Cryptocurrency News Roundup for the Week of March 18-24, 2018

This is the part of the blog where I blabber on for SEO purposes. Nobody likes this intro, yet every writer does it because editors make them. I’m my own editor, however, so fuck convention. Instead, you get a quick rant before being presented with cryptocurrency and blockchain news for the week of March 18-24.

Cryptocurrency slammed by HBO’s John Oliver makes a 30 percent comeback this week

by Kate Rooney, CNBC

Eos was singled out by John Oliver on the March 11 episode of “Last Week Tonight” as a speculative gamble. In response, the CEO released a bad-pun-filled tirade on Medium, the only platform that would publish him without an editor. Despite the bad dad jokes, Eos managed to gain value this week, despite many cryptos taking dives.

Mexican Company Launches Cryptocurrency Backed by the Habanero Chili

by George Agbugba, BTC Manager

Another commodity-backed cryptocurrency hit the market, this time from Mexico. Agrocoin’s objective is to fuel the international habanero market, and Pablo Arteaga Vega, its general director, says they have five hectares of hydroponic habanero chilli peppers to back up the crypto. It joins Bananacoin as ago-industrial commodity-backed cryptos.

Sorry, Ethereum – Crypto Kitties Were Just The Beginning

by Brian Penny, Crypto Briefing

Ethereum’s ERC-721 protocol is spawning a slew of cryptocollectibles, including Crypto Kitties, CryptoPunks, and more. Whether or not these collectibles are the next Beanie Babies or comic books remains to be seen. Still, they’re among the more valuable crypto investments and the long-term impact on the blockchain can be great.

Cryptocurrency Gold Rush And The Unforeseen Effect On PC Gamers

by Justin Wetherill, Forbes

nvidia shield playing arkham asylum e3 Brian Penny

Cryptocurrency mining often requires high-end graphics cards with state-of-the-art GPUs. The spike in values from November 2017-January 2018 caused a rush on graphics cards. We’ve been experiencing a graphics card shortage since, which is leaving PC gamers at a loss. Graphics cards are already the most expensive part of building a gaming rig, and prices are high as retailers like Newegg and Amason, along with manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD, experience massive shortages.

Google is working on blockchain technology for the cloud

by Eric Brackett, Digital Trends

Google already uses the cloud to redefine productivity software through Google Drive, Docs, etc. Now it’s working on an internal cloud-based blockchain that it’ll eventually distribute to third parties for transaction verification. If properly leveraged, Google will find itself on the forefront of blockchain technology and set a trend for those who still haven’t jumped on the blockchain bandwagon.

Child abuse imagery found within bitcoin’s blockchain

by Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian

German researchers at RWTH Aachen University found around 1600 files currently stored in bitcoin’s blockchain, including at least 8 with sexual content and 2 with links to child abuse imagery. The nature of blockchain technology makes anybody running the bitcoin blockchain, mining bitcoin’s cryptocurrency, or even holding bitcoin possibly liable for the content within it. The discovery may endanger bitcoin in the eyes of regulators.



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