What Is Stratis (STRAT)? Stratis is a BaaS provider hoping to make blockchain more palatable

What Is Stratis (STRAT)?

Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform hoping to become the next great Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launchpad. It reduces the barrier to entry into blockchain using C# programming language for Microsoft’s .NET framework. It supports sidechains, smart contracts, and token distribution.

Who Is Stratis?

Stratis is maintained and operated by Stratus Group, which is listed as a Brazilian holding company founded by Alberto Costa Sousa Camoes, Alvaro Luis Goncalves, Guilherme Marto CFA, Mauro Andre Mendes Finatti, and Eduardo Oliveira.

Use Cases of Stratis

Stratis is meant as a launching pad for crypto and blockchain-based projects. It has no specific niche, only serving as a blockchain development platform for projects that actually have a defined purpose.

How to Mine STRAT

STRAT isn’t mined. Instead, it’s earned through a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) interest-bearing scheme. This means you’re paid a proportion of STRAT generated each month based on your STRAT balance held.

Notable Partnerships and Investors

The biggest Stratis partnership to date is with blockchain startup Earth Twine, which seeks to disrupt seafood logistics using blockchain technology. It’s also seeking pharmaceutical partnerships and implementing Java and JavaScript support in 2019 to onboard more partners.

Learn More About Stratis

If you want to learn more about Stratis, I wrote a full coin intro guide at Crypto Briefing. Or you can learn more about other cryptocurrencies across Thought for Your Penny.


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