Storz & Bickel’s Mighty Portable Vaporizer Lives Up to Its Name If you're looking for a massive hit in a portable device, Mighty is the answer.

Storz & Bickel is a German vape manufacturer that’s been in the business a long time (like longer than it’s really been legal). And they engineered some great vape devices for the cannabis industry. They recently sent me their Might Portable Vape to review, and we put it through the ringer. It’s an updated version of their 2014 original that has more battery life, hybrid heating, and a radiator-like cooling system.

The Mighty has long been a favorite of vaping bloggers, but the landscape has changed quite a bit since it was first released. Herbal vaping is much more popularity, while ejuice “cloudblowers” are generally dismissed as douches. Mighty looks like one of those mechanical ejuice mods, so you’re definitely going to call attention to yourself. And it’s not cheap, at $350. Does it still hold up to today’s standards?

Let’s dig in to learn what makes the Mighty portable herbal vaporizer so special.

Storz and Bickel Mighty Herbal Vape

Storz & Bickel Mighty Design and Accessories

Like anything Storz & Bickel, you can expect a plethora of accessories being included standard for Mighty. This includes a power adapter, a metal liquid pad, three replacement screens, a cleaning brush, a spare set of rubber gasket rings, and a cheap plastic single-chamber grinder (the absolute worst). The unit itself is well-made, but I’m disappointed at the plastic mouthpiece and metal heating chamber. With everything put into this, I would’ve expected better use of quartz and ceramic.

That said, the heating chamber is roomy. At 1.4 cm all the way around, you can comfortably fit a half gram in. It also comes with an oil pad so you can vape concentrates. I’m not a big fan of using those metal mesh screens though – I prefer a healthstone.

Mighty has a large digital display and three buttons, gray up and down arrows to adjust temperature on the front, and an orange power button on the side. The pass through lets you use it even without batteries in a pinch, so you never have to wait for a charge. The top mouthpiece area has an adjustable cooling unit, so the air is cooled by the time it hits your mouth. I just wish it were glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium, wood, literally anything but plastic.

Mighty Storz and Bickel Vape

Storz & Bickel Mighty Usability

With all these complaints, you’d think I hate the Mighty, but I actually do love it. That’s because it does exactly what it sets out to do, which is provide a massive vape hit. The two lithium ion batteries handled a full load of vaping for about 10-12 sessions before needing to be recharged. The downside is these batteries are embedded into the device, so you can’t remove them to replace them when it dies. You can still plug it in and use it that way when it inevitably does die in less than five years just like your smartphone.

When you do hit it, you get a clean, even hit every time. The Mighty (and Storz & Bickel, for that matter) is known for expertly manufactured gear, and you’ll taste it on every hit with this device. (with flower anyway). You can vape pretty much any herbs you want, and you’ll get a consistent toasting all the way around. You’ll definitely need to keep cleaning it regularly, as its large size and ridges practically attract grime on the outside, while the sticky icky you put inside coats it with more resin than your lungs.

The ability to fully control temperatures is great, and the mouthpiece will fit with most water pipe adapters, so you can attach a bubbler if you already have one. If not, that’ll be an extra $100-200 on top of the price tag, at which point, you’re better off buying a dedicated water vape like Dr. Dabber’s Switch or Cloudious9’s Hydrology9.

Storz and Bickel Mighty Vape

Storz & Bickel Mighty Final Thoughts

Mighty is an impressive portable herbal vape, but it’s less impressive for concentrates. It’s larger than your average portable vape device, so certainly not made for stealth vaping in public. When you do pull it out, it has hybrid convection and conduction heating and a patented cooling mouthpiece that provides a strong, clean hit every time.

If Storz & Bickel replaces some of the plastic with quartz and ceramic, while making the batteries removable and replaceable, it’ll have a killer vape device. Without those key pieces, however, it’s simply a one-hit wonder that’s a lot to ask for in a $350 vape device. Storz and Bickel took longer to update Mighty than Apple does an iPhone, and the results are a half step up while the rest of the industry is rushing light years ahead.

Final Score: C+


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