Which Shark Tank Products Are Worth It? (Part 1)

I’ve by no means tried every Shark Tank product, but as a fan of the show, I couldn’t help but check out a few of them over the past few years. If you’ve ever watched the show and wanted a second opinion, I’m about as far from a billionaire as it gets.

Here’s a breakdown of what I loved (and didn’t) from my Shark Tank product collection.

Elephant Pants (TheElephantPants.com) Season 8 Episode 18

Elephant Pants Shark Tank

Although they’re designed mostly for women, the Rombo Black Harem Pants are easily the most comfortable pair of pants I ever wore. I actually have been wearing them all Spring and love how breathable and flowing they are (they are unisex, by the way, so don’t feel bad buying and wearing them as a man). The company sent me several pair, and I’ve worn and love them all (although I don’t care for the long mom waist or elastic leg cuffs on some styles).

Reasonably priced at $18-24 a pair, the company also sells a ton of other clothes that are great for dancing, yoga, running, and just enjoying the outdoors. In the AZ desert, I’ve been pairing my elephant pants with hoodies to keep the sun away while not overheating.

Worth It? Absolutely.

Lord Nut Levington Gourmet Peanuts (WhoIsLordNut.com) Season 5 Episode 23

Lord Nut Levington Shark Tank Gourmet Peanuts

While you’ve still likely never heard of Lord Nut (unless, of course, you’re a Shark Tank fan), I was able to obtain a Nut Case box of all six flavors, including Spicy Bloody Mary, Hot Buffalo, Dill Pickle Ranch, White Cheddar & Jalapeno, Thai Curry & Lemongrass, and Zesty Chili Lime.

I found the flavors to be bold without tasting too salty. I’m not a fan of salted nuts in large quantities, so I was pleasantly surprised by how good these actually were. In fact, they’re even better than any of the flavored nuts found in stores.

For $5 a can (plus shipping), they’re a bit on the pricey side (though not compared to store-bought flavors). Still, they’re definitely worth trying and keeping on hand for special occasions when you really want to impress. Also there’s enough seasoning to add your own plain, unsalted peanuts to the mix and stretch each can out to twice the provided size.

Worth It? Yup

Fizzics Beer Pouring System (Fizzics.com) Season 8 Episode 1

Of all the products I got in last holiday season for review, none was more anticipated nor disappointing than the Fizzics Waytap, which failed to work (and I’ll never know if it was my idiot ex-roommate’s fault or the manufacturers). The first beer we put in it wouldn’t turn on (although it did work when I tried it on my own).

For $130 (the original is $170), I’d expect much more than the cheaply made appliance we got. A blender or toaster over $100 would be solid, but this thing seemed to be hastily designed, and the silicon base would constantly fall off.

I’ll never know if the Fizzics Waytap can make a bottle or can beer taste like it’s from the tap, because this thing died before I ever had a chance to find out.

Worth it? Not Really.

Windcatcher Quick-Inflating Mattress (WindCatcherGear.com) Season 7 Episode 6

Windcatcher Airpad 2

I actually got the Windcatcher AirPad 2+ earlier this year and had high hopes for it. Having camped in and out of a van for the past 6 years, I’m very familiar with alternative sleeping arrangements and hoped this quick-inflating mattress would wow me.

Unfortunately it’s ridiculously thin for an air mattress and didn’t even last the full night. It’s a great air mattress to lay out on for an hour or two, but anything past that and you’ll be sorely (and I mean that literally, as my back, neck, and shoulders suffered terribly) disappointed.

Even inflating the mattress wasn’t as easy on the show, and while there’s a patch kit, it didn’t help keep this shoddy mattress inflated. If the technology was licensed to Coleman or another air mattress company, I’d gladly try it again, but for now, the $100 Windcatcher AirPad 2+ is a bust.

Worth it? Nope.

Three Jerks Filet Mignon Beef Jerky (ThreeJerksJerky.com)Season 7 Episode 5

Three Jerks Filet Mignon Beef Jerky

I’m a fan of jerky, whether beef, alligator, bison, pork, or any other delicious animal. To give you an idea of my tastes, I’ve yet to meet a bacon jerky I like (although I LOVE bacon), enjoy Korean BBQ pork jerky, and typically get plain or spicy because I find most flavors to be too sweet.

We got to try Three Jerks Original and Soy Vay Veri Teriyaki and found both to be quite good. They were a little overly dry, and there’s disappointingly little jerky in each $10 pouch, but it’s good jerky with more meat than fat (and quite chewy).

While tasty, this is definitely a connoisseur jerky that’s best saved for special occasions. I would give it as a gift to a friend or buy around a holiday for myself, but it’s too expensive to be a frequent snack.

Worth It? Sorta. 

PhoneSoap UV Phone Disinfectant (PhoneSoap.com) Season 6, Episode 15

PhoneSoap on SandCloud

There’s a lot I like and a lot I don’t about PhoneSoap First off, it works, and it does what it’s supposed to quite well. The problem is it doesn’t come with any USB cords, so you’ll need a few spares. It’s also a bit flimsy, and not very practical to use.

While trying to keep it hooked to my computer, I found it easy enough, but it wasn’t very portable. Also when it shuts, the UV light turns on automatically. It would be nice to have a switch and built-in USB cable. Other than that, it’s also a bit larger than it needs to be.

If slimmed down and a little more care was put into the design (stopping UV light leaks, etc.), this could be a great product. As is, it’s hard to recommend to anyone other than gadget fiends.

Worth it? Barely.

