Supplement Your Dabs With Terpene Oils and CBD THC isn't the only useful ingredient in cannabis, and concentrates ignore the rest.

I realize I’m a bit behind on the cannabis products. I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have in 2016 – missed all the Cannabis Cups, MJ Business Conference, and hadn’t really focused much on the industry. I slid back into basic bitch potheadism.

However, 2017 started off pretty nuts, so I dove back into the industry to see what I’ve been missing. One of the more interesting products I came across was the terpene oils that seem to be everywhere. In looking up what exactly these products would be good for, there wasn’t much information available, but I did come across Bobcat Goldthwait’s spirit animal.

I don’t think I could handle dabbing with this guy, but appreciate his energy. He’s also indicative of what most information of how to use terpene oils online is. Having reached out to a few companies and obtained two terpene oils from Terpene Botanicals (3.5ml each of Sour Diesel and Jack Herer), I decided to try them out and see why they’re so expensive when they don’t get you high.

Terpene Botanicals Cannabis Essential Oils

Supplementing Dabs

In late 2015, I wrote an article describing terpenes and how terpene and cannabinoid ratios are more important than whether a strain is indica or sativa. Terpenes are found in all plants and make up the essential oils. So, terpene oils are all the essential oils removed from the plant during the concentrate extraction process, which mostly focuses on THC.

If you dab a lot of concentrates, you’re inhaling evaporated THC at around 80%, and the remaining 20% is the rest of the chemicals making up that strain’s composition. While dabbing does produce a nice high for habitual daily smokers and is arguably safer since you’re not combusting plant matter, you’re missing out on the rest of the terpene profile of the cannabis plant. Like vegans need supplements to make up for meat deficiencies in their diet, dabbers should take raw CBD supplements and terpene oils to gain the full benefits.

CBD Supplements

Of course, how you do this can vary, so I also got a selection of CBD products in from Endoca and Tasty Hemp Oil to show you the variety of methods CBD can be consumed. Above you’ll see hemp oil extract drops both decarboxylated and not, pills, edibles, crystals, and even a CBD suppository. Each of these allows you to take CBD in a different way, either orally or anally, as a liquid, pill, paste, or eve dabbed.

My favorite method is dabbing the crystals, which, even neat with no THC, can get you an enjoyable body high. Dabbing the terpene essential oil blends doesn’t get you high on its own, but it can make the CBD crystals taste different and feel even better. For the complete trifecta, you can roll a dab in the essential oils, then the CBD crystals to get a full-flavored high that tastes even better than smoking the actual strain while providing the full medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Cannabis Dab Supplements

Other Uses of CBD and Terpene Oils

What’s important to know about the terpene oils is while they’re blended to exactly match the strain of cannabis on the label, they’re not actually extracted from that strain. They’re actually frankenscents with terpenes pulled in from other plants (whatever’s commercially available for human consumption) and mixed together. There are also questions about the safety of vaping terpene oils, so proceed with caution lest you end up like the stoner in the video above.

Since moving to my new condo, I’ve been learning more about essential oils and putting the everyday essentials to use, making handsoaps, spray cleaners, bug sprays, candles, and more using only essential oils. While the terpene oils smell great, there’s not much use for them in soaps, candles, and cleaners because I’m using these things to get rid of the cannabis smell, not accentuate it.

These terpene oils can be taken orally in small doses, and they can be worn as a cologne as well. They’re also good to add a different flavor to food and beverages like teas or any medibles. Because the cannabis used in medicated edibles is of such low quality, these supplements (along with some CBD paste) can be great additives.

Aside from dabbing and eating (which the CBD paste is great for, as it looks like RHO, but with a more Play-Dough-like consistency), you can also just shove a CBD suppository up your butt. I didn’t have the courage for that, but a friend of mine tried them out and reported that while the casing was undesirable, a little lube was all that’s necessary to get it up there, and he did catch a high from it.

The Final Word

Even if you only smoke weed, terpene oils and CBD supplements are great to have on hand. A drop of each added to a bowl refreshes a strain (or, if added to a different strain, completely changes the flavor without altering the effect too much). Of course, at the prices charged ($20 for 3.5 ml makes it one of the most expensive essential oils and cannabis products on the market), it’s a luxury item clearly meant only for connoisseurs.

If you’re dabbing or eating medibles exclusively, I’d say both terpenes and CBD are necessities to obtain the full benefits of cannabis. The terpene oils are also great for refreshing your stash if you’re able to keep up with the costs. Just make sure you store the terpenes in your freezer to keep them from evaporating before you have a chance to use them. They don’t last forever, which is a shame, because they’re delicious.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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