Top 10 Travel Vloggers Globetrotting Through YouTube We all want to see the world, and these people help us do it vicariously

Travel is a natural part of life – it’s important we go outside our comfort zone to see new perspectives in life. Not everyone has the time, money, and resources to pick up and go see the world, though. Travel vlogs help us see the adventures we dream of played out.

Growing up a military brat, travel is a regular part of my life. Things slowed down in my 20s, but I still regularly camped, hiked, and took day trips around Arizona. My 30s, however, became a road trip around the U.S. while living in a van.

I was barely starting my blogging business, so I never vlogged back then. I do have a ton of blogs (and a few vlogs) about the experience though. Vandwelling, basic training, and county jail have a lot in common.

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10. Marko and Alex Ayling

The Vagabrothers are vagabond brothers who have been building a multi-channel travel content network for nearly a decade now. They’re hilariously entertaining to watch, easily the most irreverent vloggers on this list. If you have a sense of humor or light heart, you’ll enjoy the travel tips these brothers bring.

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9. Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is an author and video producer who also happens to be a foodie. He founded Migrationology to showcase travel through food. It’s a great mix that encompasses all your senses. Some of my best life memories are tied to food, so it’s always nice to explore the culinary views around the world.

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8. Jason and Nikki Wynn

Gone with the Wynns is a channel featuring a couple living the dream of taking their boat to exotic locations and the open sea itself. The information, guides, videography, and on-screen talent works to make an engaging series of vlogs covering all aspects of the travel lifestyle.

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7. Nuseir Yassin

This Palestinian-Israeli turned his Nas Daily videos into a social phenomenon and grew from Facebook to YouTube, a website, and an entire corporation. He since slowed down the vlogging, but he’s still going. It’s an insightful perspective that will brighten your day.

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6. Christian LeBlanc

This Canadian travel vlogger created Lost LeBlanc to quit his day job and monetize his dream of traveling the world. He’s also passionate about filmmaking, which means you’ll get high-quality cinematography and overall polished videos.

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5. Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi

Kristen and Siya are self-described professional adventurers that have a cult following for their authentic and informative travel blogs and vlogs. Hopscotch the Globe is much bigger than them now – it’s a multichannel travel business that guides you through unique aspects of exotic trips.

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4. Nadine Sykora

Hey Nadine has a girl-next-door accessibility that’s in-line with YouTube’s core audience. Sykora brings an almost Buzzfeed-like feel to her blogs and videos, and she makes for a great on-screen personality. Traveling to different countries feels a lot less intimidating when presented by a friendly face.

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3. Mr. Ben Brown

Benjamin Brown is traveling more than just the physical plane – he’s also traveling the spiritual journey we’re all on at one point or another. He’s a human with vulnerabilities, yet he still manages to go on adventures many only wish they could see. The overall vibe of this channel really matured over time and is a great YouTube binge.

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2. Louis Cole

This British filmmaker and travel vlogger is one of the most popular YouTube personalities online. His daily vlogs on FunForLouis grew in a decade into a media empire, and he’s not afraid of controversy either. His eating channel (FoodForLouis) initially took a lot of heat for his consuming of live animals. He also traveled to North Korea and *gasp* got a speeding ticket in New Zealand – what a rebel!

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1. The Wolter Family

All of these adventures may sound great, but there’s no way you can do it with young kids, right? Wolters World proves you wrong with practical tips of traveling with kids. My parents pulled it off when we were poor and in the military, and it gave my brother and I unique experiences that my nephews didn’t really get growing up in the U.S. Don’t blame your kids for your inability to take an adventure – they want to go with you, and the Wolters prove it’s possible.

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