What Is Mithril (MITH)? Mithril is a decentralized social platform using blockchain to reward users.

What Is Mithril (MITH)?

Mithril (MITH) is an Ethereum-based social media platform that hopes to reward users for creating, sharing, and voting on content. Network participation is rewarded with MITH, the proprietary ERC-20 token used by the platform. Mithril hopes to disrupt the current social media landscape through social mining and microtransactions.

Who Is Mithril?

Mithril was founded in March 2018 by Jeffrey Huang, who has advisors from QTUM Foundation, Sora Ventures, Machi X, Pantera Capital, 17 Media, and more.

Use Cases of Mithril

Mithril has its own social platform, as do PiePie and Yeemos, all of which reward users with MITH. It’s consistently working to integrate new and existing social networks to become a universal aggregate across them all. In theory, you could be rewarded one token for interactions on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. This would, of course, require partnerships.

How to Mine MITH

MITH is mined through social mining. This means participating on Mithril or partner networks rewards you with MITH. It can also be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges that support ERC-20 tokens.

Notable Mithril Partners and Investors

Mithril is partnered with PiePie, Yeemos, and VAULT to make earning, storing, spending, and exchanging MITH easier. I’ts also partnered with QTUM, Trust Wallet, BytePay, Accupass, Burton, and more.

Learn More About Mithril

If you want to learn more about Mithril, I wrote a full coin intro guide at Crypto Briefing. Or you can learn more about other cryptocurrencies across Thought for Your Penny.


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