20 Roku Channels Offering Free Movies and TV Shows If you have a Roku, there's (almost) no limit to viewing options.

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Over 27 million people own and actively use their Roku devices on a daily basis. This makes it one of the most popular smart TV platforms and an essential own for any cordcutter. Now that streaming movies and IPTV are more popular, there are more options than ever to enjoy on your Roku with only an internet connection. This can save you $25-250 a month on cable costs.

Download one of these channels on your Roku to experience the best of free entertainment.

1. The Roku Channel – Roku Channel is basically you’re homebase, giving you featured highlights of free content throughout its expansive library of services. Check out an ever-changing selection of shows, news, sports, movies, and more.

2. Sony Crackle – Sony’s long-running Crackle service has a great mix of both original and syndicated movies and TV shows with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Available content rotates frequently.

3. Tubi – Tubi offers one of the largest selections of free movies and TVs online. Watch thousands of 100% free content from around the world, including Korean dramas, British series, kids TV, and more.

4. YouTube – Even though Google has its own Chrome ecosystem (and Android TV, for that matter), it still makes YouTube available for every other competing platform as much as possible. Check out this channel for the latest from all your favorite YouTubers.

5. TV Anywhere – Every channel broadcasting on cable has a TV Anywhere app that allows access to its library of content. These are increasingly moving toward paid subscription models (fuck you, CBS and Fox), and contract disputes make some unavailable on certain devices, but you can find quite a bit on Roku.

6. HBO/Showtime/Cinemax/Starz/Epix – These premium services do offer free samples through The Roku Channel. Don’t download them directly unless you’re willing to pay, but I do bring them up to point out a small selection of their content is always available in one form or another on Roku.

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7. Gamer eSports Network – Esports fanatics will drool over this channel with hundreds of video game videos featuring commentary, technique, gameplay, and news from some of the hottest games on the market.

8. Pluto TV – Pluto TV offers over 100 channels of IPTV streams from around the web. You fan find news, sports, animation, sketch comedy, esports, and more.

9. NewsON – If local news is your thing, NewsON streams over 200 trusted local news sources, so you can keep tabs on what’s happening in your city, state, or the entire country. This is an indispensable Roku channel for aspiring news journalists.

10. HappyKids.TV – If you have a young child under 10, this is a great free channel to play for them. It has a library of content appropriate for any age range.

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11. XUMO – XUMO offers over 160 channels of free IPTV streams, including CBSN, FailArmy, USA TODAY SportsWire, PGA Tour, FOX Sports, Conde Nast Traveler, bon appetit, Refinery29, and more.

12. VRV – VRV is a great service for all things geekdom, including anime, sci-fi, cartoons, superheroes, fantasy, and more. If you have a wild imagination, this is the channel to tame it.

13. Roku Media Player – Roku lets you access local video, music, and photo content on your home network. If you have a TV with Roku OS or a Roku Ultra 4K device, you can also play from SD cards or USB drives.

14. Reuters TV – Reuters TV is the video arm of one of the most trusted news services in the world. Over 2500 journalists working from over 200 locations across the map report with boots on the ground about any situation.

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15. Nosey – Free TV featuring talk shows and personalities like Steve Wilkos, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, Cheaters, Paternity Court, and Judge Alex.

16. FilmRise A variety of popular movies and hit TV shows are available on this Roku channel, including Forensic Files, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Young Draculla, and Women Behind Bars. No subscription needed.

17. Comet TV – Comet TV is a nerd’s paradise, offering a library of sci-fi entertainment ranging from modern favorites to old-school classics, both good and bad.

18. Vevo – Vevo is what MTV used to be, offering a nonstop collection of music videos from the biggest, brightest, and latest stars in the game.

19. Wired – Wired offers a wide array of tech journalism and the latest coverage of major events, including CES and more.

20. Movies Anywhere – Movies Anywhere lets you access any of your already-purchased movies from a variety of digital services.

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