Which Is the Right Vaporizer for You?

When you hear vaping you may think of something different than the next person.

To some, vaping is the ecigarettes made to vape ejuice sold in smoke and vape shops around the country. Even these have a variety of different types of pens that can be used for different scenarios.

Medical cannabis and other users beyond tobacco and nicotine addicts (a group I’m unfortunately included in) face a whole other dilemma. Finding the right vape pen extends beyond just the varieties of ejuice pens. There are pens that vape dry herbs, liquid oils, and more viscous concentrates.

Of course, now that the FDA is cracking down on everything vape and the DEA is cracking down on marijuana concentrates, manufacturers aren’t able to easily advertise what their products do.

Also, while marijuana is a popular usage of vape pens, these can be used for various forms of Ayurvedic vaping and alternative medication.

That’s what this guide is for.

Advances in Modern Vaping

When I started covering the vape and cannabis industries, they were both relatively new. Back in 2010 and even as recently as 2014, most vape equipment was garbage, even the high-end stuff.

Those days are long gone, and vape companies both in the United States and internationally have made great technological advancements in vape equipment.

No longer new, manufacturers understand the industry and pack their equipment with top-end accessories for any type of vaping you’re into. Many of them vape more than one material, so I’m avoiding subheaders and listing them alphabetically by manufacturer.

I’ll add more as they come in

Dr. Dabber www.DrDabber.com

Aurora Vape Pen (Concentrates)

Dr Dabber Vape Pen

A portable pen that’s the same thickness (though a little shorter) than your run-of-the mill beginner’s vape kit, Dr. Dabber’s Aurora is actually a modular, magnetic, and sleek concentrate vaping kit.

It comes with a keychain, replacement tank, two mouthpieces, dabber, and a silicon concentrate case. If you’re looking for a portable and stealthy way to vape concentrates, it’s sturdy, but does take a lot more than just a dab to get a decent hit.

Boost eRig (Concentrates)

Dr Dabber Boost eRig

A step up from the Aurora, the Boost eRig is a marvel of modern vaping equipment. Whereas most vape pens use a metal heating element, regardless of whether or not the dish is ceramic, quartz, or titanium, Boost is designed so you only vape on the surface you’re looking for.

Even better – all 3 dishes are included, along with a bubbler attachment, dabber, keychain, two silicon cases, and a replacement heating element. It’s the ultimate dabbing kit, though very hard to keep clean if you’re a hardcore vaper.

Firefly www.thefirefly.com

The Firefly 2 (Dry Herb and Concentrates)

Firefly Vape

Firefly vaporizers were one of the very first dry herb vapes I ever tried, and it stuck out for the unique design that created an oven for safely vaping a decent amount of ground herb. The Firefly 2 vape takes things to new heights with a magnetic design, metal mesh faux-healthstones for concentrates, and bluetooth connectivity to be controlled by your phone.

The downside is you need the phone app (which asks for a lot of intrusive info) in order to adjust anything. The touch sensor operation, fast charging, and even, reliable heating element make it a great choice for vaping dry herb and concentrates on the go.

Grenco Science www.gpen.com

G Pen Dual Quartz (Concentrates)

G Pen Dual Quartz

The G Pen Dual Quartz is similar to Dr. Dabber’s in design and just as small and stealthy. As you can imagine, it comes with two quartz heating elements, a charger, and the best dabbing tool of any of the portable kits we got in. This is the type of tool a serious desktop dabber would buy.

While the mouthpiece and chamber utilize a magnetic design, Grenco made the threading compatible with vape pen batteries that are easily found in vape and smoke shops, as well as medical marijuana dispensaries. If you want a solid option that’ll be compatible with equipment you likely already have, G Pen Dual Quartz is a great choice.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer (Dry Herb)

GPen Elite

Opting not to make a 3-in-1, Grenco Science instead developed the G Pen Elite, a dry herb vaporizer that fully excels at the one thing it’s designed to do. After all, there are tons of concentrate- or juice-only devices on the market, why not a great herb-only option?

And speaking of options, G Pen Elite is loaded with them (although most cost extra) like a cleaning tool, keychain dabber, silicon protective case, and charging stand. The size of a portable shaver, this thing still has the biggest chamber on the market (easily fitting more than any of my glass bowls.