Lumio Book Lamp (HelloLumio.com) Season 6 Episode 14

If you read my blog, you know I have just about every smart light in existence, and I love colored and artistic lights. While the Philips Hue color and ambiance set is my overall favorite for the wide array of colors, both Aurora Nanoleaf (with its modular design) and the Lumio Book Lamp hold a special place in my heart.

Of course, Lumio isn’t a smart light, nor is it color changeable, which are two strikes against it. It’s also a $200 lamp, making it quite expensive. However, despite these faults, it’s a solid book (I have the orange and green leatherbound) and a superb lighting option.

Anyone into old-fashioned books or creative, artistic lighting will love Lumio’s nontraditional approach. It also pairs well with your Harry Potter magic collection.

Worth It? If You Can Afford It.

Ilumi Bluetooth Bulbs (Ilumi.co) Season 7 Episode 21

Ilumi Bluetooth Bulb

What is a smart bulb from Shark Tank is the Ilumi Bluetooth smart LED bulb. I got an indoor A19 and an outdoor BR30 flood light from them and love them both. Ilumi has more color options than the Generation 1 Hue bulbs (although they’re about equal to Gen 2) and work on Bluetooth, so you don’t have to use a hub.

Of course, at $50-$70 per bulb, they’re quite expensive. Despite the price, I love them for their ability to stay the proper color when turned off using the wall switch (something the Hue bulbs don’t do). They’re a bit slower then the Hue bulbs to switch, though.

Still, if you’re looking for a great LED smart lighting option, Ilumi’s Bluetooth light bulbs are a great way to go.

Worth It? You Bet.

Sand Cloud Towels (SandCloudTowels.com) Season 8 Episode 18

PhoneSoap on SandCloud

If ever there was a product that exemplifies some of the crap you find on Shark Tank, Sand Cloud Towels are it. These towels look pretty cool, but they’re in no way towels – in fact, the cheapest Walmart or dollar store beach towels work better than these.

I got the Wanderlust and Mint Baja towels and found they work well as small coffee table cloths or hall rugs, but there’s no way they’d ever work as a towel. I want my towels soft, thick, and absorbent, and Sand Cloud is none of these things.

While they make for a great decorative item on your floor or walls, there’s no way I’d pay $50-70 for one of these things. They’re terrible towels and need to be remarketed quickly.

Worth It? Not Even Close.

Foot Cardigan Sock Subscription Service (FootCardigan.com)Season 7 Episode 3

Foot Cardigan 2Pac and Biggie Socks

Creative socks are among my favorite things, and I wasn’t disappointed when I came across Foot Cardigan. The selection they sent me was from a variety of their $12-18 subscription services, and while many of them were simply ok, there were a couple of home runs that made it worthwhile.

First were the 2Pac and Biggie socks. Each came in a pair, but I mix and match them, as I love wearing them together. 2Pac’s bandana needs to be tied, but it’ll never fall off as the back end is sewed onto the sock. They’re a definite talking point and make me feel gangsta when I wear them. I’m also a fan of the milk and cookies.

I don’t know if I could stand this service long term, and $12 a month for a pair of socks is a bit steep, but if you like to have a variety, it’s a great way to do it.

Worth It? If You’re Into It. 

Ring Smart Doorbell (f.k.a. DoorBot) (Ring.com) Season 5 Episode 9

Ring Cam and Panel

When it was featured on Shark Tank, Ring Cam was known as DoorBot, and when I came across Ring Cam, I got everything but the video doorbell camera. That’s because, although the company didn’t get funded on Shark Tank, it did catch the eye of Richard Branson and expanded its line.

I got a solar-powered Ring Stick Up Cam security camera that I found to be a rather ingenious product during my security camera roundup of 2017. It’s small, portable, and with a solar panel can be hooked up and powered anywhere you need it.

Security is a major problem these days, and at $180, Ring is an affordable way to see who’s at your door or around your house/apartment without needing professional installation or services.

Worth It? Yes.

FiberFix Industrial Strength Repair Wrap (FiberFix.com) Season 5 Episode 6

Fiberfix Shark Tank

Now, I’ve not yet tried Scrub Daddy, but FiberFix is my pick so far for the best overall Shark Tank product. It’s also tied with Squatty Potty for the best advertisements – here are a few FiberFix commercials (along with the Squatty Potty unicorn one I love).

FiberFix is as strong as advertised and can be found at any hardware chain (or online). Duct tape simply isn’t enough for me, and I typically use aluminum tape for my repairs. If even that won’t work, I know FiberFix will.

It’s like the Gorilla Glue of tape and I’ve yet to find a situation where it doesn’t do the job, whether patching holes, mending broken poles, or even keeping things together in high-heat desert situations outdoors. There’s nothing FiberFix can’t fix.

Worth It? Most Def!

Mistobox Coffee Subscription Service (MistoBox.com) Season 4 Episode 23

Mistobox Shark Tank Coffee Subscription

This premium coffee bean subscription service sends a premium 12-oz bag of coffee beans from around the world every month for as low as $12.79 per month. You can also buy bags a la carte for $15-20, although the subscription service also comes with personalized concierge service.

Choose the types of coffee you like, and they’ll work with you to make sure you get the beans you love every month. If you’re ever unsatisfied with a shipment, just let them know, and they’ll work to ensure you’re satisfied next time.

Mistobox is a bit expensive, but if you need flavorful coffee to get your morning started, it’s a great way to move past the selection at fast food and gas stations without paying hefty Starbucks or Dutch Bros prices.

Worth It? Sure.






Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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