Men’s Winter Styles to Keep You Comfortable in 2017

It’s cold outside. With snows raging across most of the U.S., I’m no longer in sunny Phoenix pretending it doesn’t exist. When the weather outside gets frightful, we need delightful clothing made from the finest natural textiles and engineered fabrics money can buy to keep us warm.

The start of the new year brought on a forced move, and in the process, I lost quite a bit of money and products I had received to review for my blog. It unfortunately happened while I was receiving shipments of clothing and home goods, so not everything made it through the transition. I typically like to use my own photos and videos on here, but we’re making do with what we have so I can honor my commitments to the fashion houses.

As the cold weather hit and the tide of American government changed, I was busily contacting every clothing manufacturer I could get a hold of to obtain their latest cold-weather fashions.

From functional to fashionable, I got a smorgasbord in to highlight the best, softest, most durable men’s styles to stay warm this and every winter


Wool Patrol Down Park by Woolrich

Woolrich Wool Patrol Down

Woolrich has been around forever, and the Wool Patrol Down Parka is a modern update on one of its classic jackets. The shell is made of a wool blend and the insulation is a 90/10 blend of goose down and feathers. A removable coyote fur lining adds just the right amount of flair to this $550 cold-weather jacket that will surely last a lifetime.

Hughes Unisex Jacket by Andrew Marc

Andrew Marc Hughes Unisex Jacket

The most luxurious jacket you’re ever likely to own, Andrew Marc‘s Hughes Unisex jacket combines real leather with a removable rabbit fur lining to stay naturally warm. However you feel about these materials, they definitely do their job, providing a waterproof shell and soft, insulating liner. This jacket is definitely heavier than the rest of the options, and at $1,039, it’s the most expensive by far, but you’ll turn heads every time you wear it around town.

Polar Parka by Andrew Marc

Andre Marc Polar Parka

If you don’t like the idea of skinning rabbits and animal hides, this down Polar Parka by Andrew Marc keeps you warm with all-natural 80/20 waterfowl (which means more than just goose) down and feathers. Water, wind, snow, and temperatures as low as 28 degrees below 0F are no longer a problem, thanks to this stylish, textured coat.

Stretch Nano Storm Jacket by Patagonia

Patagonia Nano Storm Jacket

One of the highest-priced brands in your local REI, Patagucci makes the most advanced outdoor gear on the planet, and the Stretch Nano Storm Jacket is living proof. The shell is made from what the company calls H2No waterproof fabric while the 60g FullRange insulation inside is just as breathable as the outside. Waterproof zippers, cord-locking fitting, and a slew of useful pockets makes the Nano Storm Jacket the best everyday jacket of 2017 at only $450.

Motion by G-Lab


G-Lab was created by Bjorn Gericke in a quest to create the perfect bomber jacket, and Motion is the company’s latest attempt at it.. G-Lab jackets can be easily identified by the orange hanger tag, and this lightweight jacket has a Teflon finish to repeal liquids, dirt, and stains. The perfect jacket to wear alone on a breezy day or throw over a fleece for waterproofing, Motion is a shining example of German engineering.

Escape by G-Lab


If the Motion jacket is too much for you, the Escape shirt-jacket is a lighter, more breathable (but still water and weather proof) feel that provides protection without bogging you down. It’s quick-drying cotton is perfect for those days that turn from rain to shine on a dime, and the clean, fitted look caps off a brilliant design.

Men’s Down Sweater Jacket by Patagonia

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

In Flagstaff and other winter tourism towns around America, down jackets are the trendy thing among adults. Patagonia’s Down Sweater Jacket is among the best ways to achieve said look. The company uses humane, 800 fill, Traceable down for insulation and 100% recycled polyester for the shell. If you want high-tech comfort while doing something good for the environment, you can’t go wrong with this jacket from Patagonia.

