How to Continue Being Creative

The hardest part about working in the creative arts is sustaining and managing creativity. Sometimes it’s easy to spark ideas – other times not so much.

When you’re doing it for a living, that inconsistency is unacceptable. Every business needs an enterprise risk management strategy, and a sole proprietor with no method of managing their supply of product can neither scale nor sustain a business.

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Compartmentalize Tasks

To ensure maximum efficiency, compartmentalize your day into at least three sections: brainstorming, creating, and operations.

1. Brainstorming.

During the brainstorming phase, you’ll be essentially acting as R&D in a large corporation. The trick is to develop and document as many creative ideas  as possible in a given hour or two.

2. Creation.

The creation phase is all about implementing those ideas. Write the song, record it, tweak the channels, etc. Paint the painting, take the photo, write that chapter. Some people work this phase like an assembly line as well.

3. Operations.

This is your grind, and the more successful you become, the stronger this grind needs to get. Email, check social media, optimize web content, post links, and get in the streets to sell your products. This hustle is where you find success, not in creating a Mona Lisa out the gate.

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Herbal Aides

Personally I use cannabis to assist in my creative process. Sometimes it helps me sharpen up – other times it makes me lazy, rambly, and unfocused. Whether or not you choose to feed into this stereotype is up to you, but remember when you were a kid, you felt art, music, and comedy without the drugs.

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Human and Nature Connection

You may process the world in a creative way, but you need stimuli to inspire it. Interact with nature and the world around you. It keeps you grounded.

It also helps to talk to your circles, strangers, or even troll the internet. External people have different thoughts and perceptions that can motivate you to create something new.

How do you spark creativity?

Brian Penny whistleblower versability shadowBrian Penny is a former Operations Manager and Business Analyst at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. His work appears in various publications, including Huffington Post, Fast Company, Main Street, Cannabis Now, and more.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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