Unprofessional HR Cunt Sends Unprofessional Email Ever wonder how some people survive life?

As you all know, I’m a freelance writer. As such, I regularly apply for freelance writing gigs. Apparently I somehow annoyed some cunt named Billie Peacock at Page One Power, a content mill in Idaho. All I did was apply for jobs in which I’m qualified for.

But here’s the rude response received from this unprofessional cunt, Billie Peacock when I applied at her bullshit content mill. There’s a lot to unwrap in this unprofessional cunt’s email, so let’s get down to business.

Unprofessional Cunt Billie Peacock
Billie Peacock at Page One Power embarrassing herself

Page One Is Nothing, So Can’t Be That

Employment rates in the United States are at approximately 60% for 2019, according to Trading Economics. This is actually pretty good compared to the economic downturn we experienced following the 2007 financial crisis. Employment is important for adults to earn income and pay their bills, so this is a strong indicator of economic growth.

As a freelance writer with a decade of experience, I have every right to apply for work. Although Page One Power is a low-level content mill in Idaho (America’s sweaty, smelly, infested armpit), I’m willing to write for anyone for money. There’s never been any indication I have an issue with Page One Power, as I’ve never worked with them in my entire life. I’ve never even heard of them, and neither have you. That’s because this bullshit marketing agency is a nothing burger.

Page One Power has absolutely no following built up since 2011 on Twitter. In fact, I have a more active social presence than these SEO frauds. The company clearly has no clout, and they’re too small and insignificant to be on my radar for anything if not for them posting jobs for the public to apply.

Page One Power

So it’s not a professional grudge. Billie Peacock’s unprofessional email seems to stem from a her being a cunt with a personal issue with me. Of course, I’ve never been to Idaho, so I’ve certainly never worked for this no-name cunt. So let’s dive into her public social information to see why she’s being a cunt.

Why Is Billie Peacock a Cunt?

Thankfully, even though Page One Power has nothing online to show they’re anything more than a scam, Billie Peacock is prolific online. At BossedUp, she pretends she’s a yogi, which can’t be true, considering how hateful and entitled her email is.

Her LinkedIn profile hilariously calls her a “People Operations Specialist,” and this is where I can’t stop laughing. Billie Peacock’s one and only job is to screen applicants. Apparently faking yoga isn’t the same as real yoga and meditation, so Billie’s high strung and upset that she has to keep reading my resume. But why?

As part of the Ethos Project in the slums of Idaho, Billie Peacock pretends that she’s charitable. As recently as 2017, she was out there pretending to care about others. So what is it that changed her seemingly overnight into a spiteful, hate-filled cunt?

I’ve been deeply involved in activism since 2011, and nobody I know has ever heard of Billie Peacock. She’s obviously not doing anything in the greater activist community, because we’ve never heard of this selfish cunt.

I’ve never known Billie Peacock, so she must simply be jealous that I’ve accomplished so much while she’s still a nobody. Perhaps reading my application to her public job posting reminds her of how unaccomplished she is. Maybe the envy Billie Peacock feels when reading the name Brian Penny and realizing I’m a better person is too much for her to take.

Perhaps Billie Peacock is just a man-hating bitch. That’s the only reason I can come up with as to why she’s sending such petty, unprofessional emails when all she had to do was not respond. But Billie Peacock wanted to exert her cunt to her absolute cuntiest. She has an obvious personal grudge she had to get out, and it can only be because she’s insecure about what a vapid, useless bitch she truly is.

Whatever the reason, this rude, unprofessional email complaining of the difficulty of screening job applicants is the most entitled thing I ever saw. Your job is to screen applicants, Billie, and your unprofessional email proves you’re a cunt.

If I were you, I’d avoid Page One Power and the cunt Billie Peacock at all costs. This is just unprofessional and unamerican to be such a disrespectful bitch. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this cunt on a daily basis, especially knowing she snaps so easily when doing the most simplistic job in the world. Just because Billie Peacock is too stupid to understand how a computer works, this bitch blames me and sends me this dumbass email. I only ever apply to an ad once, Billie Peacock, so I’m not responsible for your dumbass computer problems. Anyone could see it’s a computer issue, but you’re blaming me?!?! This cunt went full retard.

My personal opinion is this bitch needs more dick in her life. I’m certainly not going to give it to her. She’s too ugly for my tastes.

*Update 8/26/2019 – I spoke with Billie’s superior Nathan at Page One. He admits she was completely out of line but offered no explanation. I gave him an out by blaming the computers for him, but he wouldn’t confirm. Now it’s starting to look like I was illegally discriminated against for being a man. Otherwise why would he not just take the easy way out and blame a “system glitch,” instead of admitting that this woman clearly lost her mind??

Final Thoughts

I pity Billie Peacock. It must be hard to be such a cunt. I’m not responsible for this dumb cunt’s computer being broken. Maybe she shouldn’t be pretending to be a yogi or working for an SEO company if she doesn’t know how to work a computer or keep her cool. She’s a triple-threat cunt. Three dumb cunts for the price of one. Billie Peacock at Page One Power manages to simultaneously be:

  1. The dumb cunt who’s so technologically retarded she can’t troubleshoot a computer.
  2. The spiteful cunt who gets frustrated at technology and blames innocent people who have nothing to do with her personal problems, and
  3. The cunt bitch whose job is to be a people person, yet she sends out a “permanent ban” like that’s a real thing.

The levels of stupid, inept, incompetent cunt that I’ve seen in just this one email from this dumb cunt I never met or ever applied with or ever worked with or ever heard of in my entire life are beyond comical. I can not believe this cunt got frustrated at me and tried taking her failures out on me. I’m not your computer in Idaho, bitch. I’m a man, and you’re permanently banned from my life. Eat a dick, you dumb, rude, unprofessional, emailing people who have nothing to do with your bullshit piddly little life cunt.

Final Grade: Failure


Dr. Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer. You can find his work in Cracked, High Times, HuffPost, Lifewire, Forbes, Fast Company, and dozens of other places, although much of it is no longer under his name. Dr. Penny loves annoying fake media.

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