Mount Cardigan Waterproof Cruiser Jacket by Timberland

Timberland Mount Cardigan Waterproof

For a rugged and waterproof shell that can be worn in any weather really, Timberland’s Mount Cardigan Cruiser Jacket has a simple and practical look without all the frills you don’t need. It’s a great raincoat while also doubling as a fashionable jacket for moderate weather. utilizing what the company calls Dryvent 2-layer technology, the outer layer repels water while the inner layer channels water vapor outward. You won’t find many stylish raincoats this lightweight and thin.

Ultralight 850 Down Fuse Jacket by LL Bean

LLBean Ultralight 850 Down Fuse Jacket

Another seasoned veteran of the outdoor market, LL Bean brings Massachusetts flair to outdoor gear. The ultralight 850 Down Fuse is a great way to keep warm and dry without adding a lot of extra weight. A Pertex fabric shell repels wind, and the company claims its Downtek 850 fill absorbs 33% less moister while drying 66% faster than standard down. Although it looks minimal, handwarmer pockets, media storage with headphone ports, and elastic cuffs make this a great jacket for modern times.

Primaloft Packaway Hooded Jacket by LL Bean

LL Bean Primaloft Hooded Jacket

Another practical style from LL Bean, the Primaloft Packaway Hooded Jacket provides full upper body warmth and resistance to wind and rain. The lightweight construction of this jacket means it can stow away in its own hand pocket to be carried with you anywhere, making it the ultimate backpacking jacket. Changing weather conditions are no longer a problem, thanks to LL bean.

Northern Comfort Insulated Hoody by Columbia

Columbia Northern Comfort Hoody

Columbia’s Northern Comfort Insulated Hoody will keep you warm and dry, despite not looking like your typical down jacket. The insulated chest area does have a 75/25 down feather insulation, but the cotton-polyester fleece on the arms and hood tones it down a bit. Experience the best of both worlds while staying protected from the elements on the trail or in the city.

Flame-Resistant Full Swing Quick Duck Coat by Carhartt


Some men do more than just hide from the winter weather. Some go out and work in it, and Carhartt made this flame-resistant, water repellent jacked with those men in mind. Featuring full-swing technology, it’s designed to allow you to swing a hammer, ax, or other heavy equipment without pulling your jacket up and exposing you to the elements. If you need to work in the snow, Carhartt is the way to go.

Sweaters/Mid Layers

Portage Sweater by Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles Portage Sweater

Moose Knuckles is known for its innovative cold-weather gear and with good cause. The Canadian brand knows cold weather, and the Portage Sweater is a stylish way to pay homage to our neighbors up north. While not as fancy as some of the clothes on this list, this knitted sweater can still keep you warm while looking cool in the process.

Grizzly Pass Jacket by Columbia

Columbia Grizzly Pass Jacket

Titanium is Columbia’s high-end line boasting the best fabrics, features, fit, and technologies to keep you doing whatever it is you need to, despite the weather. The Grizzly Pass Jacket is a soft, warming jacket that can be worn on its own or used as a comfortable base layer underneath a down jacket. There are two types of Polartec fleece used in the jacket, 200 g High Loft Monkey Phur on the body and polyester/elastane Power Stretch under the arms and as accents.

The Cashmere Hoodie by Everlane

Everlane Cashmere Hoodie

Cashmere is one of my favorite fabrics to wear close to the skin, and Everlane‘s Cashmere Hoodie is an affordable way to experience the feel of cashmere for yourself. While lightweight down jackets are a great way to stay warm, they feel impersonal, like using a sleeping bag instead of your own bed. Wearing one of these hoodies underneath is all you need to feel cozy again.


Titan Ridge II Pants by Columbia

Columbia Titan II Hiking Pants

Pants are an important part of staying warm outdoors, and the Titan Ridge II Pants by Columbia provide layers of protection for your legs. Two-way comfort stretch fabric combines a reflective inner lining the company calls Omni-Hheat with a nylon-blend, water and stain-repellent outer shell called Omni-Shield. Engineered for mobility, these may be the last pair of pants you ever buy.

Commuter Pants by Rhone

Rhone Commuter Pants

It’s the motivational quotes in the hem of Rhone’s clothes that make this brand stick out. That’s not to say they’re not making some of the best men’s athletic clothing using the most high-end textiles in the world. The Commuter is the most comfortable pair of pants you’ll find for riding your bike, sitting on the train, or just walking around town. They’re even great to dance in, and you don’t have to worry about sweating through too much since it’s athletic wear.

