Top 5 eBay Listing Platforms

eBay is one of the most popular eretailers on the Internet, with 167 million users searching items from over 25 million sellers and 250 million browsing the site’s classified ads. It’s come a long way since 1995 and spawned much more than just PayPal.

Businesses thrive on eBay, and we’re interested in more than just remarketing. Our platform hopes to eventually integrate with existing platforms, so we’re constantly watching and meeting with developers across the entire eBay and consignment industry to stay ahead of upcoming trends.

This week we’re discussing listing platforms. Creating ads on eBay is relatively simple – until you need to do them in bulk as just one part of your overall sales strategy. These same listings often appear on Craigslist, Amazon, and a slew of mobile apps.

Automating this process with eBay listing software is made easier by listing platforms that make it easy (usually). We sorted through the junk to find the cream of the crop.

  1. Sixbit (

Sixbit is a desktop app that’s made migration from other platforms easy and intuitive since 1998. We’ve always found it quite intuitive and packed with powerful tools for SKU, inventory management, bar code printing, bulk shipping, and cross platform listing on multiple channels.

With small volume of listings, it’s ok to consider other software platforms, but enterprise users managing 1000+ listings across multiple channels need Sixbit in their arsenal. You won’t regret the stability you gain over cloud-based options. Plans range from $19.99-$99.99 per month for scalable options.

  1. Auctiva (

A web-based SaaS platform, Auctiva is one of the most popular eBay listing platforms and has been around nearly as long as eBay. With Auctiva, you can use Facebook to log in and use a variety of functions; Find and Replace bulk text in auctions is one of the most useful.

Since 2011, Auctiva has been owned by Alibaba, China’s eBay and Amazon competitor, and a great place to source bulk items for your eretail consignment business. Price plans cap out at $129.95 per month and the company makes linking through the eBay affiliate program super easy.

  1. Kyozou (

For a full suite of professional business options to sell across both eBay and Amazon, Kyozou can’t be beat. The up-front cost of $700 deters many, but it provides much more than just Amazon and eBay seller tools. Kyozou has web hosting, tons of training materials and more, making it a great all-in-one solution for many startup CMS platforms.

Reporting is a breeze and the company has multiple outreach departments to assist with technical support and helping elevate your eretail business to the next level. Returns and consignments have never been easier.

  1. Listomax (

While Listomax is clearly built for bulk sales, even noob eBayers will appreciate the intuitive GUI which is focused on selling your item. Common functions can be stretched across bulk listings to broaden your reach with just a few clicks and save everyone time on the back end. Of course, CSV file export is the real star, which allows you to integrate data with your online shopping carts, Salesforce, and other data management tools.

It’s not free – upfront cost is $99 – but Listomax is much faster than free competitors like TurboLister. Built-in templates are available for most common categories and items, basic photo editing is available, and customers report great customer service. It’s a great program that only barely misses the top spot for its lack of automated shipping options.

  1. Wonderlister (

Wonderlister is at the top of this list because it’s the fastest, most reliable, most functional software. It also has flawless support from our experience with setting things up and customizing templates for listing. This desktop software has SaaS pricing with plans starting at only $5/month upwards of $75/month.

The best of both worlds (localized desktop control with cloud-based backup) leads to a reliable service that allows you to keep working even through spotty Internet connections. Once you’ve used WonderLister in conjunction with Rebuyers, you’ll  wonder why you ever used anything else.


Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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