Something Interesting I Learned from Quora Today…

Quora is one of my favorite places to hang out online. No matter what mood I’m in, I’m learning I can both ask and answer some really great questions. It’s like Yahoo Answers with better moderation and a more passionate userbase. Now that Twitter has gone public (i.e. – greedy), Quora is my new interactive social playground.

Here’s a great lifehack I learned from Quora today, courtesy of Dia Dave – feel free to show it to any blind people you know who may need it…

People have a hard time believing  that I gained vision in one of my eyes by doing just some yoga/exercise.

When I was 6 me and my friends decided to play the pirate game. I was one of the pirates so I wore a pirate patch on my right eye. Then only I realized that I had very little vision in my left eye but I kept it to myself as I thought it was natural, all left body parts were not supposed to work as good as right ones.

Yeah, I really preferred to apply my logical brain instead of asking to someone… huh.

Well, it went on for two years but then I decided to tell this to my mother as I was really uncomfortable with only one good eye. When I told her she scolded me for not telling her earlier, though I think she was partially at fault, how a kid was supposed to know everything 😛

We then consulted a doctor and he told me this concept that when a child is born he/she has very little vision in his/her eyes and as the child grows and uses his/her eyes vision grows. In my case I used only my right eye. I tried medicines, some exercises but nothing worked and then I gave up until I had an accident in college in which I nearly lost my only good eye. I was more scared of being almost blind for the rest of my life than the bleeding and pain I had.

I did some research and came to know about this Yoga for eyes. I practiced it for like a year and to my surprise my eye sight improved, a lot. In fact my right eye is now 6/6 and I have no problem in playing pirate game 😉

Here is the yoga/exercise that I did, in case you are interested.

Imagine a clock on your face, raise your eyeballs up to 12 O’clock position, hold for a second and move them clockwise, repeat it for 5-10 time as per your ease. Do the same anticlockwise.

Now take a break of few seconds and move your eyeballs as shown in the picture for 5-10 times, again as per your ease.

Practice this daily, morning is the best time to do this yoga.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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