Shrine High-Tech Sweatpant by Rhone

Rhone High Tech Sweatpants At $120, these had better be the best pair of sweat pants you ever owned. Thankfully Rhone knows athletic wear and these very well may be the most comfortable and useful pair of pants in your wardrobe. The jersey knit polyester/spandex fabric blend has a soft suede feel but still maintains durability. A special pocket for your phone is a nice touch as well. Don’t just save these for the gym – you can wear them everywhere with confidence.

Rugged Flex Rigby Work Jeans by Carhartt


Everyone needs a good pair of jeans – denim is rugged and can protect you from the elements and a lot of hazards. These jeans by Carhartt are designed with workers in mind. A relaxed fit, straight leg opening, and reinforced stash pocket make these durable pants indispensable in your wardrobe. They fit well, have a classic fit, and are rugged enough to handle anything you throw at them.


Kibo Gloves by Astis


No matter how well you’re dressed, if you don’t have a decent pair of gloves, those winter winds are going to chill you right down to the bone. Astis understands this and creates amazing cold-weather gloves from a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Each pair is hand-sewn, giving them a unique feel and the Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft insulation rounds off the features. Kibo is the highest of three volcanic cones that make up Mount Kiliminjaro in Tanzania Africa, and the red, blue, black, and white beading on these gloves named after it are an homage.


Unisex Cloud Loom Robe by Coyuchi 


There’s nothing worse than getting out of a warm shower in the winter to experience cold air, which is even worse as the water evaporates off your body. The Cloud Loom Robe by Coyuchi is the largest, softest, most absorbent towel robe I’ve experienced so far. That’s because Coyuchi makes large, soft, absorbent towels.

Unisex Mediterranean Robe by Coyuchi


Of course you don’t want to wear a towel robe to bed. Staying warm while lounging indoors or out requires a thick robe like the textured Mediterranean Robe by Coyuchi.  This robe is like having a throw wrapped around you and is roomy enough to keep you fully covered and warm from head to toe.

Whispercale Pajamas by Silk Story


There are few materials that feel better against your skin than silk, and Silk Story’s silk pajamas will make you feel like you’re royalty every night. Hoping to provide the same feeling of sleeping in their luxurious silk sheets everywhere you go, these pajamas are like being kissed by a flower while floating on a cloud.


Silk Blankets by Silk Story

Silk Story Silk Blankets

Similar to fleece but much softer, the silk blankets from Silk Story’s Raeshmi collection can be used on their own or as an insulating layer between the sheets and duvet for additional warmth on those extra-cold winter nights.

Raeshmi Silk-Filled Duvet by Silk Story

Silk Story Silk Filled Duvet

Traditional down isn’t for everyone, but most synthetics are simply subpar. Silk Story’s Raeshmi Silk-Filled Duvet utilizes age-old techniques to provide a great alternative. Silk filling prevents overheating, shifting, spillage, mold, and allergens, providing a natural way to sleep in a clean and comfortable environment. If you want a lighter option than down, silk filling is the best route to go for your bedding.

Fleece Flannel Throw by Bedsure Designs

Bedsure Fleece Flannel

I’ve always been a fan of fleece for its softness, and the Fleece Flannel Throw by Bedsure Designs is an affordable way to experience it for yourself. Bigger than a Snuggie and much more practical, this classic throw is perfect for cuddling under for a movie night indoors. For under $30, you’ll struggle to find a softer blanket, although you’ll definitely want to double up before going outdoors in the snow.

Red Land Classic Sheets and Pillow Case by Red Land Cotton

Red Land Classic Cotton Sheets

Homegrown American cotton sheets made with pride in Alabama, Red Land Classic Sheets are the luxury cotton bedding America was once known for. Many people don’t enjoy the feel of silk or satin sheets and I respect that. These cotton sheets may be exactly what you’re looking for in that case. Personally, I find it better to switch between materials every so often.

