Top 10 YouTube Yogis to Help Your Mindful Practice Yoga is a lifelong practice, and these yogis motivate students to continue the journey.

Yoga is a beneficial practice that leads to calmness, wellness, and an overall improved state of being. It takes some time to get into a regular routine, however, and classes are expensive, especially for something that doesn’t require you to technically buy anything.

It’s a conundrum, as a yoga practice is essentially a search inward toward yourself, but successful yoga teachers have to sell knowledge of self-improvement. There’s a lot of irony in both yoga and life itself, and an enlightened yogi appreciates all aspects of the journey.

These YouTube yogis share their enlightenment on YouTube for anyone willing to search. You could theoretically teach yourself yoga at home (although you won’t get the proper adjustments you get from a qualified trainer) by watching the 10 best yoga instructors on the Internet.

10. Tara Stiles

As a celebrity, Tara Stiles brings yoga to mainstream audiences. She has a platform and uses it to “sell” mindfulness and meditation. Not only does Stiles have her own channel, but she also appears on everyone else’s channels to teach her yoga skills. She hasn’t been as active in 2019, but there’s still a deep archive of videos available online.

9. Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth creates yoga routines that cater to all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Of course, sometimes modifications are necessary, and she’ll cover those too. These are great short videos to build your own routines on based on whatever needs you have in that moment.

8. Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart and Bas Paul built a yoga studio and started filming yoga videos together years ago. There are of course heated moments behind the scenes occasionally, but the final product is a calming series that’s meditative and perfect for experiencing beyond the physical fundamentals of the practice.

7. Brett Larkin

Brett Larkin showcases a wide variety of yoga styles, creating routines to cover everyone from beginners to advanced yogis. This channel is a valuable resource to see the different flavors of yoga available and learn what it all means. After a few months here, you’ll know more than you ever thought possible.

6. Lesley Fightmaster

Fightmaster Yoga sounds like it would be warrior training or a trendy offshoot like trap yoga or acro yoga. It’s just her name though haha. And despite her name, Fightmaster is a calming force in the yoga community. You’ll leave these routines with a smile on your face guaranteed.

5. Tim Senesi

Tim Senesi is a rare male yogi making great yoga videos that are accessible to everybody. He doesn’t try to “masculinize” everything – instead he recognizes the unisex appeal of the physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Learn the benefits of yoga with one of his custom routines.

4. Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk

Juliana and Mark are a couple who create gorgeous videos of yoga in idyllic locations. Like Stiles, both Semenova and Spicoluk came from the entertainment industry. It looks like Yoga is the niche they’re settling on to make their names known.

3. Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor is more than just one of the world’s most accomplished yogis – she’s a businesswoman, author, social influencer, and more. I had the pleasure of meeting her for lunch in Miami a few years back, and she’s every bit as comforting and positive to be around as you’d imagine. Her Ashtanga style is showcased throughout MacGregor’s videos in exotic locales like Mysore, India, where the Primary Series was born.

2. Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler has one of the largest yoga followings on YouTube. This is because her style is accessible to everyone, and this 33-year-old content creator is an “everyman” of yoga. Her modern approach fits in exactly with the traditional intentions of a committed yoga practice.

1. JP Sears

JP Sears is one of the funniest comedians on YouTube and a breath of fresh air in a day when yoga is a trendy class offered at stale corporate gyms. He skewers all aspects of the mindful lifestyle and perfectly encapsulates everything we hate about the practice we love. If you’re not a fan of going to yoga studios, this man definitely has a hilarious video outlining the source of your anxiety.



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