The Best Herbal Vaporizers of 2019 Vaping herbs has never been easier, thanks to these devices.

Herbal vaping is becoming more popular by the moment. And that’s for a good reason – the devices used to vape herbs have evolved exponentially in the past decade. Everything was VG/PG in the beginning, but you can replace a pipe, joint, or blunt with an electronic device. Herbal vaping is now a viable option.

You don’t have to just vape cannabis (although if you do, check out these strains named after notable people). These devices can be used for Ayurvedic and aromatherapy sessions. Smoking herbs like lavender and mint is becoming more popular, and you’ll often find herbal cigarettes that contain no tobacco or nicotine in smoke shops around the world.

As a product reviewer, I get a ton of consumer electronics. Vape devices are among them, so I have plenty of hands-on experience using them with my mmj card and herb collection. Here are the best herbal vaporizers I’ve come across so far.

Best All-in-One Vape Pen – Firefly 2+

Firefly Vape

The Firefly 2+ (what’s pictured is the 2017 model I got for free from the company) is the latest generation of Firefly’s dynamic convection vape pens. And, like withe previous models, a faux healthstone is included to vape both herbs and concentrates. Loading either couldn’t be easier, thanks to the sliding magnetic top, which allows for a ton of airflow to increase your hits.

Activating Firefly devices is a little different than your average vape device. Instead of pushing a button multiple times, capacitive touch sensors on either side mean you just place you fingers over both sensors to activate. And a magnesium alloy chassis and borosilicate glass bowl make it an attractive design.

Like a Juul pen, Firefly vapes look more like USB drives than cigarettes or cigars. This makes them easy to hide among the rest of your stuff or use without judgement anywhere you are. It also charges with a USB 3.0 cable, which is included at the $250 price point.

Most Discrete Herbal Vape Pen – Linx Vapor Gaia

Linx Gaia Vape Pen

On the surface, the Linx Gaia (which was sent to me for free review) looks like the popular digital and mechanical mod boxes used by oil vape enthusiasts…except it’s not at all that. Instead, it houses a quartz convection heating chamber that can easily handle any herb or flower you can throw at it. And there’s a built-in stirring tool to ensure it’s heated evenly.

Not only does it look like a mod box, it works similar too, with an LCD screen, adjustable temperature, and the familiar push-button operation of a standard mod box. It has incredible air flow, thanks to vents near the side of the chamber, and it charges via micro-USB, so you can use your old smartphone cables lying around.

It comes in a variety of colors, and you’ll just look like every other cloud-chasing vaper in public. That’s a lot for only $160, and for another $20, you can add a glass bubbler to get even smoother hits.

Hardest-Hitting Herbal Vape Pen – Storz & Bickel Mighty 

Storz Bickel Mighty Herbal Vape

Storz and Bickel is a highly skilled German vape engineering firm that creates some of the best herbal and concentrate vape devices on the market. The Mighty (given to me for free for review) is a testament to the power of this dedication. An LED display shows super-fast heating, and the chamber design makes it very efficient in evenly distributing across whatever you fill it with.

And the battery life is impressive. I was able to get almost two days worth of sessions out of it before needing to charge. Heat dissipation makes it feel cool to the hand while you’re using it even for long sessions. This is a problem I found with even high-end vape devices.

Like the name says, the air flow gives Mighty a huge draw, letting you take some heavy hits at precise temperatures and enjoy each individual terpene and cannabinoid in your flower. It’s worth the $350 for cannabis connoisseurs.

Best Water-Filtered Herbal Vape – Cloudious9 Hydrology9

Cloudious 9 Water Bong Vape

Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is my hands-down favorite portable vape device (given to me for free for review). It’s an electric water bong that’s easy to both use and take apart to clean. And the water works to cool the vape for a smooth hit that’s unparalleled on the market.

I should note that it’s not perfect. The relatively small filling chamber can be hard to get used to filling, and if you make a mistake, it’ll get dirty fast. And speaking of dirt, it takes regular maintenance to stay clean. And even with all that, the ceramic chamber got stained within a week of daily usage. It never got clean again, but, to be fair, that’s the only part that doesn’t stay clean with regular maintenance.

Four temperature settings, LED indicators (even one for party mode), and a real leather carrying case makes this the perfect vape for camping, picnics, parties, and gatherings. Not a bad value for $200

Best Desktop Herbal Vape – Volcano Digit

Volcano Vape Digit

The $600 Volcano Digit is the latest desktop herbal vaporizer sent to me free for review from Storz and Bickel. And it’s every bit the fantastic machine the Mighty is.

Precise temperature control and a massive filling chamber means you can get bigger rips from the Volcano than even possible on your favorite water bong. The machine’s doing most of the work for you, and the bags keep it available to consumer longer.

And this device comes with tons of extras, including extra bags and other spare parts, a faux healthstone for concentrates, oils, and kiefs, and a plastic, one-chamber herbal grinder. The plug-and-play design can replace the need for a lighter while getting you higher than ever before.

Most Portable Herbal Vape Pen – Davinci Miqro

Da Vinci Miqro Vape Pen

Davinci’s popular IQ herbal vape kit gets a third smaller with this $150 Miqro. But don’t let the small size fool you. Everything’s included in this kit to take your herbal vaping with you everywhere you go. And it’s about the size of a Bic lighter – hell it even kinda looks like one, so it’s discrete, small, portable, and everything you could want.

The filling chamber is easy to access, and a stirring tool is embedded into the bottom. It’s sleek and manages to fit everything you need into the tiniest of packages. Even with a full accessory bag holding your stash, you’ll still be able to fit this device in your pocket.

Easiest Herbal Vape to Clean – Volcano Digit

Volcano Vape Bag

Not only is the Volcano Digit great in every other aspect, it’s hands-down the easiest herbal vape to clean. This is because the vape-filled air is mostly handled by easily replaceable plastic bags. Since the machinery of these devices long outlasts their utility because of resin, Volcano’s cleanliness is godliness.


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