Marvel Captain America Throw by Pendleton 


Another classic American cotton company, Pendleton has been making wool products since 1863 and recently partnered with Disney for a Marvel-inspired series of throw blankets. The mixture of native art style and American aesthetics is particularly ironic as we transition from Standing Rock tribes protesting a more liberal government in 2016 to a strict, nationalist Trump regime in 2017.

Grand Canyon National Park Throw by Pendleton

Pendleton Grand Canyon Throw

Another classic Pendleton series of throws, the National Parks series includes Native American designs based on each of the country’s National Parks. As a Native Arizonan, I appreciate the Grand Canyon blanket‘s aesthetic as a way to always think of home. Of course, you may live nearer to a different national park, so check out the company’s entire line to find the throw that fills you with pride.

Classic Down Comforter by Pacific Coast Feather Co


Family owned and operated since 1924, the Pacific Coast Feather Company is a premiere bedding manufacturer in the United States, based in Seattle. The company’s line of down comforters will keep you warm as you sleep better than even your heater. When covered with the right duvet cover, you’ll have a long-lasting comforter for all seasons.

Grand Embrace Pillow by Pacific Coast Feather Co

Pacific Coast Feather Co Grand Embrace Pillow

More than just your average pillow, Pacific Coast Feather Company’s Grand Embrace Pillow is a dual-layered down pillow that provides long-lasting support wherever you need it. Much more than your average pillow, the dual layers of this pillow ensure it maintains its shape long after your generic pillow pancaked and was doubled over.

Disney Comic Strip Sheet Set by Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen Disney Comic Print Sheets

Partnering with Disney to create an entire collection, Ethan Allen’s Comic Strip Sheet set is great for adults who are still kids at heart. I was a paperboy growing up and, although newspapers are largely a niche medium these days, they were once the main form of mass communication. The Internet has long surpassed newspapers in speed, but the look of these sheets will always remind me of both those days and the days I was homeless.

Disney Mickey Dash Duvet Cover by Ethan Allen

Disney Mickey Dash Duvet Cover

For a bit more modest look, the Mickey Dash Duvet Cover turns your comforter into an iconic design. It’s not so Disney that you want to throw up – just a simple and sleek design utilizing those mouse ears we all know and love. If you weren’t looking for it, you may not even notice it at first glance.

Disney 28 Varsity Knit Throw by Ethan Allen

Disney 28 Varsity Throw

Adding one more layer to the perfect Disney bedding set, the 28 Varsity Knit Throw by Ethan Allen adds just the right touch to the Disney-inspired bedroom. This clean and simple design is just enough to show your love of the D and everything Mickey. Throw it on your couch, bed, or anywhere else, because that’s what throws are for.


Men’s Butte Snow Boot by Ugg

Ugg Mens Butte Snow Boot

Snow can be tough to walk through, especially when it gets over two feet and the city pushes it all onto the sidewalk to keep the roads safe. If you have to go out in the snow, believe it or not, Ugg makes one of the best pairs of boots to get it done. The Butte Snow Boot isn’t the type of thing you saw late 90’s-era celebrities sporting – it’s a real work boot for men with solid construction. It’ll also help you tread through those deep snow banks to get things done.

6-Inch Waterproof Field Boot by Timberland

Keen Waterproof Slater Boot (2)

If you’re not into the fur lining of Uggs or want a smaller waterproof boot, you can’t go wrong with Timberland. I’ve been wearing the brand’s hiking shoes on and off for years, and the Waterproof Field Boot is another classic in a line of many. Featuring breathable sections, a thick sole with great grips, even in icy conditions on hills (trust me on this), this boot is a great one to have if you’re a fan of walking.

The Slater Waterproof by Keen

Keen Waterproof Slater Boot (1)

The Slater Waterproof boot from Keen is a simple and slim solution to keep your feet protected from the elements. It’s also the cheapest shoe option on here, so it’s unfair to truly compare it to the two above. That being said, if you’re on a budget, Keen makes a solid pair of shoes and The Slater is no exception.


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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