Tracking Your Crypto Portfolio on the Go

You made some cash on the crypto market, drew some out, and are on the go. But while driving fast cars, boats, and piloting new airplanes, you still want to keep an eye on your crypto investment. Thankfully there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several on both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

And with over 200,000 new apps released in the App and Play stores every month, there are bound to be more in the pipeline.

Difference Between Portfolios and Wallets

It’s important to understand that crypto portfolios and crypto wallets are two different things. A crypto wallet is a digital program that enables the sending, receiving, and claim of ownership of crypto coins and tokens. They’re essentially torrent clients, if cryptocurrencies were torrent files. Wallets store your cryptocurrency encryption keys and track your balance.

Tracking your cryptocurrency balance is like checking your credit card account balance. But crypto is about more than just currency transactions. In most countries (the U.S. included), they’re regulated as investments. Just as you would use a platform like Mint to track your overall financial portfolio, a crypto portfolio tracks everything crypto-related.

Traditional stock portfolio apps and financial programs like Mint make this difficult in the crypto space, but there are several apps that are bridging the gap, letting users track crypto, blockchain, ICO, IPO, and other crypto-related investments in one simple place.

Here’s a rundown of the top 3 available options for Android and iOS, based on their app store review averages.


Find Delta on Android
Find Delta on iOS
Find Delta on Windows/Linux/MacOS

Delta is one of the most popular cryptocurrency and ICO portfolio management apps for iOS and Android. Now only can you track historical data from its database, but you can add ICOs that aren’t listed yet.

The basic version is free, and you can upgrade to the Pro version for a $6.99 monthly or $49.99 annual fee. It supports over 2000 coins and provides detailed analysis on all of them. Users give the app a 4.5 rating in both stores, and the general consensus is that it does have a few minor annoyances but is the most aesthetically pleasing crypto portfolio app on the market.


Find Blockfolio on Android
Find Blockfolio on iOS
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While Delta is loved for its sleek look, Blockfolio (which averages 4.7 in each store) is praised by its users for being the easiest to use. It looks and acts much more like a traditional investment portfolio app you may be used to.

Blockfolio is free and supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies and 30 exchanges, along with 30 fiat currencies. If you’re traveling abroad, this is a great global app to check exchange rates between fiat and crypto currencies, along with your net worth.

Coin Stats

Find Coin Stats on Android
Find Coin Stats on iOS
Check Other OS Availability

Coin Stats is free for the basic version and costs $5 monthly or $30 annually for the upgraded version necessary for users with high-valued (over $5000) crypto portfolios. It has a 4.8 rating on the App store and 4.6 on the Play store. The app tracks 1000 currencies in 20 exchanges, 30 fiat currencies, and supports seven languages.

Users praise the market tips, news, and extras not typically found in other cryptoportfolio apps. However, there are still some glitches to be worked out as it’s still early in development.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on how these apps, along with others, evolve and adapt over time. Until then, check out these three for yourself to determine which suits your needs best.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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