DaVinci IQ Is a Discrete Portable Vape Pen With Style IQ from DaVinci is an intelligently designed vape pen.

Portable vape pens are everywhere these days, and I’m not talking about those ridiculous things the Juul crowd uses. I’m talking about cannabis vape pens, and whether you’re vaping herb, concentrate, or oils, there’s a vape pen out there for you. If you’re old school and prefer to stick to flower, the DaVinci IQ may be exactly what you’re looking for. It doesn’t look like a vape pen, and even its accessories are geared toward stealth vaping.

And I have to give a massive thanks to Vapor.com for providing the DaVinci IQ and several other vape pens for me to test this month. It’s a great third-party marketplace for all the top vaping brands at affordable prices. Although it should be noted that “affordable” in the case of the IQ is $275. but that money is well spent if you’re looking for a solid, portable herbal vape device.

Let’s dig into what makes the DaVinci IQ vaporizer so special.

Da Vinci IQ Vape

DaVinci IQ Design and Accessories

Unboxing anything DaVinci is more like opening up a new smartphone or other consumer tech device than a drug delivery device. With the stigma cannabis has around it, being discrete is preferred, and it would be very difficult to tell a DaVinci IQ (or Miqro, for that matter) from any other consumer electronic device. The brushed aluminum finish on the outside and mirrored finish inside makes it look like a high-end gadget, which it technically is.

Inside the box, you’ll find your DaVinvi device (loaded with a removable Sony 3500mAh 18650 battery), braided micro-USB cable, cleaning brush and wipes, carry can (discrete place to hide a small nug or two in your keychain), the keychain tool (don’t lose this, or you’ll have some issues pulling things out), and the mouthpiece extender/bubbler attachment adapter.

Each piece is well engineered, as is the main unit itself. The chamber is relatively easy to load, and what’s even more impressive is the inclusion of the flavor chamber, which lets you store even more herb inside your unit. This has several benefits. First off, if you’re used to smoking blunts and joints, you’re used to the flavor of pulling the combusted material through a tube of herb. So smoking a bowl or vaping in a vape device is more like smoking a roach, which nobody likes to do.

This is a very unique feature in the vaping world. It tastes more like a joint, and it gives you options to add other herbs (like lavender and mint) to the equation. By the time you’re done, you’ll have plant matter with three different chemical compositions, the vaped herb in the vape chamber, the herb in the flavor chamber that was flavored with the vape, and the untouched herb in your keychain carrying can. If you can’t stay high off all that for a week or more in an emergency, I don’t know what else to tell you.

You can also replace the default moutpiece with a tube if you’re more comfortable with that feeling in your mouth (or want to add a bubbler). It should be noted that the DaVinci website lists a free bubbler with this package, which I didn’t find in the box and am curious about now.

Da Vinci Vape Flavor Pot

DaVinci IQ Usability and Functionality

As for usage, DaVinci has several options. It can be used with the default settings pretty easily, and the app connectivity really isn’t necessary. Should you decide to connect the app, you’ll struggle with it a bit. As apps go, it’s basic at best, and a bit glitchy at its worst. It provides historical data usage and customized controls, but you’ll have to be a real picky OCD vaper to care much about any of it. Personally, I’m more worried about what apps I allow on my phone than detailed control over a portable vape pen.

If you’re really into it, you can set some pretty intricate temp settings to really mix up your terpene and cannabinoid profiles. The built-in stirrer keeps things cooking evenly, and if you really want to get into the chemistry of ayurvedic vaping, this is actually a smart device to do so (thus the name IQ). However, the DaVinci IQ is fully usable without the need of the app.

It’s a little smaller than a Fire TV remote, constructed of solid, metal components, and it still hits pretty well. Of course, it’s still a pretty light hitter when compared to portables like the Airvape X and Dr. Dabber Switch, but it still does a competent job that’s much thicker than you’d get from a Magic Flight Box. And, of course, that extra flavor chamber is what really makes all the difference.

Da Vinci Vape Pen Vapordotcom

DaVinci IQ Final Thoughts

DaVinci IQ is a stealthy herbal vaping device and fashionable design. It looks and feels more like a consumer electronics device than a “vape pen.” That’s a good thing for medical patients in states like Arizona, where there’s still a stigma against cannabis usage. Even with my valid medical marijuana card, I deal with a lot of issues. This device helps alleviate the barrier between me and my medicine.

The flavor chamber is the biggest selling point, letting you infuse your vape with a ton of flavors that don’t necessarily need to be heated. It also lets you infuse other herbs with the cannabinoids you’re vaping. This cross-contamination is at the root of many ayurvedic healing methods. Try some fully legal CBD buds and other herbs in it, or go the other direction with a snow-capped bowl or other laced weed cocktails.

Of course, with precision engineering comes a price, and some of the features you’re paying for may not be usable for you. If you can only have one device, you’re better off with something like the Firefly or PAX that can also handle concentrates. But if you only vape herbs and want complete control, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better device than the DaVinci IQ.

Final Grade: B+


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