Halo Ecigs www.halocigs.com

Reactor Mega (Ejuice)
Halo Ecigarettes

The ultimate vaping starter kit from Halo Ecigarettes, Reactor Mega (the larger mod above) has a 5000 mAh battery, adjustible 1-80W power, and stainless steel coils that are easily replaceable inside the adjustable vape tanks.

A digital LED screen displays battery life, temperature, and power, and everything on the battery is as sturdy as the tanks. Although I wouldn’t recommend dropping it, Reactor Mega is one of the sturdiest, most solid vape mods I’ve come across in my research.

Triton II (Ejuice)

For a more portable option, the Triton II by Halo features the same solid tank/coil system, but in a more portable model. Most notably, the starter kit came with two batteries (both a beautiful metallic rainbow) – an absolute necessity for vaping while another battery is charging.

Long after most vape pens lose their shine, these colorful and solid beauties will still remain in your vape collection. When paired with the Reactor Mega, you’ll have everything you need to vape like a hardcore ejuice addict.

Haze www.hazevaporizers.com

Dual V3 (Ejuice, Dry Herb, Concentrates)

Haze Dual V3

Whereas your typical 3-in-1 vaping device only has one chamber, the Dual by Haze has a unique dual-chamber design that lets you fill each one with your material of choice. The amount of customization options available in this device are astounding. You’ll find two each of conduction and convection screens, along with pots and screens, silicone tops, and wicking cotton to vape however you choose.

It fits perfectly in your hand, and this is the only vaping device you can essentially seal when you’re done to cut off oxygen and seal off the vape. Both metal and glass mouthpieces are available, and it’s easy to switch between chambers and choose a vaping temperature. Two rechargeable and removable (though still proprietary and irreplaceable) batteries are included so you can stay vaping all day long, discretely and virtually smell-free (so long as you ghost hit).

Smok www.smoktech.com

H Priv (Ejuice)

Smok G Priv Vape Chemist

SMOK makes a wide range of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. I was lucky enough this winter to spend some time with the H-Priv, which is the silver mod in the pics above and below. At 50W, it’s a great entry-level vape kit that includes everything necessary, including a sturdy tank design that accommodates personalization.

The H-Priv is one of the more compact mod kits I’ve come across (without the mouthpiece tip, it’s the size of a pack of cigarettes). Still, it packs all the power necessary to enjoy vaping and has held up in my tests so far.

G Priv 220W (Ejuice)

H Priv Smok Vape

On the higher end, the G-Priv replaces the H-Priv tank design with a one-piece that’s more difficult to lose pieces from. It also adds a touchscreen that opens a host of features to your vaping experience and makes it look like a small smartphone.

What the G-Priv starter kit doesn’t include is batteries, though it’s nice that you can replace the batteries. That alone makes this a better value than the H-Priv, which takes DIY knowledge to replace the internal battery. If you want the best vaping tech, this is one to keep an eye on.

V2 www.v2.com

Pro Series 7 3-in-1 (Dry Herb, Concentrate, and Ejuice)

V2 Pro Vape Pen

Although it’s advertised as a 3-in-1, the starter kit is missing the concentrate chamber. So what you’re actually buying in the V2 Pro Series 7 is a 2-in-1 with upgradability. That nitpicking aside, it’s still a great design and a valuable vaping tool to have in your collection.

Removable chambers are designed for each type of material, and some replacement pieces are included in the kit, along with a charging cable, cleaning equipment, and the extra chamber. This utility vaping kit is small and works well, though I wish it was 3-in-1 out the box.

Vertx Plus Vape Pen (Ejuice)

V2 Vertx

One of the biggest problems I have with vaping is I prefer the cigalikes, which are typically disposable and only released by big tobacco companies. V2’s Vertx Plus cigalike has a magnetic design and refillable tank that makes it one of my all-time favorite vape pens (right up there with the ayurvedic essential oil concoctions from Evoxe Labs).

Small, light, and with an LED screen that shows you the charge with every puff, Vertx is filled with useful features without taking away from the one thing you actually want a vape pen for – vaping ejuice.



Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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  • February 3 at 10:10 pm

    I’ve reviewed the V2pro Series 7 before, but I had to write another review now that I’ve had mine for more then a year. I’m still so impressed wit this vape! I replaced the cord about 4 months ago because my dog chewed through it (not when it was plugged in thank God) but other then that I haven’t had to swap out anything. The pen still works great!


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