Top 10 Best Recipe Websites and Food Blogs Online

We all love to eat, and there’s something deeply satisfying about finding a new recipe online. But nobody wants to read some food blogger’s life story before getting to the meat and potatoes of a recipe.

Just show us the damn recipe and shut up already!

If you love to cook, these are the sites you want to pull your recipes from. We use them regularly, and they’re not bogged down with some stay-at-home mom’s diary or sales pitches for a pyramid scheme like Herbalife.

10. Sorted Food

Created in 2010, Sorted Food is a YouTube cooking channel and website featuring recipes, pictures, and videos showing you how to cook all the dishes. Not only will you find amazing recipes, but you’ll also find educational information on how to up your kitchen game. It’s a great site for those looking to try making a dish for the first time and wanting to see each step performed to ensure they’re getting it right.

9. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth best selling magazine in the U.S., and it’s been serving up household tips since 1922. Not only will you find tasty recipes, but you’ll also learn how to remodel your kitchen, set up your backyard for a patio, and tons of other useful information. It’s a handy guide for anyone looking to improve their home life and especially useful in today’s work-from-home economy.

8. Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes was launched in 2003 as a food blog, but it quickly expanded to include all manner of food-related articles. Want to know how to boil or scramble the perfect egg? Searching for something to make with that quinoa you bought to be trendy? Look no further than Simply Recipes.

7. Food Network

Food Network was created in 1993, and my mom has been watching it religiously ever since. Scripps is a majority owner, and it’s launched the careers of several prominent celebrity chefs. Not only is it broadcast on TV, but you’ll find books, podcasts, and Alexa skills handy while making your own recipes. The website is media-rich and has a handy TV schedule too.

6. Southern Living

Southern Living is a lifestyle magazine started in 1966, and it is the definitive magazine of southern U.S. culture. You’ll find more than just recipes here – there are floor plans, decorating tips, and travel guides for the southern states. But the mouth-watering, southern-style recipes alone are worth the price of admission.

5. Genius Kitchen

Genius Kitchen was launched in 2017 after Scripps phased out It culled the recipes from the site and added multimedia aspects to appeal to today’s younger generations. Pop culture and food collide in this new site that also encourages users to submit reviews, tweaks, questions, and photos to each recipe for a more social experience.

4. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker was created in 1921 by General Mills for ad campaigns. By the 1930s, it started releasing recipe books, and in 1941, it released an all-purpose baking cookbook. In the pre-Internet days, my family depended mostly on handwritten recipes on index cards, along with a bright orange, hardbound Betty Crocker cookbook for all our cooking needs. I still refer to Betty Crocker for childhood favorite baked goods like mom used to make during the holiday season.

3. Delish

Founded in 2008, Delish has been serving up delicious recipes for the past decade. It covers all the classics, has best of lists, and creates articles about whatever food trends are happening in the moment. If you want to know the latest food trends buzzing around the office or neighborhood, Delish has you covered.

2. Epicurious

Epicurious was launched in 1998 by Conde Nast and has content on every platform. It’s especially mobile-centric, making it a great app to have on your phone or smart appliance to aid with cooking. There are more than 20,000 recipes indexed on the site, and it has a no-frills web interface that focuses more on the recipes themselves than the content of a food blogger’s personal life.

1. Allrecipes

Allrecipes is the pinnacle of recipe websites, showing multiple user-submitted recipes for any dish you want to make. The problem with many recipe websites is they’ll only show you one recipe for each dish. If that’s not the one you’re looking for, you’ll be stuck in an endless web search to find the right one. With Allrecipes, you’ll have a variety of options, so you can find the person who makes it just like your grandma, dad, or whoever cooked for you as a kid.


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