about a week after she started and saw a big difference in her clarity and her mood. I’m all for more research into the medicinal benefits.

    • November 22 at 1:38 pm

      The young girl with seizures is the one that Stanley Brothers Charlotte’s Web strain was designed for. Parents helping children under 18 even in medically legal states faced losing their kids, federal prison, and more. They purposely raised a high-CBD strain to bypass federal regulations for that girl and her parents. It got a little sticky later between the Stanley Bros and her parents, but overall a great story.

  • November 18 at 3:25 pm

    I recently decided to try it out myself, and have noticed a reduction in back pains that I have had for decades. Currently I am only using 250 mg a day as a trial, I intend to up my dosage in the near future. I figured anything that can calm Mom down, can’t be all bad.


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