Every Tango App and Game Available in the Play Store

Since Lenovo sent me a Phab 2 Pro to play with, I decided to run through the Play Store and download as many Tango apps and games as I could to find out what’s available. Here’s what’s available at launch for Google’s augmented reality platform.


Experience Tango by Google


The default Project Tango app that walks you through basic features. This will run automatically when you turn on a Tango device for the first time.

WayfairView by Wayfair


One of many home decorating and design apps for Tango, Wayfair View, as you can imagine, shows you how furniture from the Wayfair collection will fit into your home and allows you to order what you want.

Holo by 8i

DonaldTrump Holomix

Similar to a SnapChat filter, Holo is a social media app that allows you to add crazy characters to your photos and videos. Above, I added Donald Trump to my YouTube recording room.

Wally Virtual Notes by Wally Notes


Evernote disrupted Microsoft Office by providing an easy way to create, store, share, and track notes across multiple devices. Wally Virtual Notes takes things a step further by attaching virtual notes to real-life locations.

MagicPlan by Sensopia Inc


By scanning your floor and ceiling and then walking around to scan each wall, you can quickly take a (mostly) accurate measurement and blueprint of your home. You’ll need to do some manual work, but overall, it’s a useful app for when you’re moving or remodeling.

Lowe’s Vision by Lowe’s


Like Wayfair View, Lowe’s created a Tango app that lets you see how their stock of home goods will fit into your home. From furniture to appliances and even dishes, if Lowe’s sells it, they want you to be able to try it at home through their app.

Home AR Designer by Elementals Studio


Other home design apps are limited by store inventory, but Elementals Studio created a generic app they’re hoping will be picked up by another brand. Similar in features to Wayfair and Lowe’s most of this furniture is imaginary.

Dinosaurs Among Us by Guidigo


Like Pokemon Go, but for dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Among Us is a great attempt at educational AR with polygonal dinosaurs in real life environments and tons of jurassic facts.

Bubbles by Vidiemme Consulting Srl


Bubbles is a simple program that lets you blow into your device’s microphone to create bubbles, dandelion pollen, and more. If you want to quickly demonstrate the capabilities of Tango, this free app is a great way to do it.

Scenes by Matterport, Inc


Matterport’s Scenes app transforms your Tango device into a 3D scanner, although it’s admittedly a bit touchy for now. Once it’s cleaned up, it’ll be a great tool for creatives to have.

Cinematic by NextStage Pro


Cinematic is a handy video program that enhances your device’s ability to create 3D and other effects. Unfortunately it’s listed as free when a payment is necessary to use literally any features, but once NextStage stops their fraudulent and deceptive practices this may be a decent app. Until then, avoid it like the plague, because it’s glitchy, doesn’t work, and the paywall is inexcusable garbage.

Solar Simulator for Tango by Angstrom Tech


Turn your room into a virtual solar system that’s actually built to scale. This educational tool lets you view the stars and planets like never before.

Measure by Google


The cameras on the Phab 2 Pro aren’t the greatest, but they do offer some depth perception. So long as you’re willing to mess around with angles a bit, Measure can provide somewhat accurate measurements of any objects you aim it at.

Signal Mapper by Signal Garden


Walk around your house and get a visual representation of the WiFi and cell signals throughout in the form of a heat map. Signal mapper is a great utility for finding dead zones within your house.


Raise by Iguanabee


If you ever wanted a tamagotchi but were born too late, there’s another option. Raise lets you raise, feed, and interact with a digital pet of your very own augmented into real-life video on screen.

Danger Dodgers! by Uppercut Games Pty Ltd


A simple and addictive game, Danger Dodgers turns any surface into a cartoon world and challenges you to tilt your smartphone to move a gopher around to avoid being hit by falling objects. Of course the longer you stay in the shadows, the more points you score.

Fury of the Gods by MilkRoom


Transform your room into Mount Olympus with this tower defense game. You upgrade and harness the powers of the gods to defend your pantheon from invading enemies.

Towers for Tango by Climax UK


There are a ton of tower building games on Android OS, but Towers for Tango is easily the most fun. This is about as close as I’ve gotten to the Minecraft Hololens demo from Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference. Build a tower on your bed or coffee table.

Phantogeist by Trixi Studios


If you’re willing to run around town a bit, Phantogeist takes Pokemon Go to the next level with AR aliens invading the planet. Run around killing them all (and you’ll probably want a rifle smartphone controller for realism).

AR Zombies for Tango by Zaid Abouqamar


No FPS game list is complete without a zombie shooter and AR Zombies for Tango has a nice Arabic theme to it and works well for an indie game. It’s pretty much the same thing as Phantogeist but with zombies instead of aliens.

Tango Targets Experiment by Project Tango Experiments


What turned out to be the most fun shooting game is actually just an experiment by Project Tango Experiments. Set up an old-fashioned carnival shooting range in your room and practice shooting with a vintage vibe.

Ghostly Mansion by Cyronsoft


Turning your house into a dilapidated mansion seems scary until you realize you’re the ghost haunting it. Look for hidden items and clues to solve your death and finally let your soul have peace.

Woorld by Funomena


Build a tiny world in which you are god, much like Tethered for PSVR. Of course an Android phone won’t have the processing power or graphics capabilities of a PS4, but it’s still a cute and fun game to play anyway.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Tango by MilkRoom


Having recently gotten addicted to RC racing, the ability to create AR tracks in different rooms of the house was an enticing proposition. Hot Wheels Track Builder is a sandbox environment for creating insane RC tracks you’re unlikely to be able to afford in real life.

Domino World by Schell Games


Building intricate domino patterns always intrigued me, but I never had the patience until I was given the opportunity to do it in AR. It takes a little getting used to, but once you figure it out, you’ll be creating intricate digital domino designs all over the house.

Slingshot Island by Sockethead Games


If you’ve ever played Worms, you’re familiar with the general concept behind Slingshot Island, which brings the aiming and shooting action to your living room. Slingshot Island is one of the more addictive Tango launch titles I played.

Crayola Color Blaster by Legacy Games


Making the zombie FPS genre palatable for everyone isn’t easy, but Legacy Games pulls it off with Crayola Color Blaster in which you’re being attacked by black and white zombies you shoot with paint balls to get rid of the gore factor.


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