The Best USB Chargers of 2019 We reached out to USB manufacturers large and small to find what they have

Keeping devices charged is vital in today’s mobile society. And with summer holidays being among the busiest travel days, we’re all looking for USB chargers for our mobile devices.

We reached out to USB companies to find out what solutions are coming to the market this year. We kept an eye out for chargers for home, cars, carry-ons, Android, iPhone, and more.

After pulling in a pile, here’s what we found sorting through everything:

Home USB Hub Chargers and Accessories

Limitless Innovations Chargehub X5+ E3005 – This $80 universal charger offers a Type-C power delivery port and four 5V USB ports. It also supports 5W/5V/1A wireless charging. Essentially you can charge six devices from one device that’s about the size of your smartphone.

Naztech Ultimate Power Station – Instead of a traditional power strip, the Ultimate Power Station turns your outlet into a USB hub, something that’s useful even if you’re using UPS battery backups (which I do for most electronics). Charge up to six devices through USB, wireless Qi, or even a removable portable USB battery. For $60 it’s the only hub you’ll ever need.

RapidX MyDesktop – This $60 charger has a lot of power and versatility connected to a 5-foot-long cable. Three 5v USB ports, 2 power outlets, a 300-joule surge protector, and wireless charging makes this the best all-around charger you can get for your home. It’s also small enough to keep out of the way.

Lifepowr 65W USB-C Charger – This $60 wall charger supports both US and EU plugs, along with both USB QC 3.0 and USB-C PD. It’s the easiest way to keep all your devices charged as fast as possible. Add the $32 “The Beast” ultra-durable metal USB-C cable, and you’ll never need another charger.

Portable USB Chargers and Accessories

TravelCard – This $15 charger is tiny and promotes itself as the world’s smallest iPhone charger. It’s 1500 mAh and has an Apple-certified Lightning connector built in. If you have an iPhone 5-X, this charger is for your pocket.

Nimble 8-Day Fast Portable Charger – This 20,000 mAh battery has enough juice to keep up to 3 devices (two USB, one USB-C) charged for a full week. It also charges via USB-C and cable management is simple, although it should be built in for $70.

Halo Powerpatch – This $30 charger is 3000 mAh and supports both Apple and Android devices. It also has an anti-slip patch so you can basically stick it to your phone while you charge. It’s very useful while on the go.

RapidX X4 Home – This tiny $40 charger has three USB-A ports and one Type-C PD port. It’s a low voltage 14V charging hub with 33W total output. It’s a 6-foot-long cable you can plug into your laptop to keep a lot of devices connected and charged while on the go.

LifePowr A3 – At $300, this is the most expensive charger on the list, but it packs quite the punch. Supporting both US and EU plugs, this 99Wh/27,000 mAh lithium ion battery is powered by 60W USB-C and can recharge a device like the Nintendo Switch five times.

Automotive USB Chargers and Accessories

Limitless Innovations ChargeHub V2 – Not only does this $30 dual-USB charger supporting 2.4A charging, but it’s also a multi-tool for use in vehicle emergencies. There’s a seat belt cutter built in, along with a tungsten steel tip glass breaker to ensure you can escape your car in the event of an accident.

Lifepowr Car Charge-a-lot – This $20 car charging hub has two USB-C PD ports and one USB-A port that supports all modern mobile device charging standards.

Halo Bolt ACDC Wireless – The $110 Halo Bolt is more than just a USB battery – it can also jump start your car or truck. It includes a 120-volt outlet for plugging in small electrical devices, an LED floodlight, and a 14V car charger with jumper cables.

Limitless Innovations JumpSmart – This 330 Lumen LED flashlight is a practical 37000 mWh jump starter for your vehicle too. It’s small in size, but it can get up to an 8-cylinder car, truck, boat, or whatever else with a battery started.

RapidX X5+ – This $25 five-port car charger supports three 2.4A USB ports, one USB Type-C port, and one QuickCharge 3.0 port. It also has a 5-foot-long cable so people in the front and back of the car can charge their devices.

RapidX X2 – If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the X5+, the $15 X2 is a sleek, slim dual-USB charger that supports both 2.4A USB and QC 3.0. There are no cables, so it’s the smallest way to charge USB devices in your car and almost half the price of the high-end RapidX car charger.

Naztech MagBuddy – These magnetic mounts range in price and can fit anywhere in your car to hold a phone and provide hands-free navigation, voice controls, and more. If you have a CD slot, dashboard, cup holder, etc., you can charge your devices.


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