Anker Nebula Prizm II – A Powerful and Affordable Projector This 1080P Full-HD LCD projector shines in the darkest of nights

Anker consistently comes up as a reliable brand of quality electronics at an affordable price. I’ve been using their USB gear and soundbars for several years now, and this fall, they sent me their Prizm II video projector from their Nebula line. The Nebula Mars consistently tops tech reviewer’s lists of best consumer projectors, so I was super excited to put it into action.

As always, the product was sent for free for purposes of this product review, and we received no monetary compensation for consideration. We simply review the products made available, and brands like Anker have always been great about supporting independent journalists, bloggers, and whistleblowers like myself.

We do have Amazon Affiliate links placed throughout the site’s reviews and may receive compensation for links you click throughout this blog though. This provides a middleman so I’m not a part of Anker’s affiliate program and can safely tell you that I love them for free.

We dug into the Nebula Prizm II projector over the past week to see what it’s capable of. Here’s what we found.

Anker Nebula Prizm II top

Nebula Prizm II Specs and Hardware

The first thing you’ll notice about Prizm II is its size – in a market filled with pico projectors, it’s massive, at 280 x 265 x 97mm. You’ll need a pretty big space to support it. It’s not exactly easy to place, and you’ll likely need to mount it to the ceiling if you don’t have space.

Prizm II is capable of 1920×1080 resolution on projection screens from 40-120 inches. I got it to about 72 inches maxed out on my bedroom wall. It was very crisp in the dark though, and the LED bulb lasts 30,000 hours.

Nebula Prizm II also has two 5W speakers built-in, which actually sounds about as good as my Anker soundbar. It’s much better than you’ll typically get from a TV speaker. If you have this projector mounted close enough above you, it’s going to be a massive upgrade from what you’re listening to now on factory soundbars.

I can’t help but wonder about the differences between LED in the specs and LCD in the title of the product, but everything looked like LED to me. It’s more than twice the LEDs than the Prizm I, and that means images are much brighter than on the older model.

Anker Nebula Prizm II back

Nebula Prizm II Setup and Accessories

Where Prizm II falls short is its slim inputs for such a bulky device. This is clearly where the company cut corners to keep costs down. There’s one ancient USB-A port, and HDMI, and an Aux output on the back. This means you’ll need a device like Caavo to plug in multiple devices. With that said, I happen to be a cord cutter and pirate who has a Caavo, Tablo, Fire TV, Chromecast, and several other devices to test out, along with plenty of USB-compatible devices.

Plugging a phone or external hard drive into Prizm II is painless, and you’re easily able to access what you need. With Caavo paired, I got it all easily attached and even even hardwired the Anker soundbar for a little extra oomph. Once plugged in, it was quick and painless to get video up and running on this rudimentary OS.

Anker Nebula Prizm II

Nebula Prizm II Projector Performance

Nebula’s Prizm II worked great in darkness, and it wasn’t bad during the day (although obviously it won’t work in direct sunlight or super-bright conditions. I was deeply impressed at hoe capable it was. Even without a screen, text was readable enough that I could easily plug in my laptop and start working.

Connecting a PlayStation 4, Fire Stick, Chromecast, and several speakers was simple enough, and it integrated well into my smart home cable cutting, omniscreen setup at home. Keystone correction is automatic, and once fine tuned, I never had an issued with video quality slipping.

It’s not 4K, but for a sub-$300 projector, this is an impressive Full-HD projector that performed well with games, movies, and even spreadsheets and work documents. After a week of straight usage, it showed no signs of slowing down or degrading performance. I can tell this will be a utility projector in my arsenal for years to come.

Anker Nebula Prizm II screen

Final Thoughts

Like everything Anker, the Nebula line is an impressive lineup of consumer electronics. Prizm II expands on this line with a bright, crisp, 1080P projector. It had no issues connecting to video game consoles, smart TV streaming devices, sound bars, and more.

It’s a bit bulky, and there’s a definite lack of input options, but I’m sure if I take apart this shell, I’ll find it pretty easy to add a few extra HDMI ports. At a bare minimum, pairing it with a Caavo universal remote dock expanded the devices you can plug in and instantly made it a utility device.

If you have the space for it, the Nebula Prizm II provides more than enough performance and value to justify its price point. It’s an entry-level into HD projectors without sacrificing on quality.

Final Grade: